December 2016: “Winter is Here.”

img_0617Holy Smoke and Mirrors!  Shock and Awe are reigning in this Alarming Awakening. Take a deep breath… in between the gasps.

Hang tight with friends and allies as GAIA and Her Asteroid Goddesses pull back the Veil. November was just a prelude to the Harmonic Revolution ahead. Things are not getting worse, things are being uncovered.

In reference to the Game of Thrones story, “Winter is Here.”
The White Walkers are showing themselves and joined in a battalion for full assault.
While these Walking Dead Zombies are enjoying the spotlight and publicity, GAIA’s forces are enacting her natural laws. Keep your Dragon Glass Crystals at hand and join in aligned reverence for Mother Earth.

December begins with The SUN highlighting JUNO, The Water Goddess, in OPHIUCUS. * This Asteroid Goddess commands all the waters on the planet; the Oceans, the Rivers, and streams and all the life within them.

* She creates the Weather… the rains, the snows, the dry areas… the storms, floods, winds, and fires. The Thunder Beings are her Children.

* She powerfully channels our Emotional bodies. Expect more chills and Hallelujah momentum through December, like taking a ride over a waterfall.

On Dec 9th, the SUN highlights SATURN in OPHIUCUS, but is opposed by VENUS, MARS, and CHIRON. Police and military will collide with revolutionaries. Artists, Warriors and Extraordinary Challenges will Unify the global WAKE-UP call. The Standing Rock “Water is Life” Movement should gain alliance and world wide media coverage. The Indigenous People are modeling the Harmonic way of GAIA’s revolution.

Planet Earth will add an extra punch of natural disasters and unpredictable weather. Volcanoes, Quakes, Storms, Fires and Floods displace populations. Wars and conflicts continue to dissolve our global border designations.

So, this is what blossoming looks like?
I’m looking to the heavens for the lightness and humor.
img_0618When we look at the current night stars, the Scorpion has tilted it’s tail upwards and the constellation Ophiucus has slid into this space on the elliptic. This phenomenon occurs at the time we cross the Equator of our Milky Way Galaxy. The end of the Mayan Calendar on December Solstice 2012, marked this shift. We began a new Galactic Season. We are in a different Time and Space.

Metaphysical interpretation is where I find the humor. The Bankers, Real Estate holders, and Taxers of the Scorpion Tail have been booted off stage. Shamans, Gurus, and Indian Chiefs now occupy the star space of OPHIUCUS. This flamboyant Egyptian Medicine Man conceived Healing with Herbs. He calls us to fancy costume and GAIA’s Healing powers. (Note: I have updated the “ABOUT” page for further description of these Celestial Shifts.)

On Dec. 17th, the SUN joins PHOLUS, at 2 degrees Sagittarius. PHOLUS brings Awakening in Suprising Flashes. Kaboom!  Upsets and reversals hit Governments, Military and Political Leaders. He’s the Trickster and Joker. Don’t expect stability.

The hard background angles within the December planetary positions are NEPTUNE and PLUTO.  PLUTO brings Shiva, the ecstatic Cosmic Dancer, to the party. He imposes war, death, and destruction to this Fire Monkey Purification year.  Essentially, we are in the midst of an extinction event. Dinosaurs consciousness is gasping. NEPTUNE unravels the deceptions of Money, Power, and Greed. He pulls us toward spiritual enlightenment and Kundalini energy as Source.

In the face of chaos and challenges, our power center point is Kundalini… GAIA’s resource. Remember and connect. We are immersed in her rthymn.  It’s simple Biomagnetism. Positive and Negative dances up, down, and all around.

imageEARTH is a KUNDALINI PUMP  (Gravity pump), which produces energy from changing the states of elements, primarily WATER.

Water FALLS… Water flows through the oceans, rivers, and atmosphere (weather) pulled by the center of gravity at the EARTH’s core… pumping the generator for all life on the planet.

Gaia is creating a Resonance Revolution. Biomagnetic waves from her core to her aura are instilling new brain frequencies into the planet. The Sacred Feminine form is singing herself through morphological and metaphysical changes. Humanity is being transformed physically and metaphysically. Wake up and Stand up. CERES, traveling through Aries, brings Divine Ideas and phenomenal paths to the Gaia Cause. As unworkable, unsustainable patterns crumble, brilliant solutions will emerge from the crystalline vision of new eyes.  Everyone has a Divine Assignment.




Humans have Kundalini pumps and chakra systems, just like GAIA. We are made in her image.

A Harmonic Paradigm is rising up like a Tidal Wave to merge humanity into a Unified Field of Theta states. Meditation is the access point to higher endorphins levels, higher intelligence, and a crystal clarity of the Pineal Gland.

Tune in, Turn On, and Dream On. From higher brain states, we can move the molecules of the universe.



Plants have super-consciousness… a cosmic awareness that comes from evolving here on the planet for billions of years. Plants existed for a long, long, long time before animals came along. In fact, single cell organisms like Blue-Green algae were responsible for creating an environment suitable for most other life forms.

In a field of gravity, powered by water flows through the system, plants create MASS (roots, stems, leaves, flowers) from LIGHT (photosynthesis). Because they are “rooted,” the Kundalini pump in plants is always truly synchronized to the flow of Shakti through the EARTH herself. Basically, plants are always in a meditative state. Bless your garden with intention and watch it grow miracle bounty. Plants can bring GAIA’s innate balance to our bodies.  She Feeds our Divinity.

December 22: At Winter Solstice we begin the 5th Galactic New Year. Change, Change, and More Change dominate 2017. The Resonance of the Earth is the Revolutionary Rattle. Put your Prayers and Faith into the Ground.

Love and Light, Amor y Luz, Annandi


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  1. I read you but even though spiritual, I can’t fathom your poetic metaphysical interpretations. Is there any key or something to go by and understand your deeper philosophy?

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