July 2016 – Mo Pluto

IMG_0493Awakening is a destructive process. July is a month of Mo PLUTO.
PLUTO, the Rude Awakener will be at hand, as the EARTH makes her closest line up with the God of cataclysm on July 9th. He wears his Helmet of Invisibility to strike from hidden and unknowable positions. Meanwhile, Kali does her spectacular Kali Yuga Dance.
We are presently in the Kali Yuga age of the world. Her dance of death In a necessary prelude to Rebirth.
It is not pretty a pretty picture.
She is decorated with severed heads and weapons. As the story goes, She stands over Shiva, her mate, eating his entrails and phallus with her super yoni. Like I said, not a pretty picture.
However, when you look deeper into Hindu myth, she is worshiped as the Liberator of Souls. Her mission of destruction is directed at death of the Ego.
We are all being beheaded… Released from the programmed patterns of Ego, to Merge and Flow into higher states of harmony.
Kali is the Sanskrit word for Time. Bless her presence.  She is dancing our Awakening. It is Time for a profound Change…
And she means it.
[You gotta Love the “Stick out your tongue” face.]
The EARTH continues to orbit through a maze of planetary squares and schisms, forcing us into a cosmic corner. Go WITHIN. Meditation is the only source of clarity in these “Sharknado” times. The PLUTO notes will sound all month. He reminds us that we at effect of the Unknown and Unknowable.
IMG_0450This millennium we have been deeply engaged in the Discovery of Ignorance. New data gathered from the cosmos and stars down to the nano quantum world is blowing the minds of  Scientists and researchers.  Black holes and Unseeable forces dominate the organization of our cosmos and the atomic world. Our past understandings and knowledge have been revealed to be limited and in a word, just wrong.  There is a much bigger picture.  Great Mystery is declaring her incomprehensible nature. No one actually knows what’s going on. Ignorance is Bliss. Not knowing is the Access point to BlissWe become just a vessel for flow. Give death space to be. Spectacular Rebirth follows.
The most meaningful Astrological celestial body to refer to in these chaotic times is CERES, the Asteroid Goddess who represents GAIA’s Divinity. She continues to move through PISCES, getting closer to URANUS. GAIA is cleansing and balancing herself through the waters. She has some sudden and shocking surprises coming up.  The only option is to surrender to her ways… TRUST OUR MOTHER and Trust her perfection unfolding.  We are so blessed to be here, in this time, to experience this Divinely conspired Shift.
[As I see it, the Earth, Sun, and Moon are being held by a Cosmic OHM, filled with LOVE.
The Resonance is tuning the Globe to the Enlightenment Channel.]
 Deep changes in Electromagnetic flows throughout her core and Van Allen Belts will be expressed most directly in our weather patterns.  As you might have noticed, Floods And storms, droughts and fires, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are leading the News, daily.  Mother Nature has her own Evolutionary- Revolutionary- Revelationary Plan. She holds Humanity in her Spin.
Transformation and Rebirth
Since Actual Death and Resurrection has been my personal assignment over the last year, I would like to share my miracles. Recent medical tests have revealed a complete healing of my heart. After 6 months of no meds, the Doctors have found above normal heart function, clear lungs and every other blood test in the normal range. Miracle is the word the Doctors use.  Unbelievable. Clearly I have been surrounded by Angelic intervention in this journey to death and back.  Thank you to all my loved ones for the connections and healings that have been sent my way. LOVE HEALS.  ABSOLUTELY!
Meditation and Art have been the keys that were most relevant to my Renaissance.
Meditation,a solid connection with Source, gives one access to your Inner Guru, Inner Shaman, Inner Healer, and most important, the Inner Comedian. No matter how serious the situation is, it is critical to not take ourselves too seriously. Laughter heals.
We are each being given specific, UNIQUE guidance to reveal our assignment in an Awakened World. Trust your sense of the pull. Tune In. Turn On. Discover your transformation.
 Meditation and Art were / are the power points for my survival.  Painting has been a medium of meditation for me. Any art project turns on the eye of imagination and vision. It has been a vehicle to help me move through some difficult physical and emotional states. Inspiration happens in a freed mind.
This is my paining of a healthy heart, pumping Chi and Oxygen through the veins and arteries to the lungs and tissues. It is named “Belovedness.”
.The Bottom line here is

SHIFT IS HAPPENING.  We are all being offered resurrection to a higher hum.

A friend came to visit recently wearing my new favorite T-Shirt.
My best advice for these times.
Love and Light, Annandi

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4 Responses to July 2016 – Mo Pluto

  1. Brooke Monfort says:

    Your articles are always dense with inspired info, but this one reminded me of the White Buffalo Chip Woman. 😉 Love you.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing Annie. I’m so happy to hear you are recovering so well, it must be amazing to feel your body with clear lungs!!!!!! I really love your artwork, creativity heals!!!!

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