August 2017 – Focus, Focus, Focus

Focus, Focus, Focus… on your Heart. As the SUN Highlights MARS in CANCER, our emotions erupt with volcanic power. MARS brings conflict and battles. With his swift sword, he also cuts away ways of the past and redirects our goals and future toward a new target. The challenge at hand is to capture the power of volcanic passion and “make that change.”


The Red Square box from July worsens with continued planetary clashes. All around the globe, groups organize to confront power and greed. The people Rise, beyond the U.S. … in Venezuela, Russia, Jerusalem, Poland, Turkey… and beyond. The populaces are exploding with “Enough is Enough ” Fever.

With MERCURY retrograde, an Eclipse on August 21st, and the EARTH conjunct NESSUS,  “Turmoil Salad,” “Blackened Lies” and “WTF?” are the menu specials for the month. It’s a Cluster Fluster. The aspects for War could not be higher. WE each are called to action, as Broken systems are clearly crumbling. As Buckminster Fuller advised, “abandon the unworkable and build a better model.”


On August 21st We will experience a Total Blackout of the SUN; in the U.S. for the first time in 100 years. We don’t really know the effect of that, but the Ancients certainly tracked and predicted these celestial events. They revered it with great significance… usually, not in a good way. The Eclipse phenomenon occurs because the MOON is exactly the right size, placed at the perfect distance from the EARTH, to precisely obscure the disc of the Sun, on specifically calculated days. In my view, it’s A miraculous mathematical “Sign” Of a Divinely Designed Universe.

In the same week, The EARTH lines up with the KBO Snake, NESSUS. This Icy Giant is a rude awakener. He brings deep betrayal and shocking subterfuge to the surface. More lies than truths are being told. The bottom of the barrel is his Greatest Gift. We are disentangled from Delusion.

Bottom line, NESSUS clears the kinks from the Chakras and opens the flow of Kundalini. The Pineal Gland pumps the Bliss chemicals through the Brain, WE become vessels for GAIA’s Resonance. We are serving at Her Command. MERGENCE is Her Strategy. Evolutionary Unfolding is Her Mission. Everything is on Purpose.


Trust your Heart and Intuition for guidance. It’s a time of Stunning Celestial Reset.

GAIA’s Revolution is On. The Green GAIA Warriors are occupying the Field. In the face of the Challenges, Hold the Vision for the Garden.


Jump for Joy. WE are blessed to be part of the Astounding Blossoming . Peace Out.

Love and Light, Amor y Luz, Annandi

Kundalini. Jai Rho, Jai Nam.



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