July 2017 – Phoenix Rising

IMG_0785July is a month of Peril. Violence and Rage are on cue. We are crossing a pivotal standoff with the Power Planets. You can feel the intensity rising. Something big is about to Shift.

As the EARTH passes PLUTO on July 9th, we are thrown face-first into the Gladiator Ring.
Conflict and war drums erupt around the globe. Passions and Revolutions Rise.
Confusion and Chaos, like our weather patterns, denote a convoluted scene. Threats of Nuclear War are countered by Cyber attacks. Stolen Vault 7 CIA spyware has been converted to Ransomware, shutting down Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Banks, and Oreo cookie bakers. … just to begin the gameshow.  It’s getting very strange. The twists and corkscrew turns are unfathomable. It could look devastating, …..but it’s “Ashes to Phoenix” all the way around. Hold that Vision. We are entering a crushing Cosmic transit.

If we Look from a bigger picture, from outside the box, beyond our Solar System and Milky Way Galaxy, we can “See” a Greater Design. Recent Scientific discoveries have blown up any certainty around our old rigid models. Our mistaken comprehension has been startling. From Quantum physics to Astrophysics, including everything in between: What we thought was so… ain’t so. There is some reckoning to do. Minds Blown, we are only beginning to Discover New Wonders.

For example, Astronomers have recently theorized that All stars are born in pairs. And,  We have a Second Sun orbiting beyond the Oort Cloud, which NASA calls “Nemesis.” Planets and planetary systems seem to occur around all stars. There are Habitable planets everywhere we look. The Existence of Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life has become an Inalienable Right. “We are not alone” is a statistical certainty. NASA and Ancient Aliens agree.

Now imagine that one of these advanced life forms sent probes with sophisticated spectrophotometer equipment to Earth, like our NASA probes to Ceres, Pluto and Jupiter. What would they discover?

IMG_0783First and foremost, they would report back that we have made a MESS of our habitable planet. Over 500,000 pieces of Orbital Debris or “Space junk”, broken satellites and equipment surround our Globe. Let’s get real. We have trashed the space.
IMG_0787The Seas are contaminated with plastics, plutonium, and petroleum spills. The Airs are full of toxic exhaust. The Sparkling Rivers are dump sites for waste. The Fertile Lands Have been exhausted by pesticides and killing agents… and much much worse.

As Joni Mitchell sang, We have 🎼 Paved Paradise and Put up a Parking Lot… 🎼 Skyscrapers and Slums have overgrown our natural wonders. We have raped the Earth to capture her resources. We drop Bombs to Destroy Each Other. What kind of insanity lives here? What would our ET visitors think of the Human Race? And our care of this Sacred Place? We have trashed it. No discussion, it is simply so. We have turned Paradise into a Toxic dump ground.  No wonder We people are So Sick.

The brilliant news is there are millions, even billions of humans who hold this perspective of Guardianship. The Indigenous people’s hearts are joined by the “Woke” populations to stand for GAIA’s awakening. Beyond the Politics and Governmental Foolishness, the people rise up and care. We are in this together. AND We have some clean up to do.

Green solutions loom in the Dawning. A Japanese car company has produced an automobile that runs on Water, no Batteries required. Farming techniques have been implemented that restore our Soil while reducing CO2 and Global Warming.  China is building High Rise Forest in their cities to remove smog. The Eco-Economy is booming. We hold the answers.

The petrodollars are dying. The Plutocrats are Holding on to their Assets and Asses, [Bless their Hearts.] But the Gig is Up.   The Authority of their Wealth and Power has become an Obsolete Paradigm.  Sources that nurture and consider GAIA’s Way can Produce Free Energy, Healthy Food, and Well-Being for All her species. Ultimately the Frequency of Bliss, The Garden of Eden, Shambahla , Shangri-La, Nirvana, and Kingdom Come are Here.  The Earth Planet is Our Precious Pearl.  Join Her Revolution.

IMG_0788The Kuiper Belt Objects BRING the Gaia Eyes that changes the Vision and inspires us to participation. We are One. Service to Gaia, serves EveryOne.
GAIA’s Water Goddess (JUNO/YEMAYA) travels at EARTH’s side as we conjunct PLUTO. She powers the Heart to move Emotions. Music and Art bring the LOVE.  PEACE is the Only Point.

WE have the Power of Shared Intention to move the molecules of the Universe in that Direction.

Pray for Awakening.  Celebrate the Green Way.

Occupy Mother EARTH with “Yes, We Can.”

Love and Light, Amor y Luz, Power Ohm,     Annandi

****Astronomy Update: NASA has sent a probe, named JUNO  to more closely explore JUPITER. On July 10th, it will fly over Jupiters Red Spot. Very interesting correlation to the Astrological Data for JUNO, (the Asteroid Goddess of WATER) conjunct the EARTH and PLUTO. She is flying with the Phoenix this month.


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