March 2017- Over the Falls

img_0675Astrologically We have been hurling through some white water rapids, accelerating for months. Huge planetary boulders have been encountered at every dangerous turn. Now It’s time to jump ship, as March takes us over a barrel, down a steep waterfall.

The Solar Eclipse (NEW MOON) on Sunday, February 26th lined up with NESSUS, the KBO Snake. His ferry ride to “Hell and Back” begins a thundering chorus starring Planet NEPTUNE, the Icy Giant CHIRON and the Asteroid Goddess of War, Pallas ATHENA. There is nothing but trouble with this transit. The gathering storm of Ego Destroyer Superheroes will “reign”… and “rain” devastating shockers on the global brain and intellect. The Stars of AQUARIUS have us looking through the eyes of the next generations. We are kindled by aspirations for a Secure Future for our Children.

NESSUS REVEALS. From the deepest depths, He glides up to the surface exposing hidden agendas, spy-like secrets, and unimagined betrayals. Seduction, sexual infidelity, poisons, and fires are included in his twisted tales.

[The Noisy insanity of Political Dismantling is not just in the U.S., but is happening Globally. The Fall of Government to the demands of the populace is essential. There are  subtler dangers at hand:  Drastic radiation spikes reported around a 2 meter “hole” at Fukishima. Radioactive iodine detected in the Artic and Northern Europe. Nuclear Threats from N. Korea. VX Nerve gas..].  


NEPTUNE PURIFIES. The Diamond Maker planet clears the path of ANY blocks within the Pranic tube. He drives the movement of energy through Our Chakras. He enters Our Dreamtime. He drives the bizarre Weather patterns covering the entire globe. He is subtle, yet Omnipotent. Nothing to do but go with his flows.

ATHENA, The Diamond Head Goddess of the Air brings perspective and enlightened witness to the chaos. She takes a deeper breath. Her gift is discernment. She sees from the “bigger picture”. She clears our minds and opens our eyes. She unveils the MAGIC in Aligned Intention, the most powerful weapon of the Spiritual Warrior.

[The Truth and Message from Emoto is the power of INTENTION. When we move beyond the realms of vibratory signatures, we access the subtler, yet extremely more powerful realm of Intention. Emoto showed in his electron microscope photos of water crystals we can alter the physical pattern of toxic substances with simple thought and intention. The most powerful being the Vibrations of THANK YOU and LOVE.]

KBO CHIRON challenges us with Explosions, Collapses, and Startling Surprises. Out of the realms of “What we don’t know”…, the inconceivables, the bizarre, the wildly extraordinary… our minds will be blown… And WE WAKE. That’s their mission.

Magnetic Reversals, Spiking Schumann Resonance and Brain States.

There is a direct correlation between the Biomagnetic Scramble within the Earth’s core, the Earth’s Hum (Schumann Resonance), and Human Brain States.


On January 31st, For the first time in recorded history, the Schumann Resonance reached frequencies over 36 hertz. The Resonance frequency, which measures the vibration of the Shell of the Earth, has hovered steadily around 7.8 hertz. Once
in June 2014, there was a sudden spike to 8.5 up to 16.5 hertz before renormalization.

These frequency jumps presume a spike in “intelligence”, an expanded neural grasp of the connection to Our Planet and All her sentient Beings. “Natural Knowing” inlaid with  multi dimensional experience… Inconceivable Understanding and Compassion. A New Rhythm in our Hearts.


Beta State (14-30 Hz) represents the awakened state. The mind is active, alert, and focused. This exactly mirrors the resonance of the Earths core. Given pole position shifts, magnetic reversals, etc. our “AWAKE” is reorganizing.

Alpha State (7.5 -13 Hz) is achieved during mediation and deep relaxation. It matches exactly the vibratory rate of the Earths crust. A harmonic is produced that resonates sympathetically with your point of place and Gravity.

Theta State (4-7 Hz) is a Trance State, achieved by Gurus and Shamans. In these realms, one can access other dimensions and heavenly connections. This matches the resonance in the first Van Allen Belt.

Delta state (1-3 Hz) matches the resonance of the second Van Allen Belt. This frequency “sounds like” a cat’s purr, more exactly the Purr of a Bengal Tiger. A sonic hush sound that can travel for miles in all directions.


The good news is our brains are “in tune” and match GAIA’s hum exactly, naturally… From the inside out. These evolutionary field distortions break up old patterns and exalt our brains into higher states. Mother Earth is shifting her frequency and so are we. We are “realizing”, along with her, a new realm of consciousness .


On March 12th FULL MOON, the SUN moves into PISCES. Simultaneously, CERES (GAIA) and MARS dance together into TAURUS.  GAIA asserts her command with Volcanic eruptions, Earthquakes, Rocking and Rolling. She’s moving some mountains; cutting ties to the ways of the past and moving evolution forward. Migrating Poles, according to some scientists, even suggest a upcoming magnetic pole flip, which happens every 350,000 years. The point is we don’t know what’s going on.  GAIA has a greater plan, greater wisdom, greater consciousness in these times of Astounding Change. Trust in her is our “Gravity”.  MARS empowers her Earth Warriors with focus and direction.

[So, back to Plutonium Soup, I suggest we overlay this atomic structure with the LOVE and THANK YOU crystalline power of Intention. Thank you for teaching us about our intimate connection to our environment. We Love you! Create a vortex filled with these snow flakes and power up the temple transmissions. Seed the waters and weathers with your prayers. Plant crystals in the Earth, filled with devotion to her process. Sing the Blessings into your temple, world and planet.

****Use this model for any disaster, catastrophe, or impossible situation on any level, personal or planetary.]



GAIA’s divine song is awakening the Kundalini with her electric intelligence and majesty. The Shakti Bliss is falling like rain…. Soaking the Entire Globe. No matter what it looks like,

We are Becoming… One.


Love & Light, Amor y Luz, Annandi



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