May 2016: Retrogrades & Magnetic Reversals


May is a month of Retrograde and Backwards Motion for both MERCURY and MARS. This double up duo can throw everything into reverse. Get ready.

As most know, MERCURY Retrograde is a breakdown in communications. Don’t sign contracts, make car repairs, or expect your computer to work. MARS retrograde adds a big NOT on our ability to focus, accomplish goals, or generally get anything understood or done. It’s back to the Past. Go with the backwash. A review of history and life story can bring a new clarity to our eyesight. In reverse, we are cutting away the old patterns; Bowing to the past, as we move forward into a miraculous becoming.

Now, I would like to look backwards to review April’s Blog for some hallelujah clarity on the intimate relationship between:

SUN Flares, EARTH’s Magnetosphere, Pole Reversals, and Brain States.

VanAllenProbesnewbeltThere has been a radical acceleration of magnetic pole movements, pole aberrations, and weakening of the electro magnetosphere that surrounds the Earth. The Earth is being supercharged with magnetic deviations which can knock out our power grids. And These electrical disturbances can certainly cause health problems... heart attacks, strokes, seizures, migrating muscle pain…. and severe stress.

On April 28th a huge electromagnetic storm was released from the SUN, expected to hit EARTH on May 2nd. This puts us on a high alert for Earthquakes, Storms, and Volcano Eruptions for several more days. We are in the midst of astounding, dynamic electromagnetic swirls.

Pole Reversal


Magnetic North has been rapidly reeling towards Siberia since 1990, suggesting a Pole Reversal. Every dramatic shift has been matched by a weakening of the magnetosphere.(A decrease of over 15% by 2010.)

Weirdly, the magnetic South has moved from the land of Antarctica up towards Australia. Baffling the experts, the Poles are moving towards each other, rather than staying in opposite positions. What????? Bottom line is GAIA’s core and electric field have been in a holy scramble.


The magnetic field around the Earth is shaped like an invisible shell, with the Van Allen Belt bands denoting changes in the harmonics. This invisible shell protects us not only from the Suns radiation and flares, but also radiation from other stars and unknown (God Only Knows) celestial rays and phenomena. Breaches in the magnetosphere have been overcharging the Earth core, changing her Poles, and turning the solid shell into a picket fence. The extra bolts of energy are essentially giving SUPER Electro-shock to the entire planet and Global Brain. We are all floating within this magnetic mishmash.


[This is truly amazing and very important information. I’ve included a YouTube link which gives more detailed, scientific data in a clear explanation. This is a report on NASA Observations and Recordings, not just a “New Age” prediction. Please take the time to watch this 20 minute video]   SuspiciousObservers The #1 Risk to Earth




The good news is our brains are “in tune” and match GAIA’s hum exactly, naturally… From the inside out.

These evolutionary field distortions break up old patterns and exalt our brains into higher states.

Beta State (14-30 MHz) represents the awakened state. The mind is active, alert, and focused. This exactly mirrors the resonance of the Earths core. Given pole position shifts, etc… Do you think the Earth’s populations might be having problems with focused concentration?????

Alpha State (7.5 -13 MHz) is achieved during mediation and deep relaxation. It matches exactly the vibratory rate of the Earths crust. A harmonic is produced that resonates sympathetically  with point of place and Gravity.

Theta state (4-7 MHz) is a Trance State, achieved by Gurus and Shamans. In these realms, one can access other dimensions and heavenly connections. This matches the resonance in the first Van Allen Belt.

Delta state (1-3 MHz) matches the resonance of the second Van Allen Belt. This frequency “sounds like” a cat’s purr, more exactly the Purr of a Bengal Tiger. A sonic hush sound that can travel for miles in all directions.


GAIA’s divine song is awakening the Bengal Tigers in all of us. She is awakening the Kundalini with her electric intelligence and majesty. If we could “see” the Shakti Bliss, It is falling like rain…. Soaking everyone on the planet.

Prince’s death was an example of a Kundalini Rising phenomenon. People all over the world, joined in grief, dropped their conflicts, to dance in the streets and light up their remembering with joy and celebration, the sounds of his music.

[Notice that the Media rapidly turned the subject of the story to drug addiction and family quarrels over money. This is a typical response of suppression and spin to vortexes of Kundalini Energy. “Stop the dancing and get back to your SLAVE work.” It’s just a backlash of Polarity.]

There’s a Bliss In our midst.
There’s a Brilliance in an OHM
The Kundalini s rising, Kundalini’s rising,
Kundalini’s rising, Like a song.

Amor y Luz, Annandi


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4 Responses to May 2016: Retrogrades & Magnetic Reversals

  1. Thank you! Always a joy to read. I find it comforting to know Mercury is retrograde now it all makes sense to me. I will focus on writing and self realization and not expect my goals to come to fruition at this time.

  2. Diana Salas says:

    Thank you for always sharing.
    I wasn’t able to find the youtube video, can you please send it.
    Thanks again.

  3. theo phalieros says:

    Hi Annandi, I used to be able to relax in a blissful state ( after many years of meditation), but now it’s like a motor going on in my solar plexus all the time. Do you think is the Earth changing vibrations that induce it ?

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