March 2017- Over the Falls

img_0675Astrologically We have been hurling through some white water rapids, accelerating for months. Huge planetary boulders have been encountered at every dangerous turn. Now It’s time to jump ship, as March takes us over a barrel, down a steep waterfall.

The Solar Eclipse (NEW MOON) on Sunday, February 26th lined up with NESSUS, the KBO Snake. His ferry ride to “Hell and Back” begins a thundering chorus starring Planet NEPTUNE, the Icy Giant CHIRON and the Asteroid Goddess of War, Pallas ATHENA. There is nothing but trouble with this transit. The gathering storm of Ego Destroyer Superheroes will “reign”… and “rain” devastating shockers on the global brain and intellect. The Stars of AQUARIUS have us looking through the eyes of the next generations. We are kindled by aspirations for a Secure Future for our Children.

NESSUS REVEALS. From the deepest depths, He glides up to the surface exposing hidden agendas, spy-like secrets, and unimagined betrayals. Seduction, sexual infidelity, poisons, and fires are included in his twisted tales.

[The Noisy insanity of Political Dismantling is not just in the U.S., but is happening Globally. The Fall of Government to the demands of the populace is essential. There are  subtler dangers at hand:  Drastic radiation spikes reported around a 2 meter “hole” at Fukishima. Radioactive iodine detected in the Artic and Northern Europe. Nuclear Threats from N. Korea. VX Nerve gas..].  


NEPTUNE PURIFIES. The Diamond Maker planet clears the path of ANY blocks within the Pranic tube. He drives the movement of energy through Our Chakras. He enters Our Dreamtime. He drives the bizarre Weather patterns covering the entire globe. He is subtle, yet Omnipotent. Nothing to do but go with his flows.

ATHENA, The Diamond Head Goddess of the Air brings perspective and enlightened witness to the chaos. She takes a deeper breath. Her gift is discernment. She sees from the “bigger picture”. She clears our minds and opens our eyes. She unveils the MAGIC in Aligned Intention, the most powerful weapon of the Spiritual Warrior.

[The Truth and Message from Emoto is the power of INTENTION. When we move beyond the realms of vibratory signatures, we access the subtler, yet extremely more powerful realm of Intention. Emoto showed in his electron microscope photos of water crystals we can alter the physical pattern of toxic substances with simple thought and intention. The most powerful being the Vibrations of THANK YOU and LOVE.]

KBO CHIRON challenges us with Explosions, Collapses, and Startling Surprises. Out of the realms of “What we don’t know”…, the inconceivables, the bizarre, the wildly extraordinary… our minds will be blown… And WE WAKE. That’s their mission.

Magnetic Reversals, Spiking Schumann Resonance and Brain States.

There is a direct correlation between the Biomagnetic Scramble within the Earth’s core, the Earth’s Hum (Schumann Resonance), and Human Brain States.


On January 31st, For the first time in recorded history, the Schumann Resonance reached frequencies over 36 hertz. The Resonance frequency, which measures the vibration of the Shell of the Earth, has hovered steadily around 7.8 hertz. Once
in June 2014, there was a sudden spike to 8.5 up to 16.5 hertz before renormalization.

These frequency jumps presume a spike in “intelligence”, an expanded neural grasp of the connection to Our Planet and All her sentient Beings. “Natural Knowing” inlaid with  multi dimensional experience… Inconceivable Understanding and Compassion. A New Rhythm in our Hearts.


Beta State (14-30 Hz) represents the awakened state. The mind is active, alert, and focused. This exactly mirrors the resonance of the Earths core. Given pole position shifts, magnetic reversals, etc. our “AWAKE” is reorganizing.

Alpha State (7.5 -13 Hz) is achieved during mediation and deep relaxation. It matches exactly the vibratory rate of the Earths crust. A harmonic is produced that resonates sympathetically with your point of place and Gravity.

Theta State (4-7 Hz) is a Trance State, achieved by Gurus and Shamans. In these realms, one can access other dimensions and heavenly connections. This matches the resonance in the first Van Allen Belt.

Delta state (1-3 Hz) matches the resonance of the second Van Allen Belt. This frequency “sounds like” a cat’s purr, more exactly the Purr of a Bengal Tiger. A sonic hush sound that can travel for miles in all directions.


The good news is our brains are “in tune” and match GAIA’s hum exactly, naturally… From the inside out. These evolutionary field distortions break up old patterns and exalt our brains into higher states. Mother Earth is shifting her frequency and so are we. We are “realizing”, along with her, a new realm of consciousness .


On March 12th FULL MOON, the SUN moves into PISCES. Simultaneously, CERES (GAIA) and MARS dance together into TAURUS.  GAIA asserts her command with Volcanic eruptions, Earthquakes, Rocking and Rolling. She’s moving some mountains; cutting ties to the ways of the past and moving evolution forward. Migrating Poles, according to some scientists, even suggest a upcoming magnetic pole flip, which happens every 350,000 years. The point is we don’t know what’s going on.  GAIA has a greater plan, greater wisdom, greater consciousness in these times of Astounding Change. Trust in her is our “Gravity”.  MARS empowers her Earth Warriors with focus and direction.

[So, back to Plutonium Soup, I suggest we overlay this atomic structure with the LOVE and THANK YOU crystalline power of Intention. Thank you for teaching us about our intimate connection to our environment. We Love you! Create a vortex filled with these snow flakes and power up the temple transmissions. Seed the waters and weathers with your prayers. Plant crystals in the Earth, filled with devotion to her process. Sing the Blessings into your temple, world and planet.

****Use this model for any disaster, catastrophe, or impossible situation on any level, personal or planetary.]



GAIA’s divine song is awakening the Kundalini with her electric intelligence and majesty. The Shakti Bliss is falling like rain…. Soaking the Entire Globe. No matter what it looks like,

We are Becoming… One.


Love & Light, Amor y Luz, Annandi


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February 2017 – OMG Magnetics


IMG_04942017 Here We Go!  Welcome the year of the “Fire Rooster.”  We are AWAKENING…… to a “Cock-a-Doodle” year of Madness.

Exquisitely mirroring the Planetary Battle Zones, the populations are righteously  outraged and staunchly opinionated.   Sides are being taken and lines are being drawn. The Spiritual Warriors are Convening, as The Shift is hitting the fan.


🎶 Finally, the Tables are starting to Turn… Talking about a Revolution… 🎶

on January 20th, The SUN shone on the last degree of SAGITTARIUS (which Rules the military, governments and laws. I.e.,Trump “swearing in” with Military parades and Bands.)

On January 21st, The SUN moved into CAPRICORN, (which Rules Groups, Community and the Collective Mind, i.e.  “Power to the People”.)  On that same day VESTA, 🔥  GAIA’s Fire Priestess embraced the EARTH  🌏 , lighting the sacred fires of Intention and holding the Holy Space for Awakening.  Ohm-Shaka-Laka. Boom… the WOMENs MARCH.

imageFor those who were mind spinning on crowd size numbers, I can only say one thing… Hmmmm???.  They missed the point. It was the ENERGY, SYNCRONICITY, and SPONTANEITY… ,STUPID. The March did Involve amazing numbers across the globe , but more significantly it played a phenomenal chord. A sonic boom of Sisters, Grandmothers, Mothers and Children; Heart-filled Marchers aligned in LOVE! JOY! And HARMONY! to BE THE CHANGE that the World calls for. A Mothers Roar is not to be ignored.  The sonic ripples are already vibrating through the immigration protest… and it’s only just begun. Once the sacred flame is lit, VESTA 🔥 keeps it burning.  [I did not March, but made a pink pussy hat and cheered along.]

Celestial Revolutions

Here is my Artistic Representation of the Bigger Astronomical Magnetics to consider.

Revolution is a Celestial Constant, inherent to Orbital Motion.

☯️ The EARTH and Our Planets revolve around the SUN. (Turquoise Elliptic)

☯️ Our Solar System revolves on a Spiral Arm of our Milky Way Galaxy, around the Black Hole (Hunan Ku) at its center. ( Top Left Spiral)

☯️ Our Milky Way Galaxy revolves with trillions of other Galaxies around the Magnetic Center of the Super Galactic Cluster. (Purple waves) This Greater Gravity is the Source of our “Pull” into A Unified Field of Consciousness. Magnetic shifts on Mercury, Venus, and all the planets besides the EARTH have been reported by NASA.  The Biomagnetism is reorganizing our DNA, shifting our Poles, and revealing GAIA’s Divinity. We are being deeply  “realized”.

img_0661The Kuiper Belt Objects (Icy Giants) enter from the Right, on a different elliptic.

THE KBOs were pulled into Our Solar Orbital Circus by NEPTUNE, the Diamond Maker.  They bring us Awakening, Enlightenment… an Uplifted Perspective, a Higher Frequency… Altered Brain states, Theta Tuning.  Meditation is our point of access. Tune In. Shakti is falling. Kundalini is Rising. Every single one of us is on a “Mission from God.” When we are Vibrating coherently with the Unified Universe, Yes, we can… do our dreams.

The KBOs closest to The EARTH (Blue pearl) orbit in the Asteroid Belt, scattered between MARS and JUPITER.  CERES (GAIA) Is the largest.       VESTA 🔥 (The Fire Goddess), ATHENA (Diamond 💎 Head), and JUNO  💧(Water Goddess) join GAIA’s Wake Up Call.

 CHIRON 💫 , PHOLUS ⚡, NESSUS 🐍 , PLUTO 🎩, and XENA 🏹are far, far, far away, beyond SATURN.


Windows to the Soul

Holy Magnetics change our Eye Sight. We “see” or perceive light differently. We expand our color spectrum. We reflect light or lightness differently. LOVE permeates our gaze.  We “color” our world with Brightness. We Rise… and Shine.



Until Mid February CAPRICORN focuses our attention on Global Groups and Concerns. The U.N., NATO, Trade Agrrements, Broken Treaties, Broken Alliances with Mexico, Iraq, and on and on.  Community Groups and Global Unions are Being inspired in Resistance, Defiance, and to Stand their Ground.

The Old Power holders are clinging tight for dominance and control. Big Money $$$, “Mad Dog” Military Men, Big Oil, Big Bankers, Big Pharma, and World Wide Wrestling Moguls (???) are lining up on stage, like the Rockettes, to perform a perfectly choreographed “High-kick – Alt-Dance” Routine. Their costumes are scanty and seriously telling. Enjoy the unveiling.  The whole world is watching this Burlesque Show.

[Personal Note:  I’m  an old Hippie. Back in the Sixties we had Sit-Ins, Love-Ins, Bra Burnings, Peace Marches… and of course, “Laugh-In.” Revoltion lives at my core.  Now, Our Children and Grandchildren, This millennial generation, has spawned some awesome, new revolutionary tactics.  Social media, Hactivism, and Whistle blowers are accelerating the Stand Up Call across the globe.  We began in the 60’s with “Sit-In”s for Civil Rights, now we OCCUPY and RISE and ROAR!.]

On February 16th, The Sun shines under the stars of AQUARIUS.  Oour focus shifts to breaking with the past and setting forth a Visionary plan for the Future Generations.  Find your inner Martin Luther King. Peaceful Warriors unite. We have a Dream.


I believe in OMG Magnetics, KBO consciousness, and a phenomenal evolutionary leap in process. Humanity is Migrating  through the Chaos towards Harmony. The “Pull” of Great Mystery designed this Enlightened  Evolution. We gotta have Faith. The Super Galactic Cluster Center is Irresistible.

Love and Light, Amor y Luz,       Annandi






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January 2017 – Shakti is Falling

IMG_0493January begins with the mundane planets poised in a big X marks the spot. MARS aligns with URANUS opposing JUPITER. SATURN squares NEPTUNE. Everyone is dressed in Full Tactical Battle Gear. PLUTO rules the Day and Year. It’s serious. Life and Death, War vs Peace, Oil vs. Water, and more. The battles are on. It could look dismal, war, conflict, explosions, revolutions, …

It takes an Exo- perspective (looking from outside our Solar System) to appreciate the Dawn. Abandoning our calendars, our concepts of planetary orbits and timing is imperative to discovering the truths of Greater Cosmic Cycles.

Kundalini is Falling

img_0636I am Looking to the GAIA calendar, which began on the December Solstice 2012. Since we made the turn into Galactic Day, Shakti is Falling. Divine Bliss is raining down all over the planet, bringing transformation and personal Awakening. The Shift into Unified Consciousness is progressing. We are opening channels to enlightened frequencies and dimensions.

2016 was the 4th year of Galactic Day. It’s design was to catapult us into our hearts and emotions. [Check that box.].  

Now, the task at hand is to capture the emotional mix of anger, outrage, sorrow, confusion, and pure crazy and infuse it with intention.

2017 is the 5th year of Awakening, moving us into Action and Change. We are leaving the cocoon and unfolding the butterfly wings. The question of 2017 is “How do we bring Joyful Magic into Dangerous Times? How do we pump Bliss into Crisis?”
Everyone is called to duty. Truly, there is only one battle. The fight is for humanity. The mission is ONE TRIBE on ONE LOVE-LY PLANET. Turn on some Bob Marley. We’ve got work to do to Chant down Babylon.


The Asteroid Goddesses are the Closest Celestial Bodies which herald the Consciousness Shift. They are the Awakener Crew and the focus of this Astrological column.

CERES (GAIA) is moving through ARIES with VENUS.
Every single one of us has a unique contribution to the Harmonic Shift. Look within for your Divine purpose and assignment. GAIA is the director of the Extravaganza. Connect and Ask her for Guidance. Artists are being given Extra Sparkle to publish her High frequency Hum. Create, Music, Dance, Art… Spread the Resonance.

VESTA (the HIGH PRIESTESS) accompanies MERCURY through CANCER.
Choose Silent meditation over conversation. Mercury has been retrograde conjunct PLUTO. Don’t trust “talking it out” until the end of January. Go within. Go within. Go within.  Tell yourself how you feel. Prayer and Ceremony are powerful ways to move the emotions. Focus the Force.

NEPTUNE keeps sweeping away any blockages to Kundalini Energy. CHIRON adds explosions and chaos to the electrical grids and digital world. Revolution is happening and spreading in cyberspaces. Amid the revelations, purifications, suffering and extraordinary challenges Diamond Head Goddess brings the Brilliance. We are Awakening with shining, clear, open eyes to see through the foggy mirage. Keep sharing the Vision.

JUNO (WATER GODDESS) pairs up with SATURN in SCORPIO. (OPHIUCUS actually).
Water is Life. Water, in all its forms, (rain, storms, snow) is cleansing our planet and our Emotional realms. The Man-Made Laws are being preempted by Natural Laws. GAIA always remains in Balance. Trust her evolutionary turnings.
Astronomical P.S. for 2016

img_0641Around 2 million years ago, two black holes spiraled around each other and collided. An unimaginable boom created all manner of Stars, planetary systems and cosmic matter. This explosion simultaneously produced colossal ripples in the space-time continuum called gravitational waves.

A “Gravitational Tsunami” formed by this collision hit the Earth in 2016, According to measurement and observations of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO), (Proving Einstein was right,… again.)

2016 felt like a massive smash up of event horizons, so strong that not even light could escape them. The Emotional Upheavals we have been through correlate with this Astronomical Data. We encountered a great Biomagnetic disturbance. We have been reordered and realigned. Absolutely.

Breathe deep and Carry Ohm. We are Awakening.  

“May the Force be with you.”
Love and Light, Annandi

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December 2016: “Winter is Here.”

img_0617Holy Smoke and Mirrors!  Shock and Awe are reigning in this Alarming Awakening. Take a deep breath… in between the gasps.

Hang tight with friends and allies as GAIA and Her Asteroid Goddesses pull back the Veil. November was just a prelude to the Harmonic Revolution ahead. Things are not getting worse, things are being uncovered.

In reference to the Game of Thrones story, “Winter is Here.”
The White Walkers are showing themselves and joined in a battalion for full assault.
While these Walking Dead Zombies are enjoying the spotlight and publicity, GAIA’s forces are enacting her natural laws. Keep your Dragon Glass Crystals at hand and join in aligned reverence for Mother Earth.

December begins with The SUN highlighting JUNO, The Water Goddess, in OPHIUCUS. * This Asteroid Goddess commands all the waters on the planet; the Oceans, the Rivers, and streams and all the life within them.

* She creates the Weather… the rains, the snows, the dry areas… the storms, floods, winds, and fires. The Thunder Beings are her Children.

* She powerfully channels our Emotional bodies. Expect more chills and Hallelujah momentum through December, like taking a ride over a waterfall.

On Dec 9th, the SUN highlights SATURN in OPHIUCUS, but is opposed by VENUS, MARS, and CHIRON. Police and military will collide with revolutionaries. Artists, Warriors and Extraordinary Challenges will Unify the global WAKE-UP call. The Standing Rock “Water is Life” Movement should gain alliance and world wide media coverage. The Indigenous People are modeling the Harmonic way of GAIA’s revolution.

Planet Earth will add an extra punch of natural disasters and unpredictable weather. Volcanoes, Quakes, Storms, Fires and Floods displace populations. Wars and conflicts continue to dissolve our global border designations.

So, this is what blossoming looks like?
I’m looking to the heavens for the lightness and humor.
img_0618When we look at the current night stars, the Scorpion has tilted it’s tail upwards and the constellation Ophiucus has slid into this space on the elliptic. This phenomenon occurs at the time we cross the Equator of our Milky Way Galaxy. The end of the Mayan Calendar on December Solstice 2012, marked this shift. We began a new Galactic Season. We are in a different Time and Space.

Metaphysical interpretation is where I find the humor. The Bankers, Real Estate holders, and Taxers of the Scorpion Tail have been booted off stage. Shamans, Gurus, and Indian Chiefs now occupy the star space of OPHIUCUS. This flamboyant Egyptian Medicine Man conceived Healing with Herbs. He calls us to fancy costume and GAIA’s Healing powers. (Note: I have updated the “ABOUT” page for further description of these Celestial Shifts.)

On Dec. 17th, the SUN joins PHOLUS, at 2 degrees Sagittarius. PHOLUS brings Awakening in Suprising Flashes. Kaboom!  Upsets and reversals hit Governments, Military and Political Leaders. He’s the Trickster and Joker. Don’t expect stability.

The hard background angles within the December planetary positions are NEPTUNE and PLUTO.  PLUTO brings Shiva, the ecstatic Cosmic Dancer, to the party. He imposes war, death, and destruction to this Fire Monkey Purification year.  Essentially, we are in the midst of an extinction event. Dinosaurs consciousness is gasping. NEPTUNE unravels the deceptions of Money, Power, and Greed. He pulls us toward spiritual enlightenment and Kundalini energy as Source.

In the face of chaos and challenges, our power center point is Kundalini… GAIA’s resource. Remember and connect. We are immersed in her rthymn.  It’s simple Biomagnetism. Positive and Negative dances up, down, and all around.

imageEARTH is a KUNDALINI PUMP  (Gravity pump), which produces energy from changing the states of elements, primarily WATER.

Water FALLS… Water flows through the oceans, rivers, and atmosphere (weather) pulled by the center of gravity at the EARTH’s core… pumping the generator for all life on the planet.

Gaia is creating a Resonance Revolution. Biomagnetic waves from her core to her aura are instilling new brain frequencies into the planet. The Sacred Feminine form is singing herself through morphological and metaphysical changes. Humanity is being transformed physically and metaphysically. Wake up and Stand up. CERES, traveling through Aries, brings Divine Ideas and phenomenal paths to the Gaia Cause. As unworkable, unsustainable patterns crumble, brilliant solutions will emerge from the crystalline vision of new eyes.  Everyone has a Divine Assignment.




Humans have Kundalini pumps and chakra systems, just like GAIA. We are made in her image.

A Harmonic Paradigm is rising up like a Tidal Wave to merge humanity into a Unified Field of Theta states. Meditation is the access point to higher endorphins levels, higher intelligence, and a crystal clarity of the Pineal Gland.

Tune in, Turn On, and Dream On. From higher brain states, we can move the molecules of the universe.



Plants have super-consciousness… a cosmic awareness that comes from evolving here on the planet for billions of years. Plants existed for a long, long, long time before animals came along. In fact, single cell organisms like Blue-Green algae were responsible for creating an environment suitable for most other life forms.

In a field of gravity, powered by water flows through the system, plants create MASS (roots, stems, leaves, flowers) from LIGHT (photosynthesis). Because they are “rooted,” the Kundalini pump in plants is always truly synchronized to the flow of Shakti through the EARTH herself. Basically, plants are always in a meditative state. Bless your garden with intention and watch it grow miracle bounty. Plants can bring GAIA’s innate balance to our bodies.  She Feeds our Divinity.

December 22: At Winter Solstice we begin the 5th Galactic New Year. Change, Change, and More Change dominate 2017. The Resonance of the Earth is the Revolutionary Rattle. Put your Prayers and Faith into the Ground.

Love and Light, Amor y Luz, Annandi

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November 2016- Build a Boat


We emerge from the October boxing ring, bruised and battered by swinging matches of fiery rhetoric. Dazed and dumbfounded by nonsensical data, it’s difficult to grasp a clear thought. Build a Boat.

With the NEW MOON, The November planets have moved into a cooperative arrangement for a smoother ride through the rapids. They form a semi-circular bowl pattern, like a boat. This dynamic formation collects and harmonizes our experience into something we can “roll with.” JUPITER in Virgo and URANUS in Pisces are placed on the the lip of the bowl or the sides of the boat. They rule the entryway into our Field of experience. This is where the rocking and rolling show up.

JUPITER connects our hearts desire to Service (Virgo). Virgo is the “clean-it-up” constellation. JUPITER brings the powerhouse of passion to the project. He blesses and expands efforts to revere and protect our Earthly resources. (i.e. Standing Rock Movement momentum.)

On the other stellar side URANUS is lighting the fires of revolution. He is Awakening us from the slumbering stars of Pisces. We are being shocked and reordered by Theta brain wave states to Other dimensions, portal openings, and DNA upgrades. Magical brains are playing in the Inner worlds. The veils are lifting. The mirage is melting.
We are in the realms of “What you See is NOT What you Get.”

Frequency Shift is invisible… yet invincible.

We are rising out of a world of opinions into the world of experience… or better said, from our Heads into our Hearts. Hard positions, Conflicts and controversy have been blowing wildly like the global storms. Ultimately, we are being forged to reconsider and rethink the lies we have been sold. Mother Earth hums a higher truth.

CERES (GAIA) leads the way for URANUS. She is calling to our passions and promise to join her Evolutionary Rebellion. GAIA has a grander mission. We are blessed to see her phenomenal process and presence from eyes of reverent witness.  Transformation is her constant dance. She has some surprises and shocks to show and tell. She’s blowing the Whistle.  Hop on her Garden of Eden Peace Train.

The SUN conjunct MERCURY in Libra promotes conversations of partnership and consideration. Relationships are soothed. Harmony enters our tone. Poetry is written. We bring Music to our listening, Art to our voice. Enjoy the soft time. It will pass before December.

On the harsher side, in November MARS joins NEPTUNE in Aquarius. Now this could create some holes in the bottom of the boat. We are talking eruptions up from the unseen depths, disrupting our biomagnetic balance.  Volcanic eruptions, toxic spills, hacking revelations, satellite damage, Solar winds, disconnections of electrical grids, etc. could cause rude interruptions in our plans. Keep the bail buckets handy.


PALLAS ATHENA, Asteroid Goddess of Air, reigns over this NEPTUNE / MARS pair. She brings brilliance and shine to Awakening Eyes. (I call her Diamond Head.) She has the clarity of cut. She shines justice in all directions.

img_0587The Standing Rock Water Protectors are her Warriors. 500 tribes have gathered in prayer and ceremony in North Dakota to defend their lands and water. They chant, dance, and drum in harmony with Mother Earth. The local authorities have brought tear gas, dogs, water hoses, sound weapons and the National Guard. White Buffalo Calf Woman has sent herds of wild Bison to the scene. Believe in her.

img_0586The world wide response to the arrests and mistreatment has been growing exponentially. Despite minuscule coverage in the news media, Social media has carried the message and sourced the rippling waves of Awakening. Al Gore and Bernie Sanders have aligned their voices. The UN is now investigating these abuses of Indigenous people, prohibited by international law. “Water is Life” has become a global prayer. This is how the Diamond Head Goddess works. She can Harness the Herds.


The toxicity in our rivers and drinking waters is both astounding and undeniable. The technology is out there to clean it up; it’s Do-able. Countries like Brazil have developed ways to purify their terribly contaminated rivers to drinkable liquid. Germany has outstanding water treatment processes. Saudi Arabia…

And of course Emoto’s teaching, Bless the Waters.
The costs of clean up is a nano fraction of what the Oil Companies are spending to continue the contamination. We are awakening. “Water is Life.”

As an aside, The US election dialogue has been a inane distraction, showing up more like an episode of Scandal or Saturday Night Live, than a serious discussion of an informed population. Thank God, it is over soon.

Regardless of the results, There is a deeper revelation showing itself. It has to do with the reverence for the feminine form as source of Kundalini Energy. They are inseparably intertwined.

Honoring Mother Earth and Honoring Women are the same key… that opens the flows of Kundalini through the body. Period.

The genitalia talking points that consumed the election campaigns disclosed and disrobed the unspoken sexualization of the female gender. Like the Military response at Standing Rock, there is backlash. Women have been inspired to call it out as they see it. Jump back Roger Ayles, et al, we are Visioning a New Etiquette for our Daughters.

img_0590Sacred Feminine Energy = Rising Kundalini.

Connect to the Rising Wave.

Look to the heavens for spectacular celestial events.

November promises Awesome.

Amor y Luz, Love and Light,  Annandi


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October 2016: Quakes, Shakes, Clashes and Crashes

imageHigh Alert Earthquake warnings have been issued today for the San Andreas fault area in California. There has been a swarm of quakes in the 3-4 richter range (over 500) in the last week. A large quake may be looming. This has even been reported on national media and nightly news. There are cosmic forces at work here.

A massive coronal hole on the SUN has been streaming magnetic storms towards EARTH all week. These solar winds break down the Van Allen belts, increase the radiation levels in the atmosphere and correlate with more Earthquakes, Volcanos, Hurricanes, Typhoons, and wacky weather problems. Currently we have a Hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean, which rapidly changed from a category 1 storm to a category 5 overnight. Florida is in its path. On the other hot earth zone, A typhoon is headed for Tawain, then Japan.

September was a warmup to the shakes, quakes, clashes and crashes due this month.
The most important Astrology dynamic is the line up of the Gaia Awakener Goddess (CERES) with URANUS and ERIS in Pisces. The EARTH passes this line up on October 10 – 13th. At the Same time, JUPITER con joins the SUN, which makes everything huge, or super huge.
[Last month’s blog covered this magnificent line up. Reread for more information.]

EARTH is declaring herself as Master of the Planetary Revolution. Wake up! and Look up! and Look Around the planet!. There is a bigger picture occurring beneath our feet and from the heavens. It’s not just about you.

imageThe planets are arranged in a boxing ring square. Conflict and opposition are coming at us from all sides. This dynamic acts like a pressure cooker to super heat any situation. MARS is the only planet enhanced in the smack down. MARS is the release valve.

MARS represents our Warrior, our Courage, our Super Hero, who stands powerfully in the face of challenge. Focus, Focus, Focus is his command.


The most enhanced weapon of the Spiritual Warrior is the Theta Wave. These Brain states activate our pineal pump of endorphins and bliss. Tune In, then protest. Vibe first, then Act. Joyful gatherings are resonant with GAIAs plan. Join her harmonic hum.


There is a extreme polarization occurring on the planet. It is colored in shades of black vs. white, men vs. women, war vs. peace, good vs. evil, etc., but essentially it is a Spiritual War for our Planet.

We are either here to experience the beauty and wonder of the EARTH PEARL, steward and take care of our Lands, Waters, and Airs, PURA VIDA (as they say in Costa Rica)

OR … PURA GREEDA, to Scavenge and loot the Earths resources for Money and Power.


We are witnessing the imbalance, most beautifully in the Standing Rock Protest in the Dakotas. Over 10,000 visitors representing over 300 tribes, have gathered in prayer and ceremony to protect our waters and lands from pipelines of petrochemicals. They stand for all of us, including the people of Flint, Michigan, and address the contaminated rivers and coasts all over the U.S. Water is Life. We all need it revered and preserved. The Indigenous tribes in Brazil march in warrior wear to protests the destruction of the rain forests. It’s a global phenomenon. Millions are awakening. Billions are standing, like a rock, by their Mother.

The local police responded with well-armed National Guard, Tanks, Water Cannons, Acoustic weapons, tear gas, pepper spray, etc. What is wrong with this picture?
The Standing Rock protest has not received much media coverage, except over the Internet. They don’t want to expose the absurdity and insanity of such an over militarized response.

The same thing is happening in the North Carolina and California protests over Black shootings. It is being revealed that Small town police forces (like Charlotte, North Carolina) have been insanely over armed and over trained in military actions. Lines of Shields, pointed guns, tanks and weapons facing down common civilians looks like Tienamen Square in China.

The Astrology is in the SATURN vs. MERCURY opposition. Military Action vs. Concern for our Children. Do we Escalate the War Party or ask what we are doing to the children? The Syrian question is a Global Question. Military Might vs. Peace and Safety for our Children. It takes some magnificent Theta Waves to shift this Imbalance.

Costa Rica is a shining example for the world. In 1948 they chose to abandon a military and devote the focus and money to education, health care, and most importantly, preserve their lands and environment. A total shift in consciousness is what is called for.

Imagine, the answer. Take all that police and military money, training, & equipment and direct it into education, health care, and natural resources. Our communities would thrive. Our environment could thrive. Our purpose could be altered to Save our Air, Lands, and Waters. We have the riches. We have the power.

This month’s blog sounds more like a Green Rant than an Astrology article, but that’s what is in the stars. Expect more hacking, expect more distracting media spin. The political circus is a gift for the comedians and a revelation of the energies in conflict.

imageWe are all being called to a higher vibe. GAIA has the biggest resonance and she means it. Focus, Focus, Focus. Pull out your spirit bow and load those arrows of theta waves. Aim for the heart. The minds will follow.


Love and Light, Amor y Luz, Annandi

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September 2016- Neptune Unravels & Gaia Reveals

imageA Bizarre and Chaotic Concert is taking the Astrological Stage this month… with some Hallelujah moments of hope on cue.  On September 1st, the EARTH lines up with NEPTUNE on a Solar Eclipse.  They call it purification. Unraveling is maybe a better word, as he rips away the veils and cover-ups, on both a personal and international level.

There is a truth telling going on for all our broken systems: governments, laws, institutions, banking funny money. And of course, hysterical  politics. “Everything is Broken”… Sing along with Bob Dylan.

imageWeird weather continues to wash away our schedules and paths.
Floods, Tornado funnels and hurricanes spiral in out of nowhere. Winds of change disrupt our normality. Surrender and flow is the only way to go. We are releasing and moving an intense amount of emotional energy.


Confusion and loss dissolve us into incomprehensible states.
Neptune, Oh Neptune, let’s go. He boggles us and takes us deep. He is the Diamond maker. It’s His High pressure that creates crystalline shine. He washes away all things that inhibit a clear flow of Kundalini. Ultimately, he uplifts us into higher spiritual vibrations. Frequency, frequency, frequency is his ultimate purpose. Integration is his pull. Letting Go creates freedom to fly.

All the planets have placed themselves between Virgo and Pisces (Sidereal Zodiac). There are no planets in the personal houses. They are empowering a shift from Ego (iPhone/selfie Bubbles) to Community, Group, and the Bigger Picture. Personality is being lifted to a higher causal plane of contribution. We are discovering who we really are, rather than who we thought we should be. Global Brain surgery is merging our minds and psyche into shared experience. Follow your Bliss. Trust GAIA.

imageGAIA’s Awesome Plan

This Neptune scrubbing is preparing us for a Glorious Conjunction around Sept. 15th.

CERES, the Asteroid Goddess who proclaims GAIA’s Divinity, lines up with URANUS, the Revolutionary, in the sign of PISCES.

Mother Earth, Pacha Mama herself, reigns supreme with stunning events and realigned fields. Striking like lightning, out of the blue, we are awakened to her power.

The auric fields of the Earth, the Van Allen Belts, the Ethernet, the Internet of things, Electrical grids, and our individual auras will be rattled and shaken. We are the Microcosm of the Macrocosm. As this is happening in the sign of Aquarius, Expect some awesome jolts, chaos and serious cosmic reversals.

Political dramas, overthrown governments, secret warring parties, will be ongoing… However, we will be stepping away from the right/wrong arguments.  The Holy Experience of GAIA’s Righteousness prevails. We are Losing The Mind for an exalted sense of our Mother’s Blessings. A more profound connection to her Hum Instills Humanity… Stills Humanity. She calls us beyond differences into a deep hallelujah harmony. Freedom. Freedom to be.
Discoveries in Outer Space, Our Oceans, and Subconscious are altering our attunement with the forces of our planet. For example, an unusual body, named Niku, has recently been found beyond Neptune, orbiting the Sun in the completely opposite direction from all other planets in our Solar System. What? Astounded astronomers have also located an Inhabitable planet orbiting our closest star. Mind blowing discoveries are destroying our previous conceptions. Bizarre and Weird are becoming astronomical terms. We are not alone? [The 12 foot tall Golden Aliens with Triangle Heads could arrive. We need to get over some of our discrimination policies if we want to get along.]


Joining this Rebel Commando Force is ERIS, the Goddess of Intention and Imagination. She offers us the powerful gift of Aligned Intention to co-create Heaven on Earth. She invites the question, “What is your Dream?” She enacts the Quantum Laws of Vision and Manifestation. Focus, Focus, Focus.

Truly, Connected with Source, we can move the molecules of the Cosmos. “Dream first, then Do” is her Magic. Watch her work.


On the same day, The EARTH encounters CHIRON (also the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. Yikes-orama!)  Challenges, breakdowns, explosions, and disruptions can create collapse. CHIRON demands we step out of our definitions of reality. We must get outside of our belief boxes to access solutions. We must access the wisdom of the Elders and brilliance of our Youth, who see beyond the mirage.


After the “Falling Apart” part, CHIRON always serves up EXTRA ORDINARY, unforeseeable gifts, beyond our wildest dreams.

Celebrate collapse. It’s a vehicle to our dream time… The time for redefinition of truth. What’s really behind the veil?

At the same time, the SUN is conjunct JUPITER in Virgo. VIRGO is Very, Very Big.
Blessings accompany service. Healings happen naturally.
GAIA gives us all the answers. Balance is her Nature.

[This is an important note: We must take care of ourselves first. Meditate and Connect. Eat well. Find our center and balance. THEN serve. Vibe first, then do.
In the stillness We access the heart of service.]

Passion for and contributions to our Divine Planet will greatly vitalize the Green Scene. Cleaning up our messes and melding with GAIA harmony for all her species heals us. Creating beauty heals us. Art, Music, Dancing, Drumming, Chanting, and the like, heals us. Decorate your environment with Ceremony.

we-me-cropBillions of people all over the globe are aligned with GAIA’s reveal. Billions are engaged in harmonious ways to walk on the planet. “WE – mania” is occupying the EARTH.! Wear your favorite “Mother of Dragons ” costume and join the parade.


No matter what you see on the news, SHIFT IS HAPPENING.

Celebrate the Equinox on September 21st… Winter is coming…

Love and Light, Annandi

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August 2016- Mother of Dragons

Resonance.morphic field.wbIn a world of continued chaos and violence, August pours us deeply into our hearts. Moving us to tears is the point. Tear drops begin the path to compassion. Changes of the enlightened heart will inspire courageous action.

PALLAS ATHENA, Goddess of War, calls for our Mother of Dragons costume.  The Diamond Head Asteroid Goddess clears the Air element and focuses on GAIA’s vision for the future. EROS, the God of Love, stands at her side.

[For those who do not follow Game of Thrones, the women have taken over all the kingdoms. They have banded together, equipped for war and are ready to rule the realms. Girl Power!]

imageWomen are invited to rise up in their favorite Super Hero gear and stand up in their clear truth. Women are the source of passion, compassion, and Kundalini shine. Fully awake to the insanities of the past, We are creating a brighter world for our children. Men who love Mother Earth stand beside.


Asteroid Goddess ATHENA invites us to consider the bigger picture… events beyond our Solar System and even beyond our Milky Way Galaxy.

In December 2012 we completed a 13,000 year cycle called Galactic Night, a time of unconsciousness and sleep. We crossed the threshold into Galactic Day and are now in the 4th year of Dawning. No one really knows what that means, but a huge shift is becoming more and more apparent. GAIA asks us to stand as Reverant Witness to her plan. We can clarify our vision with that perspective. We are awakening to the intelligence and brilliance of our Holy Planet and Divine Cosmos.



GAIA has declared herself as Author of this Evolutionary REVOLUTION.
She is the Master of Our Magnetics. Our brains vibrate to her tune.
Mergence is Her repeating chorus. Can you hum “Unified Field of Consciousness”?

imageRealizing the Garden of Eden in a World that Works for Everyone is Her Intention.
Harmony with Her songs occurs magnetically as we awake to her Presence.
Opinions are useless in this melody. It’s all about singing with soul.

Keep the Bigger Picture in mind as we look at the Astrology for the next several months. We are “fixing to get ready” for a collision of consciousness.

There is really only one question at hand, “Does this serve Planet Earth?”

“Or NOT?” [The “Nots” are calling themselves out. Ignorance is demanding attention. ]

MARS and PLUTO are lining up bringing more violence and conflict.
SATURN in Scorpio foretells of secret military actions and hidden war fronts.
Dark forces are presenting themselves.

Later the EARTH passes by NESSUS, the Snake. He brings lies and betrayals to the surface. Like the Toxic Algae Blooms surrounding toxic dumps in Florida, All the poo poo and scum balls are bubbling up. Just Another operation to clear the eyes and open the Pranic tube.

imageThe stars of Aquarius promise more disclosures and breakdowns which shake up our digital world. iPhones have changed the planet. Electronic media has produced an information network that circumvents the established news sources. People are shooting the videos, uploading them on social media, and sharing reality instantaneously. A Reality Show, for Real though. Truth has a unrestrainable vehicle to triumph over media spin.

[email, etc. disclosures will continue. Note to self:  ANYTHING posted on the Internet can be hacked. Hackers know that. Governments know that. Anyone who watches Mr Robot knows that. We are all being surveiled. There is no real security or privacy in the ethers. Thanks for sharing]

Beyond2cropTHEN, the month ends with NEPTUNE removing everything from our path that does not support the highest vibrational path. Nothing to do here but surrender and let go. We cannot see the destination from here. But, We are being moved along and lifted by spirit in unknowable ways.  There is nothing but Discovery ahead.

Love and Light, Annandi




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July 2016 – Mo Pluto

IMG_0493Awakening is a destructive process. July is a month of Mo PLUTO.
PLUTO, the Rude Awakener will be at hand, as the EARTH makes her closest line up with the God of cataclysm on July 9th. He wears his Helmet of Invisibility to strike from hidden and unknowable positions. Meanwhile, Kali does her spectacular Kali Yuga Dance.
We are presently in the Kali Yuga age of the world. Her dance of death In a necessary prelude to Rebirth.
It is not pretty a pretty picture.
She is decorated with severed heads and weapons. As the story goes, She stands over Shiva, her mate, eating his entrails and phallus with her super yoni. Like I said, not a pretty picture.
However, when you look deeper into Hindu myth, she is worshiped as the Liberator of Souls. Her mission of destruction is directed at death of the Ego.
We are all being beheaded… Released from the programmed patterns of Ego, to Merge and Flow into higher states of harmony.
Kali is the Sanskrit word for Time. Bless her presence.  She is dancing our Awakening. It is Time for a profound Change…
And she means it.
[You gotta Love the “Stick out your tongue” face.]
The EARTH continues to orbit through a maze of planetary squares and schisms, forcing us into a cosmic corner. Go WITHIN. Meditation is the only source of clarity in these “Sharknado” times. The PLUTO notes will sound all month. He reminds us that we at effect of the Unknown and Unknowable.
IMG_0450This millennium we have been deeply engaged in the Discovery of Ignorance. New data gathered from the cosmos and stars down to the nano quantum world is blowing the minds of  Scientists and researchers.  Black holes and Unseeable forces dominate the organization of our cosmos and the atomic world. Our past understandings and knowledge have been revealed to be limited and in a word, just wrong.  There is a much bigger picture.  Great Mystery is declaring her incomprehensible nature. No one actually knows what’s going on. Ignorance is Bliss. Not knowing is the Access point to BlissWe become just a vessel for flow. Give death space to be. Spectacular Rebirth follows.
The most meaningful Astrological celestial body to refer to in these chaotic times is CERES, the Asteroid Goddess who represents GAIA’s Divinity. She continues to move through PISCES, getting closer to URANUS. GAIA is cleansing and balancing herself through the waters. She has some sudden and shocking surprises coming up.  The only option is to surrender to her ways… TRUST OUR MOTHER and Trust her perfection unfolding.  We are so blessed to be here, in this time, to experience this Divinely conspired Shift.
[As I see it, the Earth, Sun, and Moon are being held by a Cosmic OHM, filled with LOVE.
The Resonance is tuning the Globe to the Enlightenment Channel.]
 Deep changes in Electromagnetic flows throughout her core and Van Allen Belts will be expressed most directly in our weather patterns.  As you might have noticed, Floods And storms, droughts and fires, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are leading the News, daily.  Mother Nature has her own Evolutionary- Revolutionary- Revelationary Plan. She holds Humanity in her Spin.
Transformation and Rebirth
Since Actual Death and Resurrection has been my personal assignment over the last year, I would like to share my miracles. Recent medical tests have revealed a complete healing of my heart. After 6 months of no meds, the Doctors have found above normal heart function, clear lungs and every other blood test in the normal range. Miracle is the word the Doctors use.  Unbelievable. Clearly I have been surrounded by Angelic intervention in this journey to death and back.  Thank you to all my loved ones for the connections and healings that have been sent my way. LOVE HEALS.  ABSOLUTELY!
Meditation and Art have been the keys that were most relevant to my Renaissance.
Meditation,a solid connection with Source, gives one access to your Inner Guru, Inner Shaman, Inner Healer, and most important, the Inner Comedian. No matter how serious the situation is, it is critical to not take ourselves too seriously. Laughter heals.
We are each being given specific, UNIQUE guidance to reveal our assignment in an Awakened World. Trust your sense of the pull. Tune In. Turn On. Discover your transformation.
 Meditation and Art were / are the power points for my survival.  Painting has been a medium of meditation for me. Any art project turns on the eye of imagination and vision. It has been a vehicle to help me move through some difficult physical and emotional states. Inspiration happens in a freed mind.
This is my paining of a healthy heart, pumping Chi and Oxygen through the veins and arteries to the lungs and tissues. It is named “Belovedness.”
.The Bottom line here is

SHIFT IS HAPPENING.  We are all being offered resurrection to a higher hum.

A friend came to visit recently wearing my new favorite T-Shirt.
My best advice for these times.
Love and Light, Annandi
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June 2016-Schism in the Skies

imageJune brings a reckoning planetary arrangement with retrograde MARS and SATURN lining up with the EARTH in SCORPIO.  (We just encountered the closest pass by our Warrior planet in 11 years.)  Remember, 2016 is a year of Cleansing, a Fire Monkey year of purification.

Holy Moly! It’s a deep suck into a “In-Your-Face” review of our history, heritage, and even includes our past lives.  In particular, those things that we like to hide behind the masks, our failures and shames. Our Oops!

Retrograde MARS is about our wounded warriors… Bringing up our old wounds and aggressions. Great example for the U.S. government is the reopening of relationship with Cuba. And Barack Obama recently revisited Vietnam Nam, then on to Hiroshima, Japan, the sites of huge military destruction and losses. Likewise, each of us will get a rerun of our personal Cubas. Where have we shut down relationships due to a Cuban missile crisis in the distant past?  Where have we dropped napalm bombs and nuclear weapons?  It’s a forgive and move on mission.

SATURN brings the boom of natural laws and karmic principles to the scene. Justice is his resolution.  He can bring down the house or move the mountains with a mere shrug.  In Scorpio Skies, he defers to Great Mystery to rule these realms. She is the Supreme Judge Judy. Sex, Real Estate, and Banking  matters are all before the bench.

galactic_stairway.wbIn Scorpio, we are under the greatest pull of Hunab Ku, the black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. These forces are cutting away the old ways and moving us toward the void state.  This is a great thing. It is in the state of nothingness that Grace rejoices. We are filled with frequency first. This is our Access Point.

There’s an Gaia awakening happening all over the planet. “GAIA” is the philosophy that Mother Earth is a living, breathing, spinning intelligence. She has her own Divine Evolutionary Plan. Mankind does not have to worry about harming her. She has thrown down Ice Ages, Volcanic AGES, even covered her surface with water. No problem. She has shaken off meteor strikes, pole reversals, and cosmic cataclysmic events. She has dropped out and reordered species. No problem. Humanity has the problem. By not honoring and sustaining Pachu Mama and our environment, we are poisoning ourselves with our own pollution… Our Oceans, Rivers, Airs, Species, and Lands are impacted with our wastes. Plastic garbage fills in our oceans, plutonium dumps in Fukishima, oils spills, lead water rivers, horrible air pollution, and much much more. Our sleeping state has been deeply destructive.

Gaia is “occupying” our collective consciousness, standing in her power, and purifying her waters. (CERES/GAIA continues her travel thru Pisces.). She speaks in the language of floods, storms, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and other “natural disasters “. She has shown herself loudly recently with wacky weather systems. 40 volcanic eruptions happening simultaneously on the planet. Tornadoes, storms, and floods have  reigned down in my area of the planet.


June initiates a schism in the skies giving us two distinct choices, or maybe “opposing opportunities” is a better description.

MARS & SATURN join the EARTH & MOON in Scorpio. On the other side of the zodiac, the SUN spotlights VENUS & VESTA, the High Priestess, in Taurus.

#1 – We can either kill and demolish our Karmic enemies. Use our Full Military Might to engage Battles that go back millennia, or

#2 – We can love the EARTH. Acknowledge her with prayer and ceremony. Bless her presence with every step we take. Consecrate her soil. Beautify her with Art. Celebrate her with Music and Dance.

Destruction vs. Beautification are the forces at odds. We are witnessing the extremes of both poles. Positioned at right angles to both sides is the planet NEPTUNE. In this type of T-square dynamics, he can act as the balance point, our rudder or keel to move us thru these tumultuous times.

Neptune rules the Deep Oceans, Outer Space, and the Subconscious. He invites us into Discovery, our Imagination and Dreams. Look for celestial revelations. (He is also the God of Earthquakes and Weather.)


NEPTUNE and Diamond Oceans

imageNeptune, scientists have recently discovered, has so much Gravity (27 times the Earth), that methane gas in the atmosphere is compressed into DIAMONDS. It “rains” diamonds on Neptune! There are oceans of diamonds on Neptune! Really.

Metaphysically, this phenomenon represents the immense pull of spiritual energy and the bliss state available from the opening to diamond flows of kundalini through our brain and spinal cord.

Kundalini Harmonics & Gravity

imageGAIA is shifting her resonance to accommodate higher brain states. Huge changes in electromagnetism at the core, deviations of magnetic North, variations in the Van Allen Belt frequencies, and breaches in the bio magnetic field that surround the Earth, all combine to significantly change the electromagnetic field we are operating in. There is a direct correlation between these resonances and our brain states, indicating whether we are awake, sleeping, or meditating. The alpha (7.5 MHz) meditation and theta (2 MHz) trance waves are the vibrations that naturally open the flow of kundalini through the spine. The frequency of trance states is found in Nature in the sound of a cat’s purr… In particular, the purr of a Bengal Tiger. This wave can send a supersonic hush through the jungles for miles in all directions.

Mother Nature is sounding that chord that moves us into a higher hum of Mergence. These notes activate our DNA, consciousness, and resurrect our experience of a constant connection to all things. It’s frequency, frequency, frequency from pole to pole. Imagine that.

Meditation and Connection to Source is the new channel to access the higher blasts of Kundalini. The opening of the pranic tube, which runs from the base of the spine up to the Third Eye, happens naturally. ONLY Stillness and Gravity are needed. A walk on the beach, through the jungles or forest can reset our being. It literally changes our brains, our eyes and perception.

 Special Note to Women:           Shakti And the Uterus


The place in the body that is most attuned to GAIA’s gravitational fields is the Uterus. It is this Sacred Feminine space  that naturally maintains coherence with GAIA’s changing frequencies. (This is true, regardless of child bearing ability. Even after a hysterectomy, a woman still contains “the space” of this connection.)

imageThe first pulse of Kundalini energy or Shakti rises in the Uterus, then ripples out in waves to the rest of the body.  There can be a definite “Hormonal Rush” experienced with the energy… with an intense emotional edge, like with Pregnancy, PMS or Hot flashes. Honor your body and needs at this time. You might be a bit fussy.

Women are the Source Point for the Divine Bliss pump emanating from GAIA’s Gravity. It is every woman’s assignment to connect with this Force first, then carry on. We are carrying the Harmonic of Unified Resonance… A Space that creates and allows new life and light.

The Shakti energy is a gift. It responds to invitation and surrender. There is nothing to do. It is a state of allowing. Meditate and envision the flows through the heart space and third eye. Imagine the Invitation.  Thunder Bolts of Bliss can change everything in the world we are operating from.

Build your Temple.    Be the Shaman.    Put on your Bengal Tiger Hat and your Fire Monkey Face.     Trance Dance in the streets.    Find your “PURR-pose.”


Love and Light, Amor y Luz, Annandi


Frequency First

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