April 2017 – April Fools All Month Long

 Welcome to the Cirque du Bizarre & Absurd!   The Greatest Show on Planet Earth!

~ Acrobatic Contortions ~ Flamboyant Jugglers ~ Jaw-dropping Trapeze
~ Prancing Sequined Elephants ~ Roaring Tigers ~ Flying Monkeys ~ What????
~ Goofy Red-Nosed Clowns playing silly in Mercury Retrograde Shoes ~                               It’s April Fools ALL month long! 

The Unravellings of last month will continue to peel off layers as those NEPTUNE – CHIRON encounters tend to last and last and last. The “Liar, Liar pants on fire” veils are lifting.  The Deny-Distract-Disrupters are being shot from Coincidental Truth Cannons. Kaboom!  It’s a “What Me Worry?” Mad Magazine Month, that would be laughable if it weren’t so deadly serious.

April 1st the EARTH, VENUS, and JUPITER align in VIRGO. April 15th The SUN aligns with URANUS and the KBO XENA in PISCES.  And A PLUTO square to Boot.

IMG_0683Planets are conscious, sentient beings. They “feel” each other, they “hear” each other. They “talk”, bond and connect. They miss each other. When the time comes that they line up together, they rejoice with a Hallelujah chorus, that exalts them all.

A VENUS and JUPITER pairing is the sexiest conjunction in the Heavens. Now, Add EARTH in the middle of the sandwich, and we have a planetary a “ménage a trois.” However, under the Stars of VIRGO, this expanded sizzle plays in the Fields of Healthcare, Science, Farming, and Food. Gardening and Science get a sexy season.

The Artist (VENUS) and Master of the Heart’s Desire (JUPITER) instill the EARTH with their Passion Bubble, Enhancing GAIA Green Power. Its back to the Garden of Eden. A passionate Renaissance in Growing, Harvesting, and Cooking  our own Food and Herbs.  We are Planting the seeds of a Transformed Healthcare System, GAIA-CARE; a balance with the EARTH that creates Well Being and Health.  Good Food is Good Medicine. Period. GAIA-CARE has us covered. Plant the seeds.  Love and appreciation for GAIA is blessed with phenomenal rewards.  Plant the seeds. Follow Her Grace.  Feed the Children and Elders First.

Sciences are undergoing an overhaul and rewrite. For example, New discoveries about Exoplanets, planetary systems around other stars, reveal a scenario of chaos and collision in the birth of our own Solar System. (JUPITER was the Big Bully on the playground.) Some Hard facts are turning “Old truths” into Rubbish. Garbage. Astrophysicists are burning the old books and making phenomenal, absurd revisions. Similar things are happening in essentially every Field of Science.     Extraordinary findings and new technologies have blown up old ideas, but charged investigators with Excitement and Awe.

On April 15th, the SUN directs us to URANUS and ERIS (XENA) in PISCES.
URANUS, the Revolutionary Cart Turner,  strikes with his Thunder & Lightning Bolts, Unpredictable Shocks, Reversals and Revolutions hit our Populations “out of the Blue.”  From the realms of Oceans Deep to Deep Space with Wacky Weather in between, PISCES waters cover it all.  And! URANUS delivers a Jolt to the sacral coil to release the Kundalini pump.  His Bliss Voltage changes our axis . We leap… to our Dreams.

KBO Halo.  When a KBO is in the same sign of the Zodiac, it’s position is higher in the sky than the planets, since it is on a different elliptic.  It occurs like a Halo or crown on the planets action. The XENA Jewel uplifts and enlightens URANUS to shift our gears… and shift our sphere.  ERIS (called XENA by her discoverers) reveals the Glory of Intention.  Truly, we can bend the spoons of the Universe.  Proof is in the Higgs-Boson Particle Pudding.  “Imagine it” and the molecules of the Universe will start moving to make it so. We all have a Mission Assignment.  Dream your own Heroine story.  Make it a Bollywood production. “Lights, Camera, Action!” and let it roll.

IMG_0494PLUTO pivot in SAGITTARIUS.  The KBO PLUTO sits in a Direct Square off with these dynamics putting it in the Pivot Point Position. Kali puts her Face on the “Find your Passion and Do Your Dream” matter. It’s serious,  Crisis & Calamity, Life and Death, War & Peace, and such… are hanging over Governments, Laws, Politicians, Generals, Judges. and Military Institutions. (SAGITTARIUS).  The U.S. may be the loudest, but All the continents are included.:  U.K., Scotland, Ireland, South Korea, South America, Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle East… Agents of Dominance are Dying.  Man-Made Laws and Treaties are crumbling under their own nonsense.   Natural Laws, like “Every Action produces an equal but opposite Reaction.” And “E=mc2.” Are showing their True Power.  Spiritual Laws,  like the “Law of Karma” And “the Truth shall set us Free.” Are showing their True Colors.

IMG_0684All those Dynamics are happening simply on the surface crust of the EARTH.

***If you have been feeling unsteady, ungrounded, disorganized, spinning around “High Anxiety”, . [*with a Hormonal Edge for women… PMS flare.] the reason could be under your feet. 

IMG_0686CERES (GAIA) and MARS in TAURUS take us to a Deeper Truth… into the Magma Layer. Huge Magnetic shifts are happening down there. This CERES Asteroid Goddess and MARS couple can bring volcanoes and Earth Shake-Rattle-and Roll.

Recent New satellite equipment is giving shocking maps deep in Earth’s mantle. New plumes and subductions are showing up on these global tomographic models. Something huge is happening under the Pacific Ocean, among other surprises.  (JUPITER  can intensify these magnetic mixes.)

Biomagnetic shifts in the mantle shifts the EARTH’s “Hum” (Schumann Resonance over 35 MHz) and simultaneously changes our brain states. Simple + /- flows amp up the Kundalini Flows and Activate the Pineal.

GAIA is reminding us that She is The General in this Green Revolution. A Renaissance is Erupting . She is Awakening Us.

Love & Light, Amor y Luz, Annandi

PS. This is repost from June 2016… Uterus Power

Mother Nature is sounding that chord that moves us into a higher hum of Mergence. These notes activate our DNA, consciousness, and resurrect our experience of a constant connection to all things. It’s frequency, frequency, frequency from pole to pole. Imagine.

Meditation and Connection to Source is the new channel to access the higher blasts of Kundalini. The opening of the pranic tube, which runs from the base of the spine up to the Third Eye, happens naturally.  A walk on the beach, through the jungles or forest can reset our being. It literally changes our brains, our eyes and perception. ONLY Stillness and Gravity are needed.

Special Note to Women: Shakti And the UteruS


The place in the body that is most attuned to GAIA’s gravitational fields is the Uterus. It is this Sacred Feminine space that naturally maintains coherence with GAIA’s changing frequencies. (This is true, regardless of child bearing ability. Even after a hysterectomy, a woman still contains “the space” of this connection.)

The first pulse of Kundalini energy or Shakti rises in the Uterus, then ripples out in waves to the rest of the body. There can be a definite “Hormonal Rush” experienced with the energy… with an intense emotional edge, like with Pregnancy, PMS or Hot flashes. Honor your body and needs at this time. You might be a bit fussy.

Women are the Source Point for the Divine Bliss pump emanating from GAIA’s Gravity. It is every woman’s assignment to connect with this Force first, then carry on. We are carrying the Harmonic of Unified Resonance… A Space that creates and allows new life and light.

The Shakti energy is a gift. It responds to invitation and surrender. There is nothing to do. It is a state of allowing. Meditate and envision the flows through the heart space and third eye. Imagine the Invitation. Thunder Bolts of Bliss can change everything in the world we are operating from.  Build your Temple. Be the Bliss Vessel. Turn On the “Ohm”.







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