June 2017 – Planetary Havoc

2017 is a year of War, Conflict, Awakening, & Revolution. The planets clash in Mythic Heavenly battles. Legendary Superheroes play against Evil Super Villains. Pow! Kaboom! Shazam!

It’s a Cosmic Adventure Action Movie in IMAX.  The Mundane planets will play Havoc through the end of the year.  Expect Dissension, Ruptures, and Schisms Galore. A Flashing Marquee promos Lessons in Opposition.


Thank Goddess, We begin June with a Deeper Truth, as The SUN shines on CERES, the Asteroid Goddess. CERES (GAIA) Commands a Greater Realization. Mother Earth is Divinely Intelligent, Supremely Powerful, and always Cataclysmicly  balanced.  In the sign of Taurus, she shakes the ground beneath our feet and tunes us to the crystalline core. Volcanic Eruptions and Earth Changes remind us of her Ultimate Supremacy.

imageThis is Gaia’s Evolutionary Plan… Her Story. Her Biomagnetic Field that gives “permission ” and contains everything and anything operating within the Collective Consciousness.

With just a spike in her Hum, she can activate new brain states in all humans and sentient beings on the planet. Her Field suspends Every single atom and cell.  We are Her Children. She calls us Home.

The Schumann Resonance represents the “sound” or the vibration on the outer skin of the Earth. It is referred to as the Earth’s Heart Beat. Scientific analysis has shown there is a direct correlation, in fact, synchronization between this Hum and our Brain States.


On January 31st, 2017 the Schumann Resonance jumped from the usually stable 7.8 Hz to an astounding 36 Hz.

Then, on April 16th, there was a Huge Spike to 90 Hz.

May 8th it jumped to 112 Hz….. WHAT????

We don’t know where we are going or what this means exactly.   But Surely, We are becoming “Brighter.” Our Global Brain is being Super Excited and Super Charged. The collective consciousness is being awakened and activated.

🎼  Our DNA is being Tuned To GAIA’s  Channel… GAIA’s Crystalline Core. .🎼  

Our Pachu Mama has some Weapons of Mass Enlightenment in her Arms. Shakti surrounds us. Meditate. Tune in. Ask for your assignment in raising the Joy.

Thoughts are dissolving into pure experience. “Mind Fields” are being blown. Hearts are Opening. We are awakening to Her Pineal Pumping Ecstasy.

In the first week of July we encounter a “Red Square” within the Zodiac. [Russian pun intended.]

The Sun spotlights MARS, the Warriors and the Fighters, while the EARTH & PLUTO line out in opposition.  These two Planets are pulling the strings for War, Death and Destruction. Plutonium Soup and Nuclear War loom. Prayerful Focus presumes our attention.

JUPITER combats URANUS to shake and rattle the passions for upheaval. By October, JUPITER shines in Libra, proposing Peace, while URANUS fights for War & Revolutionary Ways.

NEPTUNE, the furthest planet, goes crossways with the closest planets VENUS & MARS. Bottom line, We are embattled on every front, from unprecedented weather systems to our personal sense of balance.

No Doubt, All the different stories, radical opinions, lies and spin produce mental instability and chaos. Absolute Chaos with a capital Crazy. Social cyberspace connections accelerate the phenomenon.

We are getting a Master Class in the Maya Mirage, Notice, How quickly “the mind” can flip or spin out of control, in unlimited patterns of diversity. There is no “Truth” in that Bin, only deception and delusion. The Cosmic Joke is: “The Personal and Global Mind have been organized around Insanity & Nonsense.” Illusion is the innate state within this Cosmic Video Game.

Go Within.  The Heart is the Way Out.  Love is All We Need.


Gaia’s Game Plan includes some kind of spectacular transition of Humanity from Ignorance to Bliss. A Phenomenal Paradigm Shift is Happening. No matter what it looks like, The Garden of Eden is Blossoming. In Every moment Gaia Warriors are merging into her Vibration. We have entered a New Space and Time.

Behold the Beauty of Her Order.
We are becoming… Awesome.
It’s in the Earth and Stars.

[Below is a Crop Circle that appeared in the U.K. On December 22, 2016. It denotes a Calendar with 20 Zodiac Signs. Everything seems to be Accelerating. One month is only 18 days. This could possibly be a more accurate Clock in Gaia Ascension Time. Amazing Image.]


Love & Light,  Amor y Luz,  Annandi


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