February 2017 – OMG Magnetics


IMG_04942017 Here We Go!  Welcome the year of the “Fire Rooster.”  We are AWAKENING…… to a “Cock-a-Doodle” year of Madness.

Exquisitely mirroring the Planetary Battle Zones, the populations are righteously  outraged and staunchly opinionated.   Sides are being taken and lines are being drawn. The Spiritual Warriors are Convening, as The Shift is hitting the fan.


🎶 Finally, the Tables are starting to Turn… Talking about a Revolution… 🎶

on January 20th, The SUN shone on the last degree of SAGITTARIUS (which Rules the military, governments and laws. I.e.,Trump “swearing in” with Military parades and Bands.)

On January 21st, The SUN moved into CAPRICORN, (which Rules Groups, Community and the Collective Mind, i.e.  “Power to the People”.)  On that same day VESTA, 🔥  GAIA’s Fire Priestess embraced the EARTH  🌏 , lighting the sacred fires of Intention and holding the Holy Space for Awakening.  Ohm-Shaka-Laka. Boom… the WOMENs MARCH.

imageFor those who were mind spinning on crowd size numbers, I can only say one thing… Hmmmm???.  They missed the point. It was the ENERGY, SYNCRONICITY, and SPONTANEITY… ,STUPID. The March did Involve amazing numbers across the globe , but more significantly it played a phenomenal chord. A sonic boom of Sisters, Grandmothers, Mothers and Children; Heart-filled Marchers aligned in LOVE! JOY! And HARMONY! to BE THE CHANGE that the World calls for. A Mothers Roar is not to be ignored.  The sonic ripples are already vibrating through the immigration protest… and it’s only just begun. Once the sacred flame is lit, VESTA 🔥 keeps it burning.  [I did not March, but made a pink pussy hat and cheered along.]

Celestial Revolutions

Here is my Artistic Representation of the Bigger Astronomical Magnetics to consider.

Revolution is a Celestial Constant, inherent to Orbital Motion.

☯️ The EARTH and Our Planets revolve around the SUN. (Turquoise Elliptic)

☯️ Our Solar System revolves on a Spiral Arm of our Milky Way Galaxy, around the Black Hole (Hunan Ku) at its center. ( Top Left Spiral)

☯️ Our Milky Way Galaxy revolves with trillions of other Galaxies around the Magnetic Center of the Super Galactic Cluster. (Purple waves) This Greater Gravity is the Source of our “Pull” into A Unified Field of Consciousness. Magnetic shifts on Mercury, Venus, and all the planets besides the EARTH have been reported by NASA.  The Biomagnetism is reorganizing our DNA, shifting our Poles, and revealing GAIA’s Divinity. We are being deeply  “realized”.

img_0661The Kuiper Belt Objects (Icy Giants) enter from the Right, on a different elliptic.

THE KBOs were pulled into Our Solar Orbital Circus by NEPTUNE, the Diamond Maker.  They bring us Awakening, Enlightenment… an Uplifted Perspective, a Higher Frequency… Altered Brain states, Theta Tuning.  Meditation is our point of access. Tune In. Shakti is falling. Kundalini is Rising. Every single one of us is on a “Mission from God.” When we are Vibrating coherently with the Unified Universe, Yes, we can… do our dreams.

The KBOs closest to The EARTH (Blue pearl) orbit in the Asteroid Belt, scattered between MARS and JUPITER.  CERES (GAIA) Is the largest.       VESTA 🔥 (The Fire Goddess), ATHENA (Diamond 💎 Head), and JUNO  💧(Water Goddess) join GAIA’s Wake Up Call.

 CHIRON 💫 , PHOLUS ⚡, NESSUS 🐍 , PLUTO 🎩, and XENA 🏹are far, far, far away, beyond SATURN.


Windows to the Soul

Holy Magnetics change our Eye Sight. We “see” or perceive light differently. We expand our color spectrum. We reflect light or lightness differently. LOVE permeates our gaze.  We “color” our world with Brightness. We Rise… and Shine.



Until Mid February CAPRICORN focuses our attention on Global Groups and Concerns. The U.N., NATO, Trade Agrrements, Broken Treaties, Broken Alliances with Mexico, Iraq, and on and on.  Community Groups and Global Unions are Being inspired in Resistance, Defiance, and to Stand their Ground.

The Old Power holders are clinging tight for dominance and control. Big Money $$$, “Mad Dog” Military Men, Big Oil, Big Bankers, Big Pharma, and World Wide Wrestling Moguls (???) are lining up on stage, like the Rockettes, to perform a perfectly choreographed “High-kick – Alt-Dance” Routine. Their costumes are scanty and seriously telling. Enjoy the unveiling.  The whole world is watching this Burlesque Show.

[Personal Note:  I’m  an old Hippie. Back in the Sixties we had Sit-Ins, Love-Ins, Bra Burnings, Peace Marches… and of course, “Laugh-In.” Revoltion lives at my core.  Now, Our Children and Grandchildren, This millennial generation, has spawned some awesome, new revolutionary tactics.  Social media, Hactivism, and Whistle blowers are accelerating the Stand Up Call across the globe.  We began in the 60’s with “Sit-In”s for Civil Rights, now we OCCUPY and RISE and ROAR!.]

On February 16th, The Sun shines under the stars of AQUARIUS.  Oour focus shifts to breaking with the past and setting forth a Visionary plan for the Future Generations.  Find your inner Martin Luther King. Peaceful Warriors unite. We have a Dream.


I believe in OMG Magnetics, KBO consciousness, and a phenomenal evolutionary leap in process. Humanity is Migrating  through the Chaos towards Harmony. The “Pull” of Great Mystery designed this Enlightened  Evolution. We gotta have Faith. The Super Galactic Cluster Center is Irresistible.

Love and Light, Amor y Luz,       Annandi







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One Response to February 2017 – OMG Magnetics

  1. theodore phalieros says:

    The evil of earth’s secret controllers is so strong and at the same time deceptive that it needs an equally hard guy like Trump to brake their plans. ! Young girls marching won’t do the trick …

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