January 2017 – Shakti is Falling

IMG_0493January begins with the mundane planets poised in a big X marks the spot. MARS aligns with URANUS opposing JUPITER. SATURN squares NEPTUNE. Everyone is dressed in Full Tactical Battle Gear. PLUTO rules the Day and Year. It’s serious. Life and Death, War vs Peace, Oil vs. Water, and more. The battles are on. It could look dismal, war, conflict, explosions, revolutions, …

It takes an Exo- perspective (looking from outside our Solar System) to appreciate the Dawn. Abandoning our calendars, our concepts of planetary orbits and timing is imperative to discovering the truths of Greater Cosmic Cycles.

Kundalini is Falling

img_0636I am Looking to the GAIA calendar, which began on the December Solstice 2012. Since we made the turn into Galactic Day, Shakti is Falling. Divine Bliss is raining down all over the planet, bringing transformation and personal Awakening. The Shift into Unified Consciousness is progressing. We are opening channels to enlightened frequencies and dimensions.

2016 was the 4th year of Galactic Day. It’s design was to catapult us into our hearts and emotions. [Check that box.].  

Now, the task at hand is to capture the emotional mix of anger, outrage, sorrow, confusion, and pure crazy and infuse it with intention.

2017 is the 5th year of Awakening, moving us into Action and Change. We are leaving the cocoon and unfolding the butterfly wings. The question of 2017 is “How do we bring Joyful Magic into Dangerous Times? How do we pump Bliss into Crisis?”
Everyone is called to duty. Truly, there is only one battle. The fight is for humanity. The mission is ONE TRIBE on ONE LOVE-LY PLANET. Turn on some Bob Marley. We’ve got work to do to Chant down Babylon.


The Asteroid Goddesses are the Closest Celestial Bodies which herald the Consciousness Shift. They are the Awakener Crew and the focus of this Astrological column.

CERES (GAIA) is moving through ARIES with VENUS.
Every single one of us has a unique contribution to the Harmonic Shift. Look within for your Divine purpose and assignment. GAIA is the director of the Extravaganza. Connect and Ask her for Guidance. Artists are being given Extra Sparkle to publish her High frequency Hum. Create, Music, Dance, Art… Spread the Resonance.

VESTA (the HIGH PRIESTESS) accompanies MERCURY through CANCER.
Choose Silent meditation over conversation. Mercury has been retrograde conjunct PLUTO. Don’t trust “talking it out” until the end of January. Go within. Go within. Go within.  Tell yourself how you feel. Prayer and Ceremony are powerful ways to move the emotions. Focus the Force.

NEPTUNE keeps sweeping away any blockages to Kundalini Energy. CHIRON adds explosions and chaos to the electrical grids and digital world. Revolution is happening and spreading in cyberspaces. Amid the revelations, purifications, suffering and extraordinary challenges Diamond Head Goddess brings the Brilliance. We are Awakening with shining, clear, open eyes to see through the foggy mirage. Keep sharing the Vision.

JUNO (WATER GODDESS) pairs up with SATURN in SCORPIO. (OPHIUCUS actually).
Water is Life. Water, in all its forms, (rain, storms, snow) is cleansing our planet and our Emotional realms. The Man-Made Laws are being preempted by Natural Laws. GAIA always remains in Balance. Trust her evolutionary turnings.
Astronomical P.S. for 2016

img_0641Around 2 million years ago, two black holes spiraled around each other and collided. An unimaginable boom created all manner of Stars, planetary systems and cosmic matter. This explosion simultaneously produced colossal ripples in the space-time continuum called gravitational waves.

A “Gravitational Tsunami” formed by this collision hit the Earth in 2016, According to measurement and observations of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO), (Proving Einstein was right,… again.)

2016 felt like a massive smash up of event horizons, so strong that not even light could escape them. The Emotional Upheavals we have been through correlate with this Astronomical Data. We encountered a great Biomagnetic disturbance. We have been reordered and realigned. Absolutely.

Breathe deep and Carry Ohm. We are Awakening.  

“May the Force be with you.”
Love and Light, Annandi


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