August 2016- Mother of Dragons

Resonance.morphic field.wbIn a world of continued chaos and violence, August pours us deeply into our hearts. Moving us to tears is the point. Tear drops begin the path to compassion. Changes of the enlightened heart will inspire courageous action.

PALLAS ATHENA, Goddess of War, calls for our Mother of Dragons costume.  The Diamond Head Asteroid Goddess clears the Air element and focuses on GAIA’s vision for the future. EROS, the God of Love, stands at her side.

[For those who do not follow Game of Thrones, the women have taken over all the kingdoms. They have banded together, equipped for war and are ready to rule the realms. Girl Power!]

imageWomen are invited to rise up in their favorite Super Hero gear and stand up in their clear truth. Women are the source of passion, compassion, and Kundalini shine. Fully awake to the insanities of the past, We are creating a brighter world for our children. Men who love Mother Earth stand beside.


Asteroid Goddess ATHENA invites us to consider the bigger picture… events beyond our Solar System and even beyond our Milky Way Galaxy.

In December 2012 we completed a 13,000 year cycle called Galactic Night, a time of unconsciousness and sleep. We crossed the threshold into Galactic Day and are now in the 4th year of Dawning. No one really knows what that means, but a huge shift is becoming more and more apparent. GAIA asks us to stand as Reverant Witness to her plan. We can clarify our vision with that perspective. We are awakening to the intelligence and brilliance of our Holy Planet and Divine Cosmos.



GAIA has declared herself as Author of this Evolutionary REVOLUTION.
She is the Master of Our Magnetics. Our brains vibrate to her tune.
Mergence is Her repeating chorus. Can you hum “Unified Field of Consciousness”?

imageRealizing the Garden of Eden in a World that Works for Everyone is Her Intention.
Harmony with Her songs occurs magnetically as we awake to her Presence.
Opinions are useless in this melody. It’s all about singing with soul.

Keep the Bigger Picture in mind as we look at the Astrology for the next several months. We are “fixing to get ready” for a collision of consciousness.

There is really only one question at hand, “Does this serve Planet Earth?”

“Or NOT?” [The “Nots” are calling themselves out. Ignorance is demanding attention. ]

MARS and PLUTO are lining up bringing more violence and conflict.
SATURN in Scorpio foretells of secret military actions and hidden war fronts.
Dark forces are presenting themselves.

Later the EARTH passes by NESSUS, the Snake. He brings lies and betrayals to the surface. Like the Toxic Algae Blooms surrounding toxic dumps in Florida, All the poo poo and scum balls are bubbling up. Just Another operation to clear the eyes and open the Pranic tube.

imageThe stars of Aquarius promise more disclosures and breakdowns which shake up our digital world. iPhones have changed the planet. Electronic media has produced an information network that circumvents the established news sources. People are shooting the videos, uploading them on social media, and sharing reality instantaneously. A Reality Show, for Real though. Truth has a unrestrainable vehicle to triumph over media spin.

[email, etc. disclosures will continue. Note to self:  ANYTHING posted on the Internet can be hacked. Hackers know that. Governments know that. Anyone who watches Mr Robot knows that. We are all being surveiled. There is no real security or privacy in the ethers. Thanks for sharing]

Beyond2cropTHEN, the month ends with NEPTUNE removing everything from our path that does not support the highest vibrational path. Nothing to do here but surrender and let go. We cannot see the destination from here. But, We are being moved along and lifted by spirit in unknowable ways.  There is nothing but Discovery ahead.

Love and Light, Annandi




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July 2016 – Mo Pluto

IMG_0493Awakening is a destructive process. July is a month of Mo PLUTO.
PLUTO, the Rude Awakener will be at hand, as the EARTH makes her closest line up with the God of cataclysm on July 9th. He wears his Helmet of Invisibility to strike from hidden and unknowable positions. Meanwhile, Kali does her spectacular Kali Yuga Dance.
We are presently in the Kali Yuga age of the world. Her dance of death In a necessary prelude to Rebirth.
It is not pretty a pretty picture.
She is decorated with severed heads and weapons. As the story goes, She stands over Shiva, her mate, eating his entrails and phallus with her super yoni. Like I said, not a pretty picture.
However, when you look deeper into Hindu myth, she is worshiped as the Liberator of Souls. Her mission of destruction is directed at death of the Ego.
We are all being beheaded… Released from the programmed patterns of Ego, to Merge and Flow into higher states of harmony.
Kali is the Sanskrit word for Time. Bless her presence.  She is dancing our Awakening. It is Time for a profound Change…
And she means it.
[You gotta Love the “Stick out your tongue” face.]
The EARTH continues to orbit through a maze of planetary squares and schisms, forcing us into a cosmic corner. Go WITHIN. Meditation is the only source of clarity in these “Sharknado” times. The PLUTO notes will sound all month. He reminds us that we at effect of the Unknown and Unknowable.
IMG_0450This millennium we have been deeply engaged in the Discovery of Ignorance. New data gathered from the cosmos and stars down to the nano quantum world is blowing the minds of  Scientists and researchers.  Black holes and Unseeable forces dominate the organization of our cosmos and the atomic world. Our past understandings and knowledge have been revealed to be limited and in a word, just wrong.  There is a much bigger picture.  Great Mystery is declaring her incomprehensible nature. No one actually knows what’s going on. Ignorance is Bliss. Not knowing is the Access point to BlissWe become just a vessel for flow. Give death space to be. Spectacular Rebirth follows.
The most meaningful Astrological celestial body to refer to in these chaotic times is CERES, the Asteroid Goddess who represents GAIA’s Divinity. She continues to move through PISCES, getting closer to URANUS. GAIA is cleansing and balancing herself through the waters. She has some sudden and shocking surprises coming up.  The only option is to surrender to her ways… TRUST OUR MOTHER and Trust her perfection unfolding.  We are so blessed to be here, in this time, to experience this Divinely conspired Shift.
[As I see it, the Earth, Sun, and Moon are being held by a Cosmic OHM, filled with LOVE.
The Resonance is tuning the Globe to the Enlightenment Channel.]
 Deep changes in Electromagnetic flows throughout her core and Van Allen Belts will be expressed most directly in our weather patterns.  As you might have noticed, Floods And storms, droughts and fires, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are leading the News, daily.  Mother Nature has her own Evolutionary- Revolutionary- Revelationary Plan. She holds Humanity in her Spin.
Transformation and Rebirth
Since Actual Death and Resurrection has been my personal assignment over the last year, I would like to share my miracles. Recent medical tests have revealed a complete healing of my heart. After 6 months of no meds, the Doctors have found above normal heart function, clear lungs and every other blood test in the normal range. Miracle is the word the Doctors use.  Unbelievable. Clearly I have been surrounded by Angelic intervention in this journey to death and back.  Thank you to all my loved ones for the connections and healings that have been sent my way. LOVE HEALS.  ABSOLUTELY!
Meditation and Art have been the keys that were most relevant to my Renaissance.
Meditation,a solid connection with Source, gives one access to your Inner Guru, Inner Shaman, Inner Healer, and most important, the Inner Comedian. No matter how serious the situation is, it is critical to not take ourselves too seriously. Laughter heals.
We are each being given specific, UNIQUE guidance to reveal our assignment in an Awakened World. Trust your sense of the pull. Tune In. Turn On. Discover your transformation.
 Meditation and Art were / are the power points for my survival.  Painting has been a medium of meditation for me. Any art project turns on the eye of imagination and vision. It has been a vehicle to help me move through some difficult physical and emotional states. Inspiration happens in a freed mind.
This is my paining of a healthy heart, pumping Chi and Oxygen through the veins and arteries to the lungs and tissues. It is named “Belovedness.”
.The Bottom line here is

SHIFT IS HAPPENING.  We are all being offered resurrection to a higher hum.

A friend came to visit recently wearing my new favorite T-Shirt.
My best advice for these times.
Love and Light, Annandi
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June 2016-Schism in the Skies

imageJune brings a reckoning planetary arrangement with retrograde MARS and SATURN lining up with the EARTH in SCORPIO.  (We just encountered the closest pass by our Warrior planet in 11 years.)  Remember, 2016 is a year of Cleansing, a Fire Monkey year of purification.

Holy Moly! It’s a deep suck into a “In-Your-Face” review of our history, heritage, and even includes our past lives.  In particular, those things that we like to hide behind the masks, our failures and shames. Our Oops!

Retrograde MARS is about our wounded warriors… Bringing up our old wounds and aggressions. Great example for the U.S. government is the reopening of relationship with Cuba. And Barack Obama recently revisited Vietnam Nam, then on to Hiroshima, Japan, the sites of huge military destruction and losses. Likewise, each of us will get a rerun of our personal Cubas. Where have we shut down relationships due to a Cuban missile crisis in the distant past?  Where have we dropped napalm bombs and nuclear weapons?  It’s a forgive and move on mission.

SATURN brings the boom of natural laws and karmic principles to the scene. Justice is his resolution.  He can bring down the house or move the mountains with a mere shrug.  In Scorpio Skies, he defers to Great Mystery to rule these realms. She is the Supreme Judge Judy. Sex, Real Estate, and Banking  matters are all before the bench.

galactic_stairway.wbIn Scorpio, we are under the greatest pull of Hunab Ku, the black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. These forces are cutting away the old ways and moving us toward the void state.  This is a great thing. It is in the state of nothingness that Grace rejoices. We are filled with frequency first. This is our Access Point.

There’s an Gaia awakening happening all over the planet. “GAIA” is the philosophy that Mother Earth is a living, breathing, spinning intelligence. She has her own Divine Evolutionary Plan. Mankind does not have to worry about harming her. She has thrown down Ice Ages, Volcanic AGES, even covered her surface with water. No problem. She has shaken off meteor strikes, pole reversals, and cosmic cataclysmic events. She has dropped out and reordered species. No problem. Humanity has the problem. By not honoring and sustaining Pachu Mama and our environment, we are poisoning ourselves with our own pollution… Our Oceans, Rivers, Airs, Species, and Lands are impacted with our wastes. Plastic garbage fills in our oceans, plutonium dumps in Fukishima, oils spills, lead water rivers, horrible air pollution, and much much more. Our sleeping state has been deeply destructive.

Gaia is “occupying” our collective consciousness, standing in her power, and purifying her waters. (CERES/GAIA continues her travel thru Pisces.). She speaks in the language of floods, storms, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and other “natural disasters “. She has shown herself loudly recently with wacky weather systems. 40 volcanic eruptions happening simultaneously on the planet. Tornadoes, storms, and floods have  reigned down in my area of the planet.


June initiates a schism in the skies giving us two distinct choices, or maybe “opposing opportunities” is a better description.

MARS & SATURN join the EARTH & MOON in Scorpio. On the other side of the zodiac, the SUN spotlights VENUS & VESTA, the High Priestess, in Taurus.

#1 – We can either kill and demolish our Karmic enemies. Use our Full Military Might to engage Battles that go back millennia, or

#2 – We can love the EARTH. Acknowledge her with prayer and ceremony. Bless her presence with every step we take. Consecrate her soil. Beautify her with Art. Celebrate her with Music and Dance.

Destruction vs. Beautification are the forces at odds. We are witnessing the extremes of both poles. Positioned at right angles to both sides is the planet NEPTUNE. In this type of T-square dynamics, he can act as the balance point, our rudder or keel to move us thru these tumultuous times.

Neptune rules the Deep Oceans, Outer Space, and the Subconscious. He invites us into Discovery, our Imagination and Dreams. Look for celestial revelations. (He is also the God of Earthquakes and Weather.)


NEPTUNE and Diamond Oceans

imageNeptune, scientists have recently discovered, has so much Gravity (27 times the Earth), that methane gas in the atmosphere is compressed into DIAMONDS. It “rains” diamonds on Neptune! There are oceans of diamonds on Neptune! Really.

Metaphysically, this phenomenon represents the immense pull of spiritual energy and the bliss state available from the opening to diamond flows of kundalini through our brain and spinal cord.

Kundalini Harmonics & Gravity

imageGAIA is shifting her resonance to accommodate higher brain states. Huge changes in electromagnetism at the core, deviations of magnetic North, variations in the Van Allen Belt frequencies, and breaches in the bio magnetic field that surround the Earth, all combine to significantly change the electromagnetic field we are operating in. There is a direct correlation between these resonances and our brain states, indicating whether we are awake, sleeping, or meditating. The alpha (7.5 MHz) meditation and theta (2 MHz) trance waves are the vibrations that naturally open the flow of kundalini through the spine. The frequency of trance states is found in Nature in the sound of a cat’s purr… In particular, the purr of a Bengal Tiger. This wave can send a supersonic hush through the jungles for miles in all directions.

Mother Nature is sounding that chord that moves us into a higher hum of Mergence. These notes activate our DNA, consciousness, and resurrect our experience of a constant connection to all things. It’s frequency, frequency, frequency from pole to pole. Imagine that.

Meditation and Connection to Source is the new channel to access the higher blasts of Kundalini. The opening of the pranic tube, which runs from the base of the spine up to the Third Eye, happens naturally. ONLY Stillness and Gravity are needed. A walk on the beach, through the jungles or forest can reset our being. It literally changes our brains, our eyes and perception.

 Special Note to Women:           Shakti And the Uterus


The place in the body that is most attuned to GAIA’s gravitational fields is the Uterus. It is this Sacred Feminine space  that naturally maintains coherence with GAIA’s changing frequencies. (This is true, regardless of child bearing ability. Even after a hysterectomy, a woman still contains “the space” of this connection.)

imageThe first pulse of Kundalini energy or Shakti rises in the Uterus, then ripples out in waves to the rest of the body.  There can be a definite “Hormonal Rush” experienced with the energy… with an intense emotional edge, like with Pregnancy, PMS or Hot flashes. Honor your body and needs at this time. You might be a bit fussy.

Women are the Source Point for the Divine Bliss pump emanating from GAIA’s Gravity. It is every woman’s assignment to connect with this Force first, then carry on. We are carrying the Harmonic of Unified Resonance… A Space that creates and allows new life and light.

The Shakti energy is a gift. It responds to invitation and surrender. There is nothing to do. It is a state of allowing. Meditate and envision the flows through the heart space and third eye. Imagine the Invitation.  Thunder Bolts of Bliss can change everything in the world we are operating from.

Build your Temple.    Be the Shaman.    Put on your Bengal Tiger Hat and your Fire Monkey Face.     Trance Dance in the streets.    Find your “PURR-pose.”


Love and Light, Amor y Luz, Annandi


Frequency First

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May 2016: Retrogrades & Magnetic Reversals


May is a month of Retrograde and Backwards Motion for both MERCURY and MARS. This double up duo can throw everything into reverse. Get ready.

As most know, MERCURY Retrograde is a breakdown in communications. Don’t sign contracts, make car repairs, or expect your computer to work. MARS retrograde adds a big NOT on our ability to focus, accomplish goals, or generally get anything understood or done. It’s back to the Past. Go with the backwash. A review of history and life story can bring a new clarity to our eyesight. In reverse, we are cutting away the old patterns; Bowing to the past, as we move forward into a miraculous becoming.

Now, I would like to look backwards to review April’s Blog for some hallelujah clarity on the intimate relationship between:

SUN Flares, EARTH’s Magnetosphere, Pole Reversals, and Brain States.

VanAllenProbesnewbeltThere has been a radical acceleration of magnetic pole movements, pole aberrations, and weakening of the electro magnetosphere that surrounds the Earth. The Earth is being supercharged with magnetic deviations which can knock out our power grids. And These electrical disturbances can certainly cause health problems... heart attacks, strokes, seizures, migrating muscle pain…. and severe stress.

On April 28th a huge electromagnetic storm was released from the SUN, expected to hit EARTH on May 2nd. This puts us on a high alert for Earthquakes, Storms, and Volcano Eruptions for several more days. We are in the midst of astounding, dynamic electromagnetic swirls.

Pole Reversal


Magnetic North has been rapidly reeling towards Siberia since 1990, suggesting a Pole Reversal. Every dramatic shift has been matched by a weakening of the magnetosphere.(A decrease of over 15% by 2010.)

Weirdly, the magnetic South has moved from the land of Antarctica up towards Australia. Baffling the experts, the Poles are moving towards each other, rather than staying in opposite positions. What????? Bottom line is GAIA’s core and electric field have been in a holy scramble.


The magnetic field around the Earth is shaped like an invisible shell, with the Van Allen Belt bands denoting changes in the harmonics. This invisible shell protects us not only from the Suns radiation and flares, but also radiation from other stars and unknown (God Only Knows) celestial rays and phenomena. Breaches in the magnetosphere have been overcharging the Earth core, changing her Poles, and turning the solid shell into a picket fence. The extra bolts of energy are essentially giving SUPER Electro-shock to the entire planet and Global Brain. We are all floating within this magnetic mishmash.


[This is truly amazing and very important information. I’ve included a YouTube link which gives more detailed, scientific data in a clear explanation. This is a report on NASA Observations and Recordings, not just a “New Age” prediction. Please take the time to watch this 20 minute video]   SuspiciousObservers The #1 Risk to Earth




The good news is our brains are “in tune” and match GAIA’s hum exactly, naturally… From the inside out.

These evolutionary field distortions break up old patterns and exalt our brains into higher states.

Beta State (14-30 MHz) represents the awakened state. The mind is active, alert, and focused. This exactly mirrors the resonance of the Earths core. Given pole position shifts, etc… Do you think the Earth’s populations might be having problems with focused concentration?????

Alpha State (7.5 -13 MHz) is achieved during mediation and deep relaxation. It matches exactly the vibratory rate of the Earths crust. A harmonic is produced that resonates sympathetically  with point of place and Gravity.

Theta state (4-7 MHz) is a Trance State, achieved by Gurus and Shamans. In these realms, one can access other dimensions and heavenly connections. This matches the resonance in the first Van Allen Belt.

Delta state (1-3 MHz) matches the resonance of the second Van Allen Belt. This frequency “sounds like” a cat’s purr, more exactly the Purr of a Bengal Tiger. A sonic hush sound that can travel for miles in all directions.


GAIA’s divine song is awakening the Bengal Tigers in all of us. She is awakening the Kundalini with her electric intelligence and majesty. If we could “see” the Shakti Bliss, It is falling like rain…. Soaking everyone on the planet.

Prince’s death was an example of a Kundalini Rising phenomenon. People all over the world, joined in grief, dropped their conflicts, to dance in the streets and light up their remembering with joy and celebration, the sounds of his music.

[Notice that the Media rapidly turned the subject of the story to drug addiction and family quarrels over money. This is a typical response of suppression and spin to vortexes of Kundalini Energy. “Stop the dancing and get back to your SLAVE work.” It’s just a backlash of Polarity.]

There’s a Bliss In our midst.
There’s a Brilliance in an OHM
The Kundalini s rising, Kundalini’s rising,
Kundalini’s rising, Like a song.

Amor y Luz, Annandi

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April 2016 – Capturing Lightning


While the last several months had been about surrender and letting go, we have been put through an agitated wash cycle. Thanks to NEPTUNE, we have been streaming through every octave of emotion. We have been left with a state of unraveling, confusion, and gaps of unknowing.

The promise of the April stars is:

Clarity will come… in hallelujah flashes.

We are in a time of volatile, radical change.

In this Fire Monkey year, powerful planets line up in all the Fire signs of the zodiac.  MARS is hyperactive. We can eXpect fiery conflicts and explosions to rock the planet. Shock and Awe and full throttle fire element are on display. The task of this transit is to capture the Lightning  bolts of revolution and brighten your frequency field.

The SUN is conjunct URANUS on April 10th. URANUS urges liberation, freedom, and spontaneous leaping in new directions. We cast off the baggage of past governments, authorities, beliefs, or restrictions to rearrange our core around personal passions and GAIA harmonics.

Mother Nature is sounding the chord that moves us toward a new inspiration, a higher frequency… A higher hum. Unexpected events, striking like lightning, out of the blue, can alter our course and change our priorities. We will be knocked off balance frequently. The game is to regain balance after being kicked around by  temper flares, chaos and upset.

URANUS also rules the Kundalini energy.

Thunder Bolts of Divine Bliss can change everything in the world we are operating in.  Meditation and Connection to Source is the new channel to access the higher blasts of Kundalini. All the answers…and questions…  are WITHIN. A change of brain state is always available.


GAIA’s Fields of Frequency

VanAllenProbesnewbeltHere is a bigger perspective to consider:

Humanity dances within an electromagnetic pattern defined by the interaction between the Electromagnetic flows within the core of the Earth and the Van Allen belts, zones of electromagnetic fields which surrounds the Earth. These frequencies directly correlate to our brain states, in sleep, awake, and meditation. This dynamic electric field makes up what is called the Collective Unconscious. It is the contextual container of our planetary mind. It is the vessel that contains and allows all our thoughts and mental states.  It is the background for brilliance.

Significant and unusual changes within the core and frequencies in the Van Allen belts have been detected. Even a new belt appeared transitionally.  These alterations are warping and rearranging the field to comply with a Unified Field of Consciousness. We are being shifted by these electromagnetic variations from a “Thinking” field into an “Experiential realm” of the Heart.  Mergence is the evolutionary pattern. Inevitable is the telling truth of it.

Brain-waves.medThese new frequencies activate our DNA, brain states, consciousness, and resurrect our experience of constant connection to all things. Amazing things are happening, primarily in our sleep.

Now, it does cause some stress and tensions along the way. Imbalance and stumbles are part of the shifting polarity sands. Expect to be knocked off your feet and center… However, Activation of new talents and gifts arise out of the cosmic blue. Discovery can take us into new realms. We are at effect of GAIA’s Fields of Frequency. She has a greater intelligence and plan than we can understand.

CERES, our favorite Asteroid Goddess, is the great awakener to GAIA’s supreme power and genius. She is traveling through PISCES, with NEPTUNE, NESSUS, and closely approaching CHIRON.

We are waking up to toxic conditions covering our planet, particularly regarding the waters of our seas and rivers. (Emotions are included in this toxic water scene.)

GAIA is taking on the purification process herself. Storms, tornadoes, and unpredictable weather patterns are her work and majesty. Earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions are her revolution. Trust her wizened vision. She has this Evolutionary Plan Down. Mama knows.  We can only be in reverence for the ride in this time of spectacular shift.

Peace and Love can transmute the proclaimed climate of terror and fear. The harmonics of connection can solve any problem. Inspiration and Innovation arise from our imagination and vision. Gaia is calling us to Spring into action. Activate your spiritual warrior. Participate with the Frequency Fields and share your light and delight.

In this mess of insanity, terror, and loud discord, we can speak from a vision of world harmony. (Find our inner Martin Luther King, Jr.and describe the Mountaintop.)

We can use music, dance, or art to voice our truths. (Find our inner Bono, and use our art to contribute to the greater vibe.)

imageWe are each being gifted with exhalted brains, extraordinary talents and assignments. Seize the lightning. Find your Hallelujah moments. Then seize the Day.

Love and Light,

Amor y Luz,


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March 2016- Superluminous Kundalini

CathFyvWAAACz3JIt’s a Fire Monkey Year in the Chinese Calendar… In my opinion a more accurate description of the monkey business and play we can expect this year. There will be a lot of howling and fire. Unpredictable Big Bang changes are here,. anyway you look at it.

In the month of March the SUN spotlights the planetary dance of NEPTUNE, CERES, and CHIRON. This trio makes a strong chord for fracture and melding. The heavenly group is forging new alloys and allies.

gaia-hugCERES (GAIA), our favorite Asteroid Goddess, is front and center in the Fibonacci spiral tango. She is awakening us into Mother Nature’s power and truth. She is asserting her command this month. It’s a time to crumble into adoration during her evolutionary Shifts. Her harmonies are the access and connection to the Kundalini flows.

NEPTUNE, the Kundalini King is at her side. He is the master of pull into spiritual energies and higher frequency. He promises to bring the Diamond flows, (p.s. after removing everything from our path that doesn’t enhance our shine. The insanity seemingly present in the World is a mirroring of what is in the removal cycle. )

ARABELLA-Kundalini-energy-2014-09-22Surrender is the easiest option here and greatest blessing. In a realm of ultimate toxicity and unconscious chaos, meditation is the un breakable diamond key. There are no answers outside ourselves. We are each pulled within to fInd our inner Guru, Healer, Warrior, Angel and Comedian. Connection to Source updates our DNA and auric fields into higher vibrational states. According to Deepak Chopra, in his latest book, we are firing up our “Super Genes.”

NEPTUNE is also the God of the Oceans, Deep Space, Weather, as well as the Subconscious and Dreamtime… Those aspects that merge us all into an interwoven background web designed by the Great Mystery and the Greater Planetary Intelligence. Aberrant Weather patterns, storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc. are part of the planetary purification process and will continue this month.

CHIRON brings Explosive Breakdowns and extraordinary Chaos. His job is to Shift us out of our “normal” routines into synchronization, Divine timing and righteous coincidence. He demands redefinition and reorganization around a bigger picture from a clearer, higher perspective. Keep those “Gaia eyes” turned on and in focus.

The usual astrological references do not contain the greater cosmic forces we are at effect of. Astronomers are discovering forces far beyond our solar system and even galaxy that are causing expansion of our cosmic views and explosion of our belief boxes. Here are just a few examples:

Recently, massive black holes have been found at the center of EVERY Galaxy, not just as a random occurrence in the cosmos, as was previously thought. They seem to be fundamentally involved in the origin and life of these celestial bodies. Now scientists are rewriting Astrophysics formulas and text.

The Great Attractor.

With new lenses, designed to “see” thru the cloud of the Milky Way Galaxy, astronomers have recently found a gigantic black hole, they call the Great Attractor. Of course black holes cannot be seen, but their effect on objects around them can distinguish their presence. The pull of this phenomenon is even greater than the Super Galactic cluster we previously associated our galaxy with at 0 degrees Libra. We have some New forces to add to our cosmic geometry.

Superluminous Supernova

supernovaA massive explosion, belonging to a very rare class of Supernova was observed in June 2015, which pushes the laws of known physics. The explosion was so large (570 Billion times more powerful tha ou Sun) that it challenges the current theories about these cosmological phenomena.


Superluminous Kundalini.

kundalinichakrasThese awesome mind blowing celestial discoveries coincide with new states that are becoming available to us with Superluminous Kundalini blasts. Higher frequency blasts are coming in early April. March is preparing the personal and planetary vessel for a new resonance.

GAIA is directing this revolutionary change of state into a Unified Field Blossom. We will merge our awareness with all plants, animals, and crystalline forms on our planet. (Talk and listen to your cilantro and rocks.). Our assignment is to steward and enhance the natural beauty in our environment;  To reflect our adoration of the Garden of Eden we have been given.   We will all become Artists to celebrate GAIA’s glorious gifts.

We will inherently understand the movement of the stars and cosmos. When we put on our Lotus hats, we will tap into the Akashic Records and know everything. How cool is that! We are the Divine Connection point between the Earth and the Heavens. Step within and realize that.

We are being prepared for an April pulsar blast.

Dream in the Harmony.
Practice your Fire Monkey Face.

Love and Light. Amor y Luz, Annandi

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February 2016 – Gaia Cleanse

Musical-BackgrAs PLUTO ruled January, we have collectively experienced the Musician Ascensions.  The deaths within the Eagles, Jefferson Airplane, and David Bowie, etc. evokes a deep remembering of the musical licks that have been the background of our lives. Particularly for those Elders that were part of the sixties revolutionaries, we can look back and clearly see all the “Cha-Cha-Changes” we have traveled through. Thank you to the musicians for dancing us along the harmony path. They are lighting up our Heavens and our presence.


The power planet of February is NEPTUNE. Expect delays, difficulties, loss, dissolution and Divine Intervention to move us around the bend. Put on your surrender suit and Meditate, Meditate, and Meditate some more. The Kundalini access is astounding during this transit. The “Pull” of spiritual frequency is heightened and transmitted on a broader signal. Amp it up in the silence.


Gaia harmonics step up in February, with Mama Earth continuing a deep cleanse.
As CERES lines up with NEPTUNE and the SUN highlights NESSUS and NEPTUNE,
GAIA will impose herself upon our schedules and expectations. Extraordinary weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions will continue. Like the extensive snow storm and floods that shut down the East Coast for 3 or 4 days, she has the power to overcome humanity’s wishes. We get the opportunity to take a dramatic pause and to realign ourselves to her agenda. Keep looking through those GAIA eyes.

[Please retread the January blog. The NESSUS, NEPTUNE, CHIRON crew are stealing the astrological show, still.]

NESSUS brings more toxins, lies, and betrayals to the surface. The lead poisoning in Flint, Michigan is the tip of the iceberg with contaminated rivers and water sources. Our eyes are awakened to the unseen toxicity that is affecting our children and future. Bless the waters, like Emoto taught us, and respin the molecules with Love and Gratitude. GAIA is clearing the planetary waters, we can assist with our local area.

Collapse of the systems that are not conscious of GAIA harmonics will continue. Yay! Celebrate the fall into Unity. The Kundalini energies and bliss only become available with the mergence to Gravity and Nature. Resonance with the Earth is the key to enlightenment.

Gaia1.webThe blog for this month is shorter,but the advice is simply, “Go within for your guidance. Bring as much love and humor into the shift as we can.”  No matter how bizarre it may seem, We are blossoming.



Amor y Luz, Annandi

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January 2016 – Gaia Eyes


The year 2016 begins and portends intensity with PLUTO in a power play position, highlighted by the SUN. The fear factor is on high volume. The other planets are forming Xes and squares, foretelling more wars, conflicts, military actions, death and rebirth dancing Shivas. We are left searching for a perspective of Divine Perfection in a world of Terror and Astounding Absurdity. The only answer I have found is to put on your GAIA Eyes.

So, in this New Year article I want to emphasize the placement of the Asteroid Goddesses. We need our Saving Graces to center and balance in this paradigm of crazy chaos. They bring an imperative shift in consciousness… a channel change… An Embrace (a Heart Hug) of awareness and awakeness to GAIA’s power and awesome supremacy. The Goddesses of the Asteroid Belt are in command of the planetary show. They are the containers and sculptors of our evolutionary Dawn.


CERES, who represents the Divinity of Mother EARTH, is traveling in AQUARIUS with NESSUS, NEPTUNE, and CHIRON. She is in a direct line up with NESSUS, the Snake. He rules deceptions, betrayals, unseen toxins and poisons. His job is to bring the venom, lies, delusions and mistruths to the surface and clarify our misconceptions. Shameful revelations (often painful) are his gifts… which ultimately purifies the soul, unwinds the Pranic tube, and therefore enhances the Kundalini flows. The trip to Hell and Back is rough, but crowned with spiritual glory.


With CERES at his side, The Earth Goddess herself is asserting her ability to cleanse and balance her own nature. SHE is the catalyst and transformer. Floods, Storms, Snows, Tornados, Earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions will continue to do her work. GAIA has survived beautifully for 4.5 Billion years. She has rocked on through volcanic ages, world wide floods, ice ages, asteroid collisions, pole flips, and much more. She always holds her balance; she is gracefully cataclysmic. Humanity is at her mercy and sustaining force. Whatever wars, weapons, damage and destruction we may produce, she is so much more powerful than that. Natural disasters are her repertoire.

CHIRON and NEPTUNE promise even more wacky weather patterns and unpredictable natural forces. Extraordinary conditions will break down our schedules and borders, personal and national. The lines of personality are being dissolved into mergence. Ego destruction is the point here. (CHIRON). A realignment to GAIA’s harmonic, a surrender to her intelligence, is the path. Meditation and a magnetic pull to Source continue to be amplified. NEPTUNE is retwirling our DNA so we can better attune to GAIA’s hum. Forgive, Let go, and Surrender are his favorite verbs. He is cleansing and purifying our environment, removing everything from our path that is not vibrating at our highest frequency.


This CERES, NESSUS, NEPTUNE, CHIRON group is working for the END of DAZE. Gathering in the sign of AQUARIUS, we are thinking in terms for the future generations. The current models of use and abuse of EARTH’s resources is simply not a sustainable way of living on the planet. We are shifting into a role of stewardship and connectedness to the blessed environment MOTHER EARTH provides for humanity. With our children and grandchildren in mind, Our first question every morning can be, “How can we enhance our planet place?” Keep looking through those GAIA eyes. Talk to the trees, rocks, and Sky. Connect with the Earths core. Look for the Goddess right under your feet. Remember and be grateful for our Celestial Ride. She has always been there, holding us.

VESTA, the High Priestess, represents GAIA in the element of Fire. Prayer, Ceremony, and Visionary intention are her power tools. She is currently traveling with MERCURY, in the sign of ARIES, Also a Fire sign. ARIES calls forth Divine Ideas from our singular guidance. MERCURY insist on giving our visions a voice. Speak your prayers and intentions. Attune and align your conversations with your truth. Be gracefully cataclysmic. VESTA lights the Sacred Fires to bless and sanctify a new world.




Pallas ATHENA, Diamond Head, is traveling 6 degrees ahead of PLUTO. Representing GAIA in the element of Air, She brings a clarity of intellect and discernment. She knows when to bring the Warriors and when to offer Peace. Her brilliance leads the transformational aspects of PLUTO, the “Change or Die” rude awakener. Her clear eyes open our minds to a higher perspective. New scientific discoveries are destroying old ideology, but revealing psychedelic portals to new dimensions of knowledge. She opens the doors.

Resonance.morphic field.wb

JUNO, the Water Goddess, is traveling through VIRGO with VENUS and MARS. Healing of our oceans and rivers is empowered by this group. Rains and Snows are cleansing our planetary waters. VENUS and MARS cooperate to sing a new harmony for compassion and service. Music, Art and Beauty can motivate us toward a larger sense of family and tribe. Express your luminary self. Emotion and passion can be captured, like a good wind, to inspire and elevate the paradigm shift.

In conclusion, the Revolution is ON. While the mundane planets press us into another year of Terror, Disasters, Collapse and Unseemly Revelations, The Asteroid Goddesses promise a powerful uplift into Unified Consciousness. Meditate and Go Within for your Guidance. TUNE IN, TURN ON, AND UPLIFT. We each have a unique contribution, a special role in the Perfection unfolding.  Hold the Vision for Blossoming.

Love and Light, Amor y Luz,



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December 2015 – Psychedelic Polarization

crosshair-reticle-firearms-white-vector-43112711X marks the spot in a perfect square off by the planets in December. Everyone is in the cross-hairs. Its a shoot out dance, inspired by bullets flying at our feet from all directions.  We are praying for Paris and fearing International and Domestic Terrorists.  Extreme radicalization against the collapsing control systems is erupting all over the globe. Terror, Terrorists, and Terrifying States are the constant media feed. The “Powers-that-Be” are grasping to maintain their institutionalized control. The populace is awakening.

On December 1st the SUN highlights SATURN with the exact conjunction on December 4th. He rules the realms of military action, police, heads of governments, bankers and religious leaders… Those assigned with higher authority and force.  Within a Scorpio placement secrets and hidden agendas are the format. The power players in the background are setting the staging for wars and conflict. An abundance of military and police uniforms will become our holiday norm.

JUPITER and MARS combine forces in Leo, in a perfect right angle to SATURN and the EARTH on one side, and NEPTUNE and CHIRON on the other. MARS is our warrior. He is battle ready with his swiftest sword. Time to sever some chords and move toward a new goal.  JUPITER takes all that energy  for change and amplifies it in a huge way.  If you are out on the floor, you are in the uproar.  Wear your Kung Fu Fighter Outfit and carry crystals.  This is a good month to duck.

psyartPsychedelic Polarization

For those that remember the late 60’s, there was a unimaginable radical shift that occurred. In just a couple of years, everything changed. We marched for Peace and Civil Rights. Women burned their bras and girdles. We were extremely radicalized against the System. “Don’t trust anyone over 30” was our anthem.

So, if you take the energy for radical change we experienced in the 60’s and multiply it by a googol (1 followed by 100 zeros) you would get a sense of the Gaia SHIFT that is upon us. 

We are involved in an intense Polarization Process. Like during division, there is a stage when the chromosomes split and move to opposite poles of the cell.


At ONE POLE, the GAIA Harmonies charge the planet with Rising Kundalini Thunder Bolts. We are experiencing a Quantum Leap in our Ascension Process.  We are being molded into better vessels for dispensing consciousness. This is happening in our sleep and dream state, for the most part.. The Assignment for the Kundalini Carriers in this transition is to connect with GAIA’s core and be a vessel for her revolutionary – evolutionary field. Polarity Changes in her crystalline core are accelerating the flows of Kundalini. Tune In. SOURCE is connection to Mother EARTH. Joy and Harmony are the tunes playing on the Inner Radio Stations. Transmit that frequency.  This energy is coming to crescendo.

The OTHER POLE (Anti- GAIA pole) draws all the warring parties, who will destroy the planet and each other in the name of money and power. This is the realm of Fear and Terror. At this pole FORCE is SOURCE.  This is the state that is crumbling and collapsing under its own weight. Fear and Terror carry quite a bit of density.

These contradictory forces are not only operating “out there.” You may notice that your own warrior is ready to get out the weapons and fight for righteousness… On the other hand, you are meditating and praying for peace. We could all be called bi-polar if we tell the truth about it. Watch yourself flip and flop. Radical Extremes are the color of the Season.

we-me-cropThe most powerful place to stand to capture the maximum flows is in the ME = WE Field.  This is where freedom and joy flows in all directions. Here SOURCE is the FORCE that powers the Galactic Action.  Star Wars has returned.  Make a stand in Unified Consciousness for the Holidays.

Love and Light,


P.S. On a personal note, I am recovering well, but slow. I am living on land filled with Quartz Crystal veins and drinking Gaia purified water. Quite blessed to be in such a special place.  Thank you for all your love and well wishes.




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November 2015 – Dia de los Muertos

sugar-skulls-artBeginning the end of July, I have been on a personal journey through death  and resurrection. Following a health crisis (pulmonary embolism and heart failure), doctors in Costa Rica put me on life support and did not expect  me to live. On the third day as my condition worsened, the plug was pulled on the life sustaining machines.  Then, miraculously, unexpectedly, I regained consciousness and returned to this dimension.

*Dia de los Muertos* seems like an appropriate time to return to my Astrology blog. I took the PLUTO – URANUS square personally, deeply personal. I am reporting from The Ashes. In the last two months, I have been catapulted into a brand new life and discovery process… For real though, starting over from nothing.  (That can happen when you jump through dimensional portals.)

People have asked, “What did you see, learn, or experience in the near death state?”  The simple answer is Nothing. There was no sense of absence,  no sense of time, no pain, no anxiety, no sense of a physical realm at all.  As I “came to”, I did not feel wiser or blessed. I felt humbled by life.  Totally humbled.  Profoundly stopped.  An exquisite pause occurred, so as to really appreciate what gifts we have in living.  Pura Vida… And  Hallelujah.

Love and heart connections were the miracle that kept me returning. A renewed experience of love for my sisters and daughters, my brothers and sons encased me, like a caccoon.  People danced for me, prayed for me,  drummed for me, reikied me, and thought of me.  The power of heart connection with my Galactic Tribe was and is phenomenal.  The effect on my health and healing is absolutely amazing.  It is as real and palpable to me as rain.

This has been the space and ground I needed to regain my strength;  relearning everything… Moving, walking, eating, bathing, breathing.  It’s  been a humbling, yet divine journey. Miracles coloring every day. A celebration of family and friends. A deep gratitude and delight for those special heart connections I have made over my many years. Even in the midst of my winding moods, Life is an awesome adventure, or nothing at all.

Now, returning to astrology. This PLUTO – URANUS square off is occurring for the entire planet. Somewhere, in your life you will be experiencing death. It may be death of a friend, relationship, business, career, home,  etc., but dying is at hand. PLUTO insists we let it go and surrender to absence… of how it was, or could be. Resurrection follows.  Simultaneously, URANUS offers a powerful push in a totally different direction. A revolution of spirit is storming into the consciousness.  This is a time to “Let Go and  Leap.”

The other planets are squaring off and combining energies to insist we refocus our lives.  VENUS, MARS, and JUPITER join together in VIRGO, opposite CHIRON.
VENUS is our Artist, Lover, and Right side of the brain.
MARS represents our Warrior, our Courage, and the left side of the brain.
JUPITER rules our Heart’s desire and Expansion.
The combination of these energies is power plus.
So, In the presence of breakdowns (CHIRON), we will have a lot of energy to
draw on.  Focus, Focus, Focus. We can combine our passion, art, and strength.
towards Service and Healing.  Service and Contribution are the Buzz and Draw.  The  effect of this geometry persists all month.

Also, SATURN squares NEPTUNE, which will last through all of 2016. Weather
extremes (NEPTUNE) will continue to disrupt the Patriarchy (SATURN).
Governments and Legal institutions will be disrupted and rearranged by
hurricane winds of consciousness. Lines drawn by authority will be washed awy by torrential currents and unforeseeable patterns. NEPTUNE cleanses the way for higher spiritual truths.

Diamond flows of Kundalini through the brain and spinal column are also the gift with NEPTUNE.  However, We will need  to work for it. Spiritual alignment must be intrinsic to change.  The cosmic soup is in a pressure cooker. Radical Transformation is stewing.  We are being asked to melt out of our egos, and totally redefine and tenderize ourselves.

frequency-vibration_com_The planet EARTH has a new hum. The Resonance at the Core has looped into a higher octave.  This frequency is attuning us to let go of the old ways of doing and be a better vessel for spirit. Kundalini energies are flowing and growing all over the globe. The X-wave hit the end of July and continues to vibrate a “sound” or bliss frequency that has never been heard before. It is ringing the planet from the inside out.  DNA is activated, turned on, and tuned in. Each of us is asked to look again; to look within, to discover a new frequency to operate within. Everyone has their own unique, individual contribution to make in this evolutionary push.  It’s a personal query. Am I coherent with my highest self?  (No matter what it looks like.) The details of where to go and what to do will come only from within. Meditate.  Ask.  Listen.

November is a month to release, let go, forgive, and give up any struggles.  Embrace the unknown.  The mystery holds all the answers.  Do whatever is necessary to remove the “no’s” from your life. A morphological change accompanies the fall into emptiness.  The only mission is to love and be loved.

The We = Me principal is where to stand up.  We need each other. Create
Affinity in your surroundings and environment.  We operate at our best in a
background of Grace.  A new human being is being birthed. A new humanity is occurring one leap of  faith at a time.  We are not alone.  We are jumping portals.  *Let Go and Dance through the Hoops.*

Amor y Luz, Love and Light,  Annandi

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