June 2016-Schism in the Skies

imageJune brings a reckoning planetary arrangement with retrograde MARS and SATURN lining up with the EARTH in SCORPIO.  (We just encountered the closest pass by our Warrior planet in 11 years.)  Remember, 2016 is a year of Cleansing, a Fire Monkey year of purification.

Holy Moly! It’s a deep suck into a “In-Your-Face” review of our history, heritage, and even includes our past lives.  In particular, those things that we like to hide behind the masks, our failures and shames. Our Oops!

Retrograde MARS is about our wounded warriors… Bringing up our old wounds and aggressions. Great example for the U.S. government is the reopening of relationship with Cuba. And Barack Obama recently revisited Vietnam Nam, then on to Hiroshima, Japan, the sites of huge military destruction and losses. Likewise, each of us will get a rerun of our personal Cubas. Where have we shut down relationships due to a Cuban missile crisis in the distant past?  Where have we dropped napalm bombs and nuclear weapons?  It’s a forgive and move on mission.

SATURN brings the boom of natural laws and karmic principles to the scene. Justice is his resolution.  He can bring down the house or move the mountains with a mere shrug.  In Scorpio Skies, he defers to Great Mystery to rule these realms. She is the Supreme Judge Judy. Sex, Real Estate, and Banking  matters are all before the bench.

galactic_stairway.wbIn Scorpio, we are under the greatest pull of Hunab Ku, the black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. These forces are cutting away the old ways and moving us toward the void state.  This is a great thing. It is in the state of nothingness that Grace rejoices. We are filled with frequency first. This is our Access Point.

There’s an Gaia awakening happening all over the planet. “GAIA” is the philosophy that Mother Earth is a living, breathing, spinning intelligence. She has her own Divine Evolutionary Plan. Mankind does not have to worry about harming her. She has thrown down Ice Ages, Volcanic AGES, even covered her surface with water. No problem. She has shaken off meteor strikes, pole reversals, and cosmic cataclysmic events. She has dropped out and reordered species. No problem. Humanity has the problem. By not honoring and sustaining Pachu Mama and our environment, we are poisoning ourselves with our own pollution… Our Oceans, Rivers, Airs, Species, and Lands are impacted with our wastes. Plastic garbage fills in our oceans, plutonium dumps in Fukishima, oils spills, lead water rivers, horrible air pollution, and much much more. Our sleeping state has been deeply destructive.

Gaia is “occupying” our collective consciousness, standing in her power, and purifying her waters. (CERES/GAIA continues her travel thru Pisces.). She speaks in the language of floods, storms, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and other “natural disasters “. She has shown herself loudly recently with wacky weather systems. 40 volcanic eruptions happening simultaneously on the planet. Tornadoes, storms, and floods have  reigned down in my area of the planet.


June initiates a schism in the skies giving us two distinct choices, or maybe “opposing opportunities” is a better description.

MARS & SATURN join the EARTH & MOON in Scorpio. On the other side of the zodiac, the SUN spotlights VENUS & VESTA, the High Priestess, in Taurus.

#1 – We can either kill and demolish our Karmic enemies. Use our Full Military Might to engage Battles that go back millennia, or

#2 – We can love the EARTH. Acknowledge her with prayer and ceremony. Bless her presence with every step we take. Consecrate her soil. Beautify her with Art. Celebrate her with Music and Dance.

Destruction vs. Beautification are the forces at odds. We are witnessing the extremes of both poles. Positioned at right angles to both sides is the planet NEPTUNE. In this type of T-square dynamics, he can act as the balance point, our rudder or keel to move us thru these tumultuous times.

Neptune rules the Deep Oceans, Outer Space, and the Subconscious. He invites us into Discovery, our Imagination and Dreams. Look for celestial revelations. (He is also the God of Earthquakes and Weather.)


NEPTUNE and Diamond Oceans

imageNeptune, scientists have recently discovered, has so much Gravity (27 times the Earth), that methane gas in the atmosphere is compressed into DIAMONDS. It “rains” diamonds on Neptune! There are oceans of diamonds on Neptune! Really.

Metaphysically, this phenomenon represents the immense pull of spiritual energy and the bliss state available from the opening to diamond flows of kundalini through our brain and spinal cord.

Kundalini Harmonics & Gravity

imageGAIA is shifting her resonance to accommodate higher brain states. Huge changes in electromagnetism at the core, deviations of magnetic North, variations in the Van Allen Belt frequencies, and breaches in the bio magnetic field that surround the Earth, all combine to significantly change the electromagnetic field we are operating in. There is a direct correlation between these resonances and our brain states, indicating whether we are awake, sleeping, or meditating. The alpha (7.5 MHz) meditation and theta (2 MHz) trance waves are the vibrations that naturally open the flow of kundalini through the spine. The frequency of trance states is found in Nature in the sound of a cat’s purr… In particular, the purr of a Bengal Tiger. This wave can send a supersonic hush through the jungles for miles in all directions.

Mother Nature is sounding that chord that moves us into a higher hum of Mergence. These notes activate our DNA, consciousness, and resurrect our experience of a constant connection to all things. It’s frequency, frequency, frequency from pole to pole. Imagine that.

Meditation and Connection to Source is the new channel to access the higher blasts of Kundalini. The opening of the pranic tube, which runs from the base of the spine up to the Third Eye, happens naturally. ONLY Stillness and Gravity are needed. A walk on the beach, through the jungles or forest can reset our being. It literally changes our brains, our eyes and perception.

 Special Note to Women:           Shakti And the Uterus


The place in the body that is most attuned to GAIA’s gravitational fields is the Uterus. It is this Sacred Feminine space  that naturally maintains coherence with GAIA’s changing frequencies. (This is true, regardless of child bearing ability. Even after a hysterectomy, a woman still contains “the space” of this connection.)

imageThe first pulse of Kundalini energy or Shakti rises in the Uterus, then ripples out in waves to the rest of the body.  There can be a definite “Hormonal Rush” experienced with the energy… with an intense emotional edge, like with Pregnancy, PMS or Hot flashes. Honor your body and needs at this time. You might be a bit fussy.

Women are the Source Point for the Divine Bliss pump emanating from GAIA’s Gravity. It is every woman’s assignment to connect with this Force first, then carry on. We are carrying the Harmonic of Unified Resonance… A Space that creates and allows new life and light.

The Shakti energy is a gift. It responds to invitation and surrender. There is nothing to do. It is a state of allowing. Meditate and envision the flows through the heart space and third eye. Imagine the Invitation.  Thunder Bolts of Bliss can change everything in the world we are operating from.

Build your Temple.    Be the Shaman.    Put on your Bengal Tiger Hat and your Fire Monkey Face.     Trance Dance in the streets.    Find your “PURR-pose.”


Love and Light, Amor y Luz, Annandi


Frequency First


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