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April 2017 – April Fools All Month Long

 Welcome to the Cirque du Bizarre & Absurd!   The Greatest Show on Planet Earth! Featuring: ~ Acrobatic Contortions ~ Flamboyant Jugglers ~ Jaw-dropping Trapeze ~ Prancing Sequined Elephants ~ Roaring Tigers ~ Flying Monkeys ~ What???? ~ Goofy Red-Nosed Clowns … Continue reading

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June 2016-Schism in the Skies

June brings a reckoning planetary arrangement with retrograde MARS and SATURN lining up with the EARTH in SCORPIO.  (We just encountered the closest pass by our Warrior planet in 11 years.)  Remember, 2016 is a year of Cleansing, a Fire Monkey … Continue reading

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June 2014 – A Heaven of Harmonics

My usual astrology blog and planetary references are being pulled, stretched and morphed into a whole new way of looking at time and our calendar.  [Bear with me here.] The New Truth is Gravity is the Source and Force of … Continue reading

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