April 2018 – Chiron Review

eastroKBO 003Mercury remains retrograde basically until May. Communication will be delayed, distorted and convoluted. [It would be a good time to attend a silent meditation retreat, to abandon language all together. Use hand signals and emojis.  Wear a Sign. Please excuse the delay in this blog. I was broken, now I’m better].

A hard review of CHIRON’s Mission could be helpful to understand the stellar dynamics we are accommodating.

On the Spring Equinox, the SUN put the spotlight on CHIRON. This celestial body was discovered in 1977 and first described as an “Asteroid”. Later a coma was seen and it’s astronomical designation changed to “Comet”. Even Later, as it was found to be spherical in shape, made primarily of Ice, and was classified a “Kuiper Belt Object.” one of the Icy Giants that Neptune has pulled into an elliptical orbit within our Solar System. After much dissent, The astronomers are currently calling it a “Dwarf Planet”, but no one is really happy with that name either.

1140282A-EC00-4FFE-BCA6-D8F30616A19BBottom line, CHIRON defies definition within our old order. He blows up our mind models, demands we step out of our belief boxes, and see things unconfined by the past. Slowly Evolving Cataclysmic Destruction is his primary motive and mission. Chaos and Convoluted Stories are his language. New eyes are his mandate. A pure freedom to create awesome solutions rises out of Brokenness. Extraordinary vision and “seeing” is essential.


C92A615B-F859-4533-A299-84144C3135CBCHIRON, the Centaur of Greek Myth was half Man, half Horse, but He was different from the rowdy, violent, lusty brawlers in the Centaur Crowd. He was primarily Known as a Hero Teacher. Whether Hercules or Indiana Jones, he loved to throw down unexpected hurdles and challenges along the road to Treasure Mountain. He’s our Mission Awakener and he’s hard core. “Wisdom through Suffering” is his Motto.  We must discover the Hero Within, before we can claim the Treasure. Hurdles and Hurdles and higher Hurdles are his training cry. High Ho, High Ho. Humanity is being reorganized around Higher Notes of Gaia Bliss. Tune In. Leap on.

3037003C-717B-46C3-9290-4C74AFA4A89ECHIRON jumping on board at our Spring Equinox will be taking each of us through a season of tumbles… Like a boulder rolling downhill. Ultimately, leading us into our most ecstatic cosmic contribution. Roll with it. Everyone has an assignment. Check In. Within.



Good News: The Asteroid GODDESSES have a strategic plan.

GAIA (CERES) has moved from Cancer into Leo. The changes bubbling in the Heart will be hitting the streets. The Teachers are marching… The Dreamers, Black Lives Matter, Green Warriors, #MeToo, Women’s groups, Scientists… Passions fill the Parades. Our school children are calling out Clear Truths. Gaia’s Gravity Pulls and move us toward Mergence and Becoming. She’s the Star of Any Showdown. She weighs in with weight. Gravity.

The High Priestess, Vesta, reigns over MARS in Scorpio, keeping his hidden agendas in line with Evolutionary Edits.
Diamond Head (Athena) moves into Gemini, bringing the brilliance and weaponry to the voice of the Children. They are soaring above the unwillingness of political games.
The Water Goddess (JUNO) combines her Purification Powers with NESSUS, the delusion slayer Centaur. He Brings the slime to the surface, to Disengage us from the lies and spin stories and clear the Pranic tube. Under the Water Goddess Rain and Reign, We become Gaia’s Vessels of Joy.

eastroKBO 003By The last week of April, we emerge somewhat from the insanity cycle.  Inspired by our Gaia Warrior Stance, WE are Ohm Fire. We Blossom Gaia’s Change and Revolution. Everywhere.

Love and Light, Amor y Luz, Annandi


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March 2018 – Neptune, Oceans Deep and Shakti Pull

F8D5B413-F03F-448A-921B-CF4A3DB52225March begins with the SUN focusing our attention on NEPTUNE, Oh NEPTUNE.
Expects delays, convoluted courses, and being swept away by surprising flows around unprecedented bends in the river. NEPTUNE is the God of Oceans Deep and Earthquakes. Known for his violent temper and lustful ways, He can throw down some Tempest Tantrums and Carnal Chaos. Weather Blizzard Bombs, anyone? Snow on the pyramids for the first time in 112 years? What is happening here? Purification is his mission. Kundalini is his prize.

NEPTUNE is the 8th and farthest planet from the Sun. With 1,500 Mph winds, It’s the windiest planet with two newly discovered rings. Dark high pressure vortices crush methane into Diamond Rain. Diamonds! A Weird Water World for a Gas Giant.  His Orbit surrounds our Solar System, affecting us deeply, to the core, pressing our souls, into Diamond Jewelry. He rules our weathers, subconscious, and dreams. He pulls us into our imagination and activates the Pinel Gland Bliss pumps. He removes anything from our paths that does not support our highest vibration and shine.

NEPTUNE is Traveling under the stars of Aquarius until March 11. Shock and Awe stories will continue to dissolve the directions of the past and direct an inspired future. The Sirens will be singing some beguiling songs; we’ll see more serious wreckage on the rocks. The depth of NEPTUNE influence rings true for months to come.

This article will be short and sweet as I am moving through my own “shock and flow with it” transit. Regardless of our personal or political issues, there is a bigger scene to consider.
The Entire Planet Earth is exhibiting extremely bizarre changes in temperature and climate. “The North Pole temperatures rose to above freezing in the dead of winter, stunning scientist. Arctic temperatures were the warmest ever recorded in February.”

Electromagnetic flows through the core and shifting Poles are stirring us out of our sleep.  The frenetic  climate changes are a serenade to the Awakening and Woke.
This is how it appears from space. (NASA photograph.)



GAIA is assuming Her Divinity. GAIA is crowning her Ascension. L

The SUN moves under Pisces stars on March 12th (NASA Zodiac ) we are encouraged to let go and move on. Really.

Allow the GAIA Purification and Cleanse to work. Surrender to the Flows enveloping the whole planet. GAIA has her own Game Plan. We all are on assignment. Service to her Ascension is a ticket on the Joy Train.

Spring equinox is powered up by a CHIRON- SUN conjunction around March 21st. CHIRON is the ICY Giant that can bring explosions or extraordinary breakdown to our Seas and Planet-wide water conditions. CHIRON calls out the Hero Hats to redefine our relationship with water. Bless and purify every drop of this Gift with Emoto’s technology.

As we come into day/night equality on Spring Equinox, we celebrate moving toward more Balance, a resurrection and rebirth. On this date our axis angle lines up with the angle of the Super Galactic Cluster and a Pull to mergence and Unity.  We are Blossoming. We are Becoming… One We.

Love and Light, Amor y Luz, Annandi


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February 2018- OMGG Bigger Pictures


January occurred for me as a deep pull inward to meditation and stillness, and naps; more of a spiritual demand than option. The “waking world” hit like chaos, chaos everywhere. In my apartment building We had a day without heat or light because a squirrel blew up a local transformer. The Same sort of thing seems to be happening with governments and humanity in general, squirrelly blowups that leave us cold and in the dark.


6D8AE221-23B4-432C-A24F-432D21A2693ENo truths are being told in the land of spin, only dancing monkeys in cute hats. Fractions of the shattering are showing off their sharp, broken edges. Any Function is surely impossible. Broke is way too Obvious; and Noisy as a Cluster Cluck.

What’s happening here? Divine Perfection Unfolding or What?
What Else?

February begins with the SUN highlighting the stars of Capricorn. We are asked to step out of our individual concerns and participate at the level of community, tribe, and humans on the planet. Big picture items take center stage: Olympic Games, Foreign Affaires, UN matters, Treaties, Global Trade agreements, and Refugee displacements. The convoluted paperwork and infrastructures are closely examined, before a new direction is taken mid-month. The crumbling systems create the space for new ways forward. Under the stars of Aquarius, We are lifted up and aimed higher.

OMGG – Oh My Great Gravity
To get a grasp of the Astrological influences, we must step WAY back and look at some Bigger Pictures. Primarily, this one: The Universe runs on PULL, not PUSH.
Every Astrophysicist and Quantum physicist will attest to this Great Truth.
BB75A1CA-181A-4E51-B618-5595C7B472D0Holy magnetics move all matter and all that matters.
Black Hole Gravity keeps the stars on course.
Greater Gravitational Pulls sculpt Celestial Revolutions.
Orbital paths create Time cycles and Evolutionary Leaps.
Electromagnetic forces Source the conditions on our planet.

39D1EC50-F846-4047-AA2D-32D99E0A0F3EWe are witnessing a formidable PUSH by the Plutocracy. Drill more offshore oil, trade sacred lands for coal, build more nuclear weapons; the Black Snake is gorging on its own tail. Demanding, “There is Never Enough”… (money, wealth, power and weapons of destruction.)

C5ED1C3D-DE0C-4BB7-8BCB-B6CD561B0DC9On the other hand, there is a more magnificent PULL to Alignment and Coming together.. From the Women’s marches, #metoo movements, Gaia Warriors. & Green Conscious Crowd, we are hearing “Enough is Enough!” Time is Up.

On February 1st, the EARTH lines up exactly with CERES (GAIA) in Cancer.
This month GAIA raises her voice. CERES is the closest and most important KBO Asteroid Goddess. She honors GAIA as an intelligent, conscious Divinity. She awakens the planet to Her tune. She sings Enlightenment, an Uplifted Perspective, a Higher Frequency, Altered Brain states, Theta Tuning. Meditation is the point of access.

imageWe are in a Holy Moly Transit. Mother Earth is doing her own version of a Shut down, Restart. Weather, Weather Everwhere. Absolutely unfathomable blizzards, floods, winter bombs, mudslides, fires, earthquakes, volcanoes are shifting the whole planet. She can full stop our transportation, travels, schedules, and lives. Aberrant weather patterns are all indications of shifts in her electromagnetic flows.

imageThe poles are shifting, the weather patterns are scrambled, there are magnetic shifts
deep in the EARTHs core. Everything happening here is Timed and Designed to cleanse and prepare for Her Higher Vibes. Tune In. Her Resonance Shines Us On. Shakti is falling. Kundalini is Rising. Grace is occupying the planet. Believe her Promise. It’s a Hallelujah Coming. Mergence is the key. Diversity is Her Genius.

EDA2D6BB-649D-4B77-9FAB-830F30B12562Every single one of us is on a “Mission from Great Mother.” Go Within and Follow your sense of the PULL. What is my part in the Cosmic Rodeo? What tunes my heart to joy, love and passion? When we are Vibrating coherently with the Unified Universe, Yes, we can… change the frequency.

Jump back Jack, WE are the moment, the momentum, and Gaia’s Spirit Warriors.

Bless Our Hearts.

Hold the Vision for Gaia’s Garden.  Ride the Waking Wave.

Love and Light, Amor y Luz, Annandi




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December 2017 – Runaway Train


The December planets have arranged themselves into a locomotive pattern. We are on Runaway Train with Mars wearing the Head Engineer Hat. The Plutocrats have a military agenda with Plutonium on their minds. It will take a Divine Intervention to alter the War tone plan. The Black Snake is in Strike Position, hissing out loud, guarding his Petro Dollar Power Pile.

IMG_0953The only Celestial body standing in the way of this Runaway war wagon is GAIA herself ( CERES). At 1 degree CANCER, GAIA empowers Mothers and Women to stand their ground. The Women’s march in January was just the beginning of their roar. The #METOO wave has generated a boldness to stand up against any Big power broker… And not back down. We are fighting for the mothers everywhere, demanding a safe and secure environment, where the children can thrive . A World Wide Wake Up is essential. We are battling the big bully military might. Trusting in Great Mystery’s Plan, we are called to sing a snake charming song. It’s a Hallelujah Chorus.

img_0618The stars are aligned with Great Mother Earth for transformation. The SUN Has shone in Scorpio revealing secrets, lies and videotapes stories galore. On November 29th, Ophiucus steps into the Sunshine spot, pushing the Scorpio tail out of the elliptic. [Notice he is wrestling a Snake.].

Ceremony and prayers of the Shamans, Gurus, Grandmothers and Mystic Millennials churn the Harmonic transformation until December 15th. Find your inner Light Source. This is serious.  Carry Om into the Chaos. Work the Colorful Costumes, Chants and Crystals.  The WE masses are gathering aligned for Peace and Harmony on our precious planet.

Galactic Daylight

Looking at the bigger picture, December Solstice is a significant reset.
Below is an article from Zoom – December 2017, addressing the coming year.

Our entire Solar System twirls around the Black Hole at the center of Our Milky Way Galaxy in a 26,000 year orbit. Mayan, Vedic and Egyptian calendars include the knowledge of Precession, the slow movement of the stars which accompany this Grand Circle. The 13,000 years spent in the Southern Hemisphere is called Galactic Night. As we cross the Equator and move into the Northern Hemisphere, we enter Galactic Day. This event occurred on December Solstice 2012. Just as we humans can move from a state of sleep to awake, Our planet Earth and Solar System have been waking up from a deep sleep of unconsciousness. Since then everything has been drastically changing. On December Solstice 2017, we begin our 6th year of Awakening. We shed our sleepy stupor to serve a Diamond Age Dawning.

Per GAIA’s plan, the 5th year was to bring change, change, and rearrange. 2017 has been filled with freaky natural disasters; hurricanes, storms, fires, and floods. Now, we begin the 6th year of Galactic Day.  We are all called to serve Mother Earth.  We have some messes to clean up. 2018 is the year to rebuild and heal following the devastations and disruptions. We begin with Pluto re asserting himself into his planetary place as he crosses the ecliptic plane of our Solar System. (The last time was 1931, at the time of his discovery and start of World War II.) He comes close by to stick His Invisible Helmet Head right in our faces. Change or Die is his only strategy. Luckily, Venus dances in beside Him to bring creative solutions to dire break downs.


January sets the rest of the planets in a faceted pattern with all points directed at the EARTH. Global conflicts and political divisions portend things are falling apart. The “man-made” models which destroy the planet, whether by military actions or greedy pursuits are disintegrating and crumbling. Their pure Disharmony with the Cosmic program insures their shattering.

Simultaneously, a Higher Harmonic, truly tuned to Gaia, calls forth a Green Revolution which serves and honors our Planet. GAIA is in charge of this Evolution. She is singing us an Ascension Song.

The celestial objects to hold onto in these shifting paradigms are the Kuiper Belt Objects. They are our Waker Uppers. The closest and most influential are the Asteroid Goddesses, orbiting just beyond Mars. These Icy Giants herald the Higher Resonance on the EARTH occurring in this Galactic Daylight. They are firing up our Kundalini pumps, Pumping Bliss and Light through our brains and hearts, and bumping up the aural shine.

IMG_0850Scientists have found cells in the mammalian brain capable of carrying light, called BioPhotons. Our cells communicate with visible light Wave lengths, from infra Red to Ultraviolet ranges. Bottom line: Light effects consciousness. Truly, we are being “Turned On” to Higher brain states. We are being Flash Fried into Star Shine; Easily Witnessed in the Lightness of our Babies and Children.

The Asteroid Goddess Ceres, (Gaia) travels under the stars of Cancer, settling us into our hearts and homes. In these times of flipping minds and confusing times, where do we stand? On the ground beneath our feet. Trust your Great Mother Mama. When We become a vessel of Service to the Ascension at hand, Mother Earth blesses our Hearts. Benevolence and kindness are innate to GAIA’s Frequency.

imageThe Water Goddess, Juno opposes Ceres in Capricorn. She focuses our awareness on WATER, particularly the toxicity in our drinking water and treatment facilities. She opens our eyes to “see clearly” the critical nature of this resource to our life and well being . Bless and Embrace the flow of our Rivers, Lakes, and Rains.

Vesta (High Priestess) crowns JUPITER in Libra. A Passion for Peace ignites around the Globe, like a Sacred Flame. Populations merge in Revolution for Freedom and Liberation. A Unified field of Consciousness is Upon us… “A World that works for Everyone.” We are power-driven by Shared Intention and Vision . We are co- creating Gaia’s Garden. Mergence is the only Field.

Athena, DIAMOND HEAD, travels from Aries to Taurus. Divine Ideas are put to work. The Angels hit the ground. Insight and Intuition guide us forward. Great Mother has secrets to reveal and promises to keep. Trust in her Wisdom. EARTH #metoo


🎼 Finally the Tables are starting to turn,… Talking About A Revolution.

Don’t you know.

We can do this.  We are Diamond Dust.

Amor y Luz, Annandi


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November 2017 – Mars Attacks

IMG_0852MARS ATTACKS.   The 1996 sci-fi comedy, starring Jack Nicholson as President of the United States, is the perfect context for the November Celestial Scene. Earth is invaded by Martians, who “Come in Peace”, then destroy Washington, D.C.
MARS is on fire in LEO, getting the full battalion support from PLUTO, URANUS, SATURN, JUPITER and NEPTUNE… All the Big Dog Outer Planets are conspiring for a symphonic Mars Attack to transform our consciousness. Imagine you’re watching a Tim Burton movie. A sense of humor is absolutely necessary, while expecting some Bizarre Tactics and Hysterical Maneuvers.

IMG_0854MARS always brings his Sword and Weapons. He draws the line and challenges the Enemy. The Combat Forces are on high alert.  Warriors are ready, beating the Drums and Howling for a fight. Rage is up.

At the same time, MARS brings the courage to change. His job is cut away the ways of the past and focus us on new goals and purpose.

IMG_0857A Plutocracy is a state run by the Rich. Planet PLUTO brings it home how true and pervasive this is so. The Domination of Wealth and Corruption is being realized on every continent. A Slippery Slope of Funny Money covers Capitol Hill and the White House. Billionaire Donors are apparently running our Elections. The Ritzy Political Globe Trotters need a Distraction and World War III would work. A revisitation to Nuclear War in South Asia seems a critical test of U.S. karma. A tour of Japan, Vietnam, & Korea?  packing Plutonium? Really? Under SCORPION stars, actions from past lives are due for balance. Hidden Secrets are revealed; Banking and Real Estate deals included.

[A note of Hope.  The Nobel Peace Prize this year was given to ICAN, the International Campaign for the Abolishment of Nuclear Weapons. A ground breaking effort to outlaw Nuclear Arms all together. What a great campaign.]

imageThe Outrageous Stories and Lying are flying around like the winds of a cat 5 hurricane… And Watch Out! for the pieces of broken Infrastructure blowing by. The Brain can hardly contain the Variety of Distraction Tales. An exquisite blend of Dangerous, Unbelievable, and Comical ingredients spike the daily party punch. Insanity is certain if we pay too much attention. “Man-made” plans are becoming irrelevant in the face of GAIA’s power.



While Mental Games fill the Air, a Greater Truth lies in the Ground. Gravity is Source. Earth changes at the core are Bringing up the Warriors Roar. Gaia is unveiling her supremacy in evolution and design. Our planet is Rising in frequency. The higher notes are being heard. Indigenous Elders, Grandmothers, and Dreamers have been driving the Intention toward Sacred Garden. Imagine the Vision. We are birthing a holy generation with an outrageous Passion for Peace. Om, Love, Laugh and Pray. Wear a feather in your hair.

Love and Light, Amor y Luz,


Kundalini, Jai Rho, Jai Nam.







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October 2017: Point of Reckoning & Diamond Atonement


This Image represents the vortex spins around the Globe gathering power since the Harmonic Convergence. The largest at the center emanates from Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

October, OMG. We are racing toward an exquisite  point of Reckoning, spelled “Wreck-on-going.” We continue to roll and rock under GAIA’s cleansing waters. Her Hurricanes, storms, and rains instill a deep bow to her Majesty and Power. Supreme Reign is Hers.

We twirl in the midst of chaos and delusional spins. Devastating loss and collapse are being screamed into the Collective Mind and flooded into the Planetary Emotional Body. It is not an inaudible cry. All are effected, whether you live near the coast or not.    The Emotional Impact is synchronized with weather patterns, Whether you are aware of it or not, we “feel” the struggles and turmoil.  NEPTUNE and CHIRON continue their rude awakening hit, Compelling Eyes and Ears and Hearts to open wide.

IMG_0839For October the planets have arranged themselves in a Diamond Pattern, which brings us to a Precise Point, a Moment of Truth. A Fire Sign Grand Trine harmonizes SATURN, MARS, & URANUS. Governments and Military, conflicts, Warriors and Revolutionary Forces are cooperating to focus us on One single question: War vs Peace.
On October 22nd, The EARTH joins URANUS in this momentous design under the stars of ARIES.  Everything up until then compels us to this inquiry.  Do we  Harmonize with Gaia or Collapse into Combat? Devastate or Create?

Simultaneously, the SUN highlights JUPITER in LIBRA. Relationships, Treaties and United Nations are on the scales of Karmic Justice.  With massive JUPITER, The Passions are high and mighty.  Turmoil runs wild in the streets.

LIBRA stars ask the deep questions; We contemplate the greater Truths.  In the face of crisis, do we divide or join hands? Partnerships and Companies are weighed and examined.  Those that support us are gratefully Expanded.  In the midst of growing Doomsday war cries and political instability, the question becomes personal. NOT who are our leaders, and political systems? (The Blatant Brokenness is both horrifying and backward. Obsolete and collapsing.).    But, “Who are We?” “Where am I standing? Or kneeling? Or Dancing?  Where do the Children Play?  WE, The people,  hold the greater authority. What’s our Stand? What’s our Mantra? Love or Fear? Ohm or Doom?

Recovery vs Atonement
In the face of devastating disasters on multiple fronts, we have an extraordinary opportunity. Every single being is given an assignment in GAIA’s mission.
We can recover our unworkable ways that trash the place. Or we can rebuild from a vision of a clean, sustainable environment? We can cooperate with the Earth in all ways.

Mother Nature has been “On Air”. (CERES / GAIA is traveling through GEMINI) Her voice is singing us home on a hum. Are we listening?  The Cosmic Shift is at hand and booming.  The Awakened Ones are blooming a Dreamtime World of Vision.

Atonement is a tone that rings Righteous with GAIA and brings humankind into balance. Our Holy Planet is taking us on a ride into higher realms. Mergence is her key.  Harmony plays there, naturally.

Be the Temple in the Chaos.  Hold the Vision. Pray for Peace.

Love and Light, Annandi

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September 2017 – Cat’s Cradle & Hurricanes

IMG_0810The Planets of September have arranged themselves in a precarious Cat’s Cradle. The Slightest movement of any finger can create total collapse.

We are  in the midst of a slow moving, looping Hurricane and deluge. The magnitude of the disaster has only just begun to unfold.  Additionally, Threats of nuclear war, political undoings, and cataclysmic situations swirl above us, not just on the Gulf Coast.

IMG_0809Whenever you see a spiral, as with Hurricanes and Tornadoes, PLUTO is at play. The Spiral is his sign and symbol. He demands death and rebirth, out of the darkness, out of the Ashes, then the Phoenix rises.  He is crowned by the Asteroid Water Goddess, JUNO, Or Yemaya, as I call her. She Rules the Oceans, the Rivers, the Humidity in the Atmosphere, the WEATHER… [The Thunder Beings are her Children. She has Some Stunning Power.] She brings our full attention to the Water Element… its blessing and precious cleansing nature. She simultaneously Rules our EMOTIONS.


She is GAIA’s Sister, awakening the Populations to this Absolute Truth & Pure fact: MOTHER EARTH rules the Planet. She is our phenomenal Commander in Chief, she cannot be Undone. She swirls as she pleases. And storms.

September begins in a NESSUS mess. He’s the Snake Man, bringing All the poop from the deepest depths to the surface. Unimaginable Betrayals, Corruption, and Sexual excursions are his His Favorite things.  Tattle Tellers are part of his Game..  Expect More Disclosures and Nasty business to hit the headlines.
Houston, We have a PROBLEM!….  a catastrophic, global, ecological, political, social, spiritual and emotional crisis PROBLEM.  Over.


Mother Nature has delivered some reckoning to the center of the Petrochemical Industry.   In early 1900’s, the  Spindletop Oil Boom near Beaumont, Texas ignited the birth of the modern oil industry.  Since that time, the Petrodollar has monopolized the Gulf Coast Area.  Oil rigs dotting the land and Seas, Oil and gas refineries, huge storage facilities, chemical manufacturing, and shipping, through the Port of Houston, of extremely  dangerous products.  These are Houson’s greatest contributions to the United States  and world.   While the industry has produced unimaginable wealth (and power), the poisons released in the air, ground, and waters have never been a concern.  Under normal conditions toxic materials are routinely and continually released into the environment, quietly and discreetly, or not.   With the storms direct path through this area, Harvey’s However, has transformed these money makers into maximum hazards, explosive weapons, in fact. Who knew?

Is this Celestial Coincidence or evidence of a Natural Healing?  It took an unprecedented arrangement of High fronts and weather patterns that blocked and looped Harvey’s travel.   Looking through GAIA’s eyes, Any natural  disaster that brings cleansing and realization to a toxic dump situation seems appropriate to the evolutionary plan. Mother Earth is Our Leader, Teacher and Mama.  She wins.

The EARTH joins NEPTUNE Within a week… and persists for months.
NEPTUNE is the Diamond Maker planet. His Great pressure and gravity produce Gemstones.  In the midst of Loss, Abandonment, and being swept away, GAIA is bringing cleansing and Ecliptic reset into consciousness.   Gaia awakens us with new eyes. A new listening is dawning.

With our witness, Our hearts are stretched in compassion and empathy. New sanity surfaces from the calamity. New realizations evoke loving service. We share in the suffering.   We ask How do we feed, clothe and house people displaced by calamity? How do We care for our elderly, sick, and children? How do we provide safety for family and neighbors? Do we see “Refugees” with a newly opened heart?  Can anyone say  “Climate Change”?  In the midst of tragedy, a spiritual ascension has been evident.  It’s been neighbor and stranger offering the rescue, when no Government official could possibly conceive or prepare. The Me |We Thing is On Site.

Purposely, NEPTUNE takes us “by storm” to a higher spiritual frequency.  NEPTUNE merges the collective subconscious into a common wave.  We share the chaos, loss, insanity and confusion.  With Pineal and Heart activated, We search for heart centered action.

Fall Equinox
IMG_0803Fall Equinox is a pivotal point. Day and Night are equal. We are turning into a new Season.  During the day, The SUN shines on the stars of the VIrgin. VIRGO beckons us into service: Service to family, tribe, community, Food and Gardening. Health and Healing.  “What can I do to help?” Is the mantra of the Month and Season.

At Nighttime, the EARTH faces CHIRON, with his bucket of unfathomable breakdowns and challenges. Expect An Extraordinary unraveling that goes on and on and on… Like an Indiana Jones Adventure, we have some Snake pits and Nazi’s to deal with before we can uncover the Crystal Skull.  The disasters are rigged into the journey. We have a rigorous clean up and rebuilding assignment. .

🎼Everything is Broken 🎼, Bob Dylan. There is no Right way to correct the systems of the past, Let them fall away. Crumbling unworkable infrastructures will compel new models. Brilliant New ideas and models are already here and available. Embrace the  Awakening.

IMG_0811The Phenomenon of Eclipse swept across the U.S., joining millions in an experience of One planet dancing in a Cosmic universe.

Great Mystery has her ways. She speaks in a silent language of profound change.

As we Reorganize and Rebuild, Harmony with The EARTH becomes the primary ingredient and inspiration. GAIA Warriors integrate her higher hums into Declarations of Peace and Harmony. Kundalini Energy is her Holy Hallelujah Song. The Sacred Garden is Her Homecoming Promise.

IMG_0813So, Here We are, engaged in witness.

Keep your astonishment glasses at hand. There’s a forecast for celestial wonders to be matched by mind-blowing flares, flips and trips.

Hold the Hallelujah Vision… with the Grandmothers and the Children.

The Shift is Hitting the Fan.

Love is all we need….

Love and Light, Amor y Luz, Annandi



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August 2017 – Focus, Focus, Focus

Focus, Focus, Focus… on your Heart. As the SUN Highlights MARS in CANCER, our emotions erupt with volcanic power. MARS brings conflict and battles. With his swift sword, he also cuts away ways of the past and redirects our goals and future toward a new target. The challenge at hand is to capture the power of volcanic passion and “make that change.”


The Red Square box from July worsens with continued planetary clashes. All around the globe, groups organize to confront power and greed. The people Rise, beyond the U.S. … in Venezuela, Russia, Jerusalem, Poland, Turkey… and beyond. The populaces are exploding with “Enough is Enough ” Fever.

With MERCURY retrograde, an Eclipse on August 21st, and the EARTH conjunct NESSUS,  “Turmoil Salad,” “Blackened Lies” and “WTF?” are the menu specials for the month. It’s a Cluster Fluster. The aspects for War could not be higher. WE each are called to action, as Broken systems are clearly crumbling. As Buckminster Fuller advised, “abandon the unworkable and build a better model.”


On August 21st We will experience a Total Blackout of the SUN; in the U.S. for the first time in 100 years. We don’t really know the effect of that, but the Ancients certainly tracked and predicted these celestial events. They revered it with great significance… usually, not in a good way. The Eclipse phenomenon occurs because the MOON is exactly the right size, placed at the perfect distance from the EARTH, to precisely obscure the disc of the Sun, on specifically calculated days. In my view, it’s A miraculous mathematical “Sign” Of a Divinely Designed Universe.

In the same week, The EARTH lines up with the KBO Snake, NESSUS. This Icy Giant is a rude awakener. He brings deep betrayal and shocking subterfuge to the surface. More lies than truths are being told. The bottom of the barrel is his Greatest Gift. We are disentangled from Delusion.

Bottom line, NESSUS clears the kinks from the Chakras and opens the flow of Kundalini. The Pineal Gland pumps the Bliss chemicals through the Brain, WE become vessels for GAIA’s Resonance. We are serving at Her Command. MERGENCE is Her Strategy. Evolutionary Unfolding is Her Mission. Everything is on Purpose.


Trust your Heart and Intuition for guidance. It’s a time of Stunning Celestial Reset.

GAIA’s Revolution is On. The Green GAIA Warriors are occupying the Field. In the face of the Challenges, Hold the Vision for the Garden.


Jump for Joy. WE are blessed to be part of the Astounding Blossoming . Peace Out.

Love and Light, Amor y Luz, Annandi

Kundalini. Jai Rho, Jai Nam.


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July 2017 – Phoenix Rising

IMG_0785July is a month of Peril. Violence and Rage are on cue. We are crossing a pivotal standoff with the Power Planets. You can feel the intensity rising. Something big is about to Shift.

As the EARTH passes PLUTO on July 9th, we are thrown face-first into the Gladiator Ring.
Conflict and war drums erupt around the globe. Passions and Revolutions Rise.
Confusion and Chaos, like our weather patterns, denote a convoluted scene. Threats of Nuclear War are countered by Cyber attacks. Stolen Vault 7 CIA spyware has been converted to Ransomware, shutting down Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Banks, and Oreo cookie bakers. … just to begin the gameshow.  It’s getting very strange. The twists and corkscrew turns are unfathomable. It could look devastating, …..but it’s “Ashes to Phoenix” all the way around. Hold that Vision. We are entering a crushing Cosmic transit.

If we Look from a bigger picture, from outside the box, beyond our Solar System and Milky Way Galaxy, we can “See” a Greater Design. Recent Scientific discoveries have blown up any certainty around our old rigid models. Our mistaken comprehension has been startling. From Quantum physics to Astrophysics, including everything in between: What we thought was so… ain’t so. There is some reckoning to do. Minds Blown, we are only beginning to Discover New Wonders.

For example, Astronomers have recently theorized that All stars are born in pairs. And,  We have a Second Sun orbiting beyond the Oort Cloud, which NASA calls “Nemesis.” Planets and planetary systems seem to occur around all stars. There are Habitable planets everywhere we look. The Existence of Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life has become an Inalienable Right. “We are not alone” is a statistical certainty. NASA and Ancient Aliens agree.

Now imagine that one of these advanced life forms sent probes with sophisticated spectrophotometer equipment to Earth, like our NASA probes to Ceres, Pluto and Jupiter. What would they discover?

IMG_0783First and foremost, they would report back that we have made a MESS of our habitable planet. Over 500,000 pieces of Orbital Debris or “Space junk”, broken satellites and equipment surround our Globe. Let’s get real. We have trashed the space.
IMG_0787The Seas are contaminated with plastics, plutonium, and petroleum spills. The Airs are full of toxic exhaust. The Sparkling Rivers are dump sites for waste. The Fertile Lands Have been exhausted by pesticides and killing agents… and much much worse.

As Joni Mitchell sang, We have 🎼 Paved Paradise and Put up a Parking Lot… 🎼 Skyscrapers and Slums have overgrown our natural wonders. We have raped the Earth to capture her resources. We drop Bombs to Destroy Each Other. What kind of insanity lives here? What would our ET visitors think of the Human Race? And our care of this Sacred Place? We have trashed it. No discussion, it is simply so. We have turned Paradise into a Toxic dump ground.  No wonder We people are So Sick.

The brilliant news is there are millions, even billions of humans who hold this perspective of Guardianship. The Indigenous people’s hearts are joined by the “Woke” populations to stand for GAIA’s awakening. Beyond the Politics and Governmental Foolishness, the people rise up and care. We are in this together. AND We have some clean up to do.

Green solutions loom in the Dawning. A Japanese car company has produced an automobile that runs on Water, no Batteries required. Farming techniques have been implemented that restore our Soil while reducing CO2 and Global Warming.  China is building High Rise Forest in their cities to remove smog. The Eco-Economy is booming. We hold the answers.

The petrodollars are dying. The Plutocrats are Holding on to their Assets and Asses, [Bless their Hearts.] But the Gig is Up.   The Authority of their Wealth and Power has become an Obsolete Paradigm.  Sources that nurture and consider GAIA’s Way can Produce Free Energy, Healthy Food, and Well-Being for All her species. Ultimately the Frequency of Bliss, The Garden of Eden, Shambahla , Shangri-La, Nirvana, and Kingdom Come are Here.  The Earth Planet is Our Precious Pearl.  Join Her Revolution.

IMG_0788The Kuiper Belt Objects BRING the Gaia Eyes that changes the Vision and inspires us to participation. We are One. Service to Gaia, serves EveryOne.
GAIA’s Water Goddess (JUNO/YEMAYA) travels at EARTH’s side as we conjunct PLUTO. She powers the Heart to move Emotions. Music and Art bring the LOVE.  PEACE is the Only Point.

WE have the Power of Shared Intention to move the molecules of the Universe in that Direction.

Pray for Awakening.  Celebrate the Green Way.

Occupy Mother EARTH with “Yes, We Can.”

Love and Light, Amor y Luz, Power Ohm,     Annandi

****Astronomy Update: NASA has sent a probe, named JUNO  to more closely explore JUPITER. On July 10th, it will fly over Jupiters Red Spot. Very interesting correlation to the Astrological Data for JUNO, (the Asteroid Goddess of WATER) conjunct the EARTH and PLUTO. She is flying with the Phoenix this month.

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June 2017 – Planetary Havoc

2017 is a year of War, Conflict, Awakening, & Revolution. The planets clash in Mythic Heavenly battles. Legendary Superheroes play against Evil Super Villains. Pow! Kaboom! Shazam!

It’s a Cosmic Adventure Action Movie in IMAX.  The Mundane planets will play Havoc through the end of the year.  Expect Dissension, Ruptures, and Schisms Galore. A Flashing Marquee promos Lessons in Opposition.


Thank Goddess, We begin June with a Deeper Truth, as The SUN shines on CERES, the Asteroid Goddess. CERES (GAIA) Commands a Greater Realization. Mother Earth is Divinely Intelligent, Supremely Powerful, and always Cataclysmicly  balanced.  In the sign of Taurus, she shakes the ground beneath our feet and tunes us to the crystalline core. Volcanic Eruptions and Earth Changes remind us of her Ultimate Supremacy.

imageThis is Gaia’s Evolutionary Plan… Her Story. Her Biomagnetic Field that gives “permission ” and contains everything and anything operating within the Collective Consciousness.

With just a spike in her Hum, she can activate new brain states in all humans and sentient beings on the planet. Her Field suspends Every single atom and cell.  We are Her Children. She calls us Home.

The Schumann Resonance represents the “sound” or the vibration on the outer skin of the Earth. It is referred to as the Earth’s Heart Beat. Scientific analysis has shown there is a direct correlation, in fact, synchronization between this Hum and our Brain States.


On January 31st, 2017 the Schumann Resonance jumped from the usually stable 7.8 Hz to an astounding 36 Hz.

Then, on April 16th, there was a Huge Spike to 90 Hz.

May 8th it jumped to 112 Hz….. WHAT????

We don’t know where we are going or what this means exactly.   But Surely, We are becoming “Brighter.” Our Global Brain is being Super Excited and Super Charged. The collective consciousness is being awakened and activated.

🎼  Our DNA is being Tuned To GAIA’s  Channel… GAIA’s Crystalline Core. .🎼  

Our Pachu Mama has some Weapons of Mass Enlightenment in her Arms. Shakti surrounds us. Meditate. Tune in. Ask for your assignment in raising the Joy.

Thoughts are dissolving into pure experience. “Mind Fields” are being blown. Hearts are Opening. We are awakening to Her Pineal Pumping Ecstasy.

In the first week of July we encounter a “Red Square” within the Zodiac. [Russian pun intended.]

The Sun spotlights MARS, the Warriors and the Fighters, while the EARTH & PLUTO line out in opposition.  These two Planets are pulling the strings for War, Death and Destruction. Plutonium Soup and Nuclear War loom. Prayerful Focus presumes our attention.

JUPITER combats URANUS to shake and rattle the passions for upheaval. By October, JUPITER shines in Libra, proposing Peace, while URANUS fights for War & Revolutionary Ways.

NEPTUNE, the furthest planet, goes crossways with the closest planets VENUS & MARS. Bottom line, We are embattled on every front, from unprecedented weather systems to our personal sense of balance.

No Doubt, All the different stories, radical opinions, lies and spin produce mental instability and chaos. Absolute Chaos with a capital Crazy. Social cyberspace connections accelerate the phenomenon.

We are getting a Master Class in the Maya Mirage, Notice, How quickly “the mind” can flip or spin out of control, in unlimited patterns of diversity. There is no “Truth” in that Bin, only deception and delusion. The Cosmic Joke is: “The Personal and Global Mind have been organized around Insanity & Nonsense.” Illusion is the innate state within this Cosmic Video Game.

Go Within.  The Heart is the Way Out.  Love is All We Need.


Gaia’s Game Plan includes some kind of spectacular transition of Humanity from Ignorance to Bliss. A Phenomenal Paradigm Shift is Happening. No matter what it looks like, The Garden of Eden is Blossoming. In Every moment Gaia Warriors are merging into her Vibration. We have entered a New Space and Time.

Behold the Beauty of Her Order.
We are becoming… Awesome.
It’s in the Earth and Stars.

[Below is a Crop Circle that appeared in the U.K. On December 22, 2016. It denotes a Calendar with 20 Zodiac Signs. Everything seems to be Accelerating. One month is only 18 days. This could possibly be a more accurate Clock in Gaia Ascension Time. Amazing Image.]


Love & Light,  Amor y Luz,  Annandi

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