May 2017: Black Snake Prophecy

imageHoly Moly & What the Bleep#%*?… Over.  We have been hit with a Category-5 Full-tilt Boogie Bullshit Typhoon. April showers brought a storm of Retrograde Planets, and we aren’t done yet. The Merry Month of May continues a Parade of Shock and Awe. MERCURY goes direct, but is in SCORPIO. Truths will be hidden and stories will be told. A Review of The Twists and Turns that have brought us to Mother-Of-All-Bomb Drops and Nuclear War Threats is needed, just to get our heads around it.

Truly, the planets are always moving forward, never back, so in Heliocentric Astrology, we can call it “Backward Elevation .” A Dramatic Rerun brings clearer eyes to any forward action. It alters our Future plans.

Revelations are a necessary thread to discovering “What’s Really So.” What’s behind the Masks? NEPTUNE, NESSUS & CHIRON continue to unravel the Hidden Agendas, as PLUTO holds the World teetering in Ballistic Formation: Secret Ops, Secret Military Actions, Secret Weapons, Spies and Lies. We are encased in a Full Metal Jacket of Hide and Seek. Distraction and Confusion Rule the Shady Speak. The Populations rise in protests around the Globe, as the Broken Systems reveal their Dysfunction. Corruption speaks loud-mouthed over an Open Mike.

IMG_0707Black Snake Prophecy

Be Clear, We are in Battle. In Native American Culture, it is described in the Black Snake Prophecy. [The Same Mythic Battles appear in Chinese Legend, Hindu sagas, and many Indigenous Creation Stories.] Basically, a Snake tempts Humans with “Knowledge,” Mankind gets “Lost in the Head,” and then booted out of Paradise.

The truth is, Humanity has been Totally Entangled in the Totally Mental Realms. iPhone-Things galore have charged the world into High Tech Times. Whether this is an Evolutionary Era of the Mayan Calendar or a Revolt against a Reptilian Extraterrestrial Arcon Race that programmed humanity for Enslavement. Whatever. The Black Snake represents the Battle at hand: to reclaim the Garden. Pura Vida vs. Pura Greeda.

Mankind has abandoned the sacred connection to the Earth while pursuing wealth from her resources. Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Banks and Huge Military Show-downs dictate their demands for continued control. The Black Snakes are showing their Destructive Fangs. On the other hand, “Follow the Money” stories are uncovering some Dirty Laundry Baskets. There is some stinky truth in the Air. The scales are falling. The scales are falling.

IMG_0706The Indigenous Tribes can teach us how to live in Harmony with Pachu Mama. They prayerfully tend Her Sacred Lands. They protect Her Water, Skies, and Spirit. They see relatives and in every rock, plant, and species. The connection between all dimensions is clear. For the most part, we “white men” immigrants have been “lost in the head” and left searching for a soul-center. No matter how “smart” we have become, We have some recovery to do… Remembering Eve, the Source of us all.

The Asteroid Goddesses are Gaia’s Celestial Awakeners. They are Her Heavenly Bugle Band, waking her Warriors to join this Black Snake Battle. They raise us to a higher vibe. They arm us with higher frequency.


CERES (GAIA) stands her ground in TAURUS. She takes us deep into the core of the EARTH, where Gravity Rules. And Gravity Rules. She can quake the ground, spew the volcano, or dump the rain, at her whim. Suddenly, she can demand we “Stop, Drop, and Roll-with-it.” May declares her Commander-in-Chief. No doubt. Taurus also rules the South Pole. Look for startling changes and new discoveries in the Antarctic.

VESTA (THE HIGH PRIESTESS) moves from the last degree of CANCER into LEO. We take our Emboldened Hearts and Intentions into Action… Take the Temple on the Road. Light the Sacred Fires of Intention, White Buffalo Calf Woman Style. Dance in the streets with Humorous Protest Signs. Wear outlandish Costumes. The Whole World is Watching… on Instagram.

ATHENA (DIAMOND HEAD) accompanies CHIRON into PISCES. She Enlightens, brightens, and sparkles our Eyes with Wisdom, Certainty, and Clear Sight. She pumps the Pineal and summons the Kundalini. The Stars of PISCES bring our attention into the depths… of our Seas, our Heavens, and Subconscious. DIAMOND HEAD brings focus to calamity…  Invention when things fall apart… New possibility into Chaos. ATHENA Blesses the Air Element. She flows Spirit into the midst of any suffering.

JUNO (The WATER GODDESS) waits with PHOLUS in SAGITTARIUS . Emotional Throngs can “drown” and flood the Reigning Governments and Authorities. Passions erupt to overthrow forces of domination and challenge the Rule of Law. Flash mobs can gather with lightning speed. JUNO takes us by the Heart; PHOLUS takes us by surprise.

gaia-hugThe Stars are aligned with GAIA’s Blossoming. She is beautifully unfolding her Great Mystery Ways. As we travel through unknowable times, Go within for your assignment. Each of us has a unique part in this phenomenal Play.

Step up, Stand up, or Dream it Home.

GAIA’s Righteous  Revolution is Ohm!

Love & Light, Amor y Luz,    Annandi


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