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December 2017 – Runaway Train

The December planets have arranged themselves into a locomotive pattern. We are on Runaway Train with Mars wearing the Head Engineer Hat. The Plutocrats have a military agenda with Plutonium on their minds. It will take a Divine Intervention to … Continue reading

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July 2017 – Phoenix Rising

July is a month of Peril. Violence and Rage are on cue. We are crossing a pivotal standoff with the Power Planets. You can feel the intensity rising. Something big is about to Shift. PLUTO vs MARS, JUPITER vs. URANUS … Continue reading

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June 2017 – Planetary Havoc

2017 is a year of War, Conflict, Awakening, & Revolution. The planets clash in Mythic Heavenly battles. Legendary Superheroes play against Evil Super Villains. Pow! Kaboom! Shazam! It’s a Cosmic Adventure Action Movie in IMAX. ┬áThe Mundane planets will play … Continue reading

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May 2015 – Dark Truths and Powerful Possibilities

We begin the Merry Month of May with the planets dancing a choreographed review which began in January… overlapping square offs. Another attention-getting, rude awakening slap from PLUTO starring as Lord of the Dance. ┬áThe FULL MOON on Saturday, May … Continue reading

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