September 2016- Neptune Unravels & Gaia Reveals

imageA Bizarre and Chaotic Concert is taking the Astrological Stage this month… with some Hallelujah moments of hope on cue.  On September 1st, the EARTH lines up with NEPTUNE on a Solar Eclipse.  They call it purification. Unraveling is maybe a better word, as he rips away the veils and cover-ups, on both a personal and international level.

There is a truth telling going on for all our broken systems: governments, laws, institutions, banking funny money. And of course, hysterical  politics. “Everything is Broken”… Sing along with Bob Dylan.

imageWeird weather continues to wash away our schedules and paths.
Floods, Tornado funnels and hurricanes spiral in out of nowhere. Winds of change disrupt our normality. Surrender and flow is the only way to go. We are releasing and moving an intense amount of emotional energy.


Confusion and loss dissolve us into incomprehensible states.
Neptune, Oh Neptune, let’s go. He boggles us and takes us deep. He is the Diamond maker. It’s His High pressure that creates crystalline shine. He washes away all things that inhibit a clear flow of Kundalini. Ultimately, he uplifts us into higher spiritual vibrations. Frequency, frequency, frequency is his ultimate purpose. Integration is his pull. Letting Go creates freedom to fly.

All the planets have placed themselves between Virgo and Pisces (Sidereal Zodiac). There are no planets in the personal houses. They are empowering a shift from Ego (iPhone/selfie Bubbles) to Community, Group, and the Bigger Picture. Personality is being lifted to a higher causal plane of contribution. We are discovering who we really are, rather than who we thought we should be. Global Brain surgery is merging our minds and psyche into shared experience. Follow your Bliss. Trust GAIA.

imageGAIA’s Awesome Plan

This Neptune scrubbing is preparing us for a Glorious Conjunction around Sept. 15th.

CERES, the Asteroid Goddess who proclaims GAIA’s Divinity, lines up with URANUS, the Revolutionary, in the sign of PISCES.

Mother Earth, Pacha Mama herself, reigns supreme with stunning events and realigned fields. Striking like lightning, out of the blue, we are awakened to her power.

The auric fields of the Earth, the Van Allen Belts, the Ethernet, the Internet of things, Electrical grids, and our individual auras will be rattled and shaken. We are the Microcosm of the Macrocosm. As this is happening in the sign of Aquarius, Expect some awesome jolts, chaos and serious cosmic reversals.

Political dramas, overthrown governments, secret warring parties, will be ongoing… However, we will be stepping away from the right/wrong arguments.  The Holy Experience of GAIA’s Righteousness prevails. We are Losing The Mind for an exalted sense of our Mother’s Blessings. A more profound connection to her Hum Instills Humanity… Stills Humanity. She calls us beyond differences into a deep hallelujah harmony. Freedom. Freedom to be.
Discoveries in Outer Space, Our Oceans, and Subconscious are altering our attunement with the forces of our planet. For example, an unusual body, named Niku, has recently been found beyond Neptune, orbiting the Sun in the completely opposite direction from all other planets in our Solar System. What? Astounded astronomers have also located an Inhabitable planet orbiting our closest star. Mind blowing discoveries are destroying our previous conceptions. Bizarre and Weird are becoming astronomical terms. We are not alone? [The 12 foot tall Golden Aliens with Triangle Heads could arrive. We need to get over some of our discrimination policies if we want to get along.]


Joining this Rebel Commando Force is ERIS, the Goddess of Intention and Imagination. She offers us the powerful gift of Aligned Intention to co-create Heaven on Earth. She invites the question, “What is your Dream?” She enacts the Quantum Laws of Vision and Manifestation. Focus, Focus, Focus.

Truly, Connected with Source, we can move the molecules of the Cosmos. “Dream first, then Do” is her Magic. Watch her work.


On the same day, The EARTH encounters CHIRON (also the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. Yikes-orama!)  Challenges, breakdowns, explosions, and disruptions can create collapse. CHIRON demands we step out of our definitions of reality. We must get outside of our belief boxes to access solutions. We must access the wisdom of the Elders and brilliance of our Youth, who see beyond the mirage.


After the “Falling Apart” part, CHIRON always serves up EXTRA ORDINARY, unforeseeable gifts, beyond our wildest dreams.

Celebrate collapse. It’s a vehicle to our dream time… The time for redefinition of truth. What’s really behind the veil?

At the same time, the SUN is conjunct JUPITER in Virgo. VIRGO is Very, Very Big.
Blessings accompany service. Healings happen naturally.
GAIA gives us all the answers. Balance is her Nature.

[This is an important note: We must take care of ourselves first. Meditate and Connect. Eat well. Find our center and balance. THEN serve. Vibe first, then do.
In the stillness We access the heart of service.]

Passion for and contributions to our Divine Planet will greatly vitalize the Green Scene. Cleaning up our messes and melding with GAIA harmony for all her species heals us. Creating beauty heals us. Art, Music, Dancing, Drumming, Chanting, and the like, heals us. Decorate your environment with Ceremony.

we-me-cropBillions of people all over the globe are aligned with GAIA’s reveal. Billions are engaged in harmonious ways to walk on the planet. “WE – mania” is occupying the EARTH.! Wear your favorite “Mother of Dragons ” costume and join the parade.


No matter what you see on the news, SHIFT IS HAPPENING.

Celebrate the Equinox on September 21st… Winter is coming…

Love and Light, Annandi


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