November 2016- Build a Boat


We emerge from the October boxing ring, bruised and battered by swinging matches of fiery rhetoric. Dazed and dumbfounded by nonsensical data, it’s difficult to grasp a clear thought. Build a Boat.

With the NEW MOON, The November planets have moved into a cooperative arrangement for a smoother ride through the rapids. They form a semi-circular bowl pattern, like a boat. This dynamic formation collects and harmonizes our experience into something we can “roll with.” JUPITER in Virgo and URANUS in Pisces are placed on the the lip of the bowl or the sides of the boat. They rule the entryway into our Field of experience. This is where the rocking and rolling show up.

JUPITER connects our hearts desire to Service (Virgo). Virgo is the “clean-it-up” constellation. JUPITER brings the powerhouse of passion to the project. He blesses and expands efforts to revere and protect our Earthly resources. (i.e. Standing Rock Movement momentum.)

On the other stellar side URANUS is lighting the fires of revolution. He is Awakening us from the slumbering stars of Pisces. We are being shocked and reordered by Theta brain wave states to Other dimensions, portal openings, and DNA upgrades. Magical brains are playing in the Inner worlds. The veils are lifting. The mirage is melting.
We are in the realms of “What you See is NOT What you Get.”

Frequency Shift is invisible… yet invincible.

We are rising out of a world of opinions into the world of experience… or better said, from our Heads into our Hearts. Hard positions, Conflicts and controversy have been blowing wildly like the global storms. Ultimately, we are being forged to reconsider and rethink the lies we have been sold. Mother Earth hums a higher truth.

CERES (GAIA) leads the way for URANUS. She is calling to our passions and promise to join her Evolutionary Rebellion. GAIA has a grander mission. We are blessed to see her phenomenal process and presence from eyes of reverent witness.  Transformation is her constant dance. She has some surprises and shocks to show and tell. She’s blowing the Whistle.  Hop on her Garden of Eden Peace Train.

The SUN conjunct MERCURY in Libra promotes conversations of partnership and consideration. Relationships are soothed. Harmony enters our tone. Poetry is written. We bring Music to our listening, Art to our voice. Enjoy the soft time. It will pass before December.

On the harsher side, in November MARS joins NEPTUNE in Aquarius. Now this could create some holes in the bottom of the boat. We are talking eruptions up from the unseen depths, disrupting our biomagnetic balance.  Volcanic eruptions, toxic spills, hacking revelations, satellite damage, Solar winds, disconnections of electrical grids, etc. could cause rude interruptions in our plans. Keep the bail buckets handy.


PALLAS ATHENA, Asteroid Goddess of Air, reigns over this NEPTUNE / MARS pair. She brings brilliance and shine to Awakening Eyes. (I call her Diamond Head.) She has the clarity of cut. She shines justice in all directions.

img_0587The Standing Rock Water Protectors are her Warriors. 500 tribes have gathered in prayer and ceremony in North Dakota to defend their lands and water. They chant, dance, and drum in harmony with Mother Earth. The local authorities have brought tear gas, dogs, water hoses, sound weapons and the National Guard. White Buffalo Calf Woman has sent herds of wild Bison to the scene. Believe in her.

img_0586The world wide response to the arrests and mistreatment has been growing exponentially. Despite minuscule coverage in the news media, Social media has carried the message and sourced the rippling waves of Awakening. Al Gore and Bernie Sanders have aligned their voices. The UN is now investigating these abuses of Indigenous people, prohibited by international law. “Water is Life” has become a global prayer. This is how the Diamond Head Goddess works. She can Harness the Herds.


The toxicity in our rivers and drinking waters is both astounding and undeniable. The technology is out there to clean it up; it’s Do-able. Countries like Brazil have developed ways to purify their terribly contaminated rivers to drinkable liquid. Germany has outstanding water treatment processes. Saudi Arabia…

And of course Emoto’s teaching, Bless the Waters.
The costs of clean up is a nano fraction of what the Oil Companies are spending to continue the contamination. We are awakening. “Water is Life.”

As an aside, The US election dialogue has been a inane distraction, showing up more like an episode of Scandal or Saturday Night Live, than a serious discussion of an informed population. Thank God, it is over soon.

Regardless of the results, There is a deeper revelation showing itself. It has to do with the reverence for the feminine form as source of Kundalini Energy. They are inseparably intertwined.

Honoring Mother Earth and Honoring Women are the same key… that opens the flows of Kundalini through the body. Period.

The genitalia talking points that consumed the election campaigns disclosed and disrobed the unspoken sexualization of the female gender. Like the Military response at Standing Rock, there is backlash. Women have been inspired to call it out as they see it. Jump back Roger Ayles, et al, we are Visioning a New Etiquette for our Daughters.

img_0590Sacred Feminine Energy = Rising Kundalini.

Connect to the Rising Wave.

Look to the heavens for spectacular celestial events.

November promises Awesome.

Amor y Luz, Love and Light,  Annandi



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7 Responses to November 2016- Build a Boat

  1. Brooke Monfort says:

    “Genitalia talking points.” LOL. Good one. XO

  2. suay kunz says:

    always look forward to your posts. Thanks again.
    Isn’t Jupiter in Libra now?

    • annandiluz says:

      Thank you. I use the Sidereal zodiac. If you point your sky app at the planet a couple of hours before dawn, it will show JUPITER in the sign of Virgo… the true astronomical position. The Tropical zodiac, a calculation based on our western calendar puts the planet in Libra.

  3. kathleen o'connell says:

    annielovey! thank you soooo much for your beautiful cosmic art poetry galactic rap!
    you are so talented~it LIFTS ME UP!!! love you! o:Dxx

  4. Roya Tavakolian says:

    YESSS! Thank you Annie. As always – On point. So excited for the shifts of November 🙂 ❤

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