April 2016 – Capturing Lightning


While the last several months had been about surrender and letting go, we have been put through an agitated wash cycle. Thanks to NEPTUNE, we have been streaming through every octave of emotion. We have been left with a state of unraveling, confusion, and gaps of unknowing.

The promise of the April stars is:

Clarity will come… in hallelujah flashes.

We are in a time of volatile, radical change.

In this Fire Monkey year, powerful planets line up in all the Fire signs of the zodiac.  MARS is hyperactive. We can eXpect fiery conflicts and explosions to rock the planet. Shock and Awe and full throttle fire element are on display. The task of this transit is to capture the Lightning  bolts of revolution and brighten your frequency field.

The SUN is conjunct URANUS on April 10th. URANUS urges liberation, freedom, and spontaneous leaping in new directions. We cast off the baggage of past governments, authorities, beliefs, or restrictions to rearrange our core around personal passions and GAIA harmonics.

Mother Nature is sounding the chord that moves us toward a new inspiration, a higher frequency… A higher hum. Unexpected events, striking like lightning, out of the blue, can alter our course and change our priorities. We will be knocked off balance frequently. The game is to regain balance after being kicked around by  temper flares, chaos and upset.

URANUS also rules the Kundalini energy.

Thunder Bolts of Divine Bliss can change everything in the world we are operating in.  Meditation and Connection to Source is the new channel to access the higher blasts of Kundalini. All the answers…and questions…  are WITHIN. A change of brain state is always available.


GAIA’s Fields of Frequency

VanAllenProbesnewbeltHere is a bigger perspective to consider:

Humanity dances within an electromagnetic pattern defined by the interaction between the Electromagnetic flows within the core of the Earth and the Van Allen belts, zones of electromagnetic fields which surrounds the Earth. These frequencies directly correlate to our brain states, in sleep, awake, and meditation. This dynamic electric field makes up what is called the Collective Unconscious. It is the contextual container of our planetary mind. It is the vessel that contains and allows all our thoughts and mental states.  It is the background for brilliance.

Significant and unusual changes within the core and frequencies in the Van Allen belts have been detected. Even a new belt appeared transitionally.  These alterations are warping and rearranging the field to comply with a Unified Field of Consciousness. We are being shifted by these electromagnetic variations from a “Thinking” field into an “Experiential realm” of the Heart.  Mergence is the evolutionary pattern. Inevitable is the telling truth of it.

Brain-waves.medThese new frequencies activate our DNA, brain states, consciousness, and resurrect our experience of constant connection to all things. Amazing things are happening, primarily in our sleep.

Now, it does cause some stress and tensions along the way. Imbalance and stumbles are part of the shifting polarity sands. Expect to be knocked off your feet and center… However, Activation of new talents and gifts arise out of the cosmic blue. Discovery can take us into new realms. We are at effect of GAIA’s Fields of Frequency. She has a greater intelligence and plan than we can understand.

CERES, our favorite Asteroid Goddess, is the great awakener to GAIA’s supreme power and genius. She is traveling through PISCES, with NEPTUNE, NESSUS, and closely approaching CHIRON.

We are waking up to toxic conditions covering our planet, particularly regarding the waters of our seas and rivers. (Emotions are included in this toxic water scene.)

GAIA is taking on the purification process herself. Storms, tornadoes, and unpredictable weather patterns are her work and majesty. Earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions are her revolution. Trust her wizened vision. She has this Evolutionary Plan Down. Mama knows.  We can only be in reverence for the ride in this time of spectacular shift.

Peace and Love can transmute the proclaimed climate of terror and fear. The harmonics of connection can solve any problem. Inspiration and Innovation arise from our imagination and vision. Gaia is calling us to Spring into action. Activate your spiritual warrior. Participate with the Frequency Fields and share your light and delight.

In this mess of insanity, terror, and loud discord, we can speak from a vision of world harmony. (Find our inner Martin Luther King, Jr.and describe the Mountaintop.)

We can use music, dance, or art to voice our truths. (Find our inner Bono, and use our art to contribute to the greater vibe.)

imageWe are each being gifted with exhalted brains, extraordinary talents and assignments. Seize the lightning. Find your Hallelujah moments. Then seize the Day.

Love and Light,

Amor y Luz,



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  2. As usual, your reading is remarkable !!! Thank you Annie. Hoping you are recuperated.. Hug and blessings, mercedes

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