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February 2017 – OMG Magnetics

  2017 Here We Go!  Welcome the year of the “Fire Rooster.”  We are AWAKENING…… to a “Cock-a-Doodle” year of Madness. Exquisitely mirroring the Planetary Battle Zones, the populations are righteously  outraged and staunchly opinionated.   Sides are being taken … Continue reading

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September 2014 – Collapsing Paradigms

The geometry of the heavens, planets and celestial bodies this month contains the dynamics of collapse. The bottom floor drops out. The Paradigms of Difference are Shattering; Sacrificed at the Altar of Becoming. Any definition of difference… Race, Religion, Geographic … Continue reading

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We are under extraordinary astronomical forces as we wind down the end of 2011 and begin 2012. Whether you “believe in” or understand the Mayan Calendar, the astrophysicists, quantum physicists, and cosmologists agree, we are under undeniable astronomical forces. New … Continue reading

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Ophiuchus: the 13th Sign of the Zodiac

Ophiuchus, (also known as Serpentarius), is a large constellation located around the celestial equator. Unlike most constellations, the Serpent Holder is named for a real person, Imhotep, who lived in Egypt in the 27th Century, B.C.  He is positioned in … Continue reading

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