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April 2017 – April Fools All Month Long

 Welcome to the Cirque du Bizarre & Absurd!   The Greatest Show on Planet Earth! Featuring: ~ Acrobatic Contortions ~ Flamboyant Jugglers ~ Jaw-dropping Trapeze ~ Prancing Sequined Elephants ~ Roaring Tigers ~ Flying Monkeys ~ What???? ~ Goofy Red-Nosed Clowns … Continue reading

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July 2014

Millions all over the planet have enlarged the portals through prayer, ceremony, and celebration on the Summer Solstice, June 21st – 23rd.  The Harmonic Sound of Unity Consciousness is being played at higher volume and up-tempo to those who have … Continue reading

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February 2014 – the Consciousness is Cracking

The cosmic design of January’s lunar cycle  was to crack up the consciousness. Old belief systems are being blown up. Anything not in harmony with Mother Earth’s Evolution into the Crystalline Age is shattering, fracturing, or crumbling.  Don’t try to … Continue reading

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2012 July – The Photon Belt & Venus

The photon belt is something real.  Astrophysicist and Quantum physicist have been aware of and investigating this energy field for some time.  The Photon Belt is a focus or beam of energy emanating from the Black Hole at the Center … Continue reading

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