March 2016- Superluminous Kundalini

CathFyvWAAACz3JIt’s a Fire Monkey Year in the Chinese Calendar… In my opinion a more accurate description of the monkey business and play we can expect this year. There will be a lot of howling and fire. Unpredictable Big Bang changes are here,. anyway you look at it.

In the month of March the SUN spotlights the planetary dance of NEPTUNE, CERES, and CHIRON. This trio makes a strong chord for fracture and melding. The heavenly group is forging new alloys and allies.

gaia-hugCERES (GAIA), our favorite Asteroid Goddess, is front and center in the Fibonacci spiral tango. She is awakening us into Mother Nature’s power and truth. She is asserting her command this month. It’s a time to crumble into adoration during her evolutionary Shifts. Her harmonies are the access and connection to the Kundalini flows.

NEPTUNE, the Kundalini King is at her side. He is the master of pull into spiritual energies and higher frequency. He promises to bring the Diamond flows, (p.s. after removing everything from our path that doesn’t enhance our shine. The insanity seemingly present in the World is a mirroring of what is in the removal cycle. )

ARABELLA-Kundalini-energy-2014-09-22Surrender is the easiest option here and greatest blessing. In a realm of ultimate toxicity and unconscious chaos, meditation is the un breakable diamond key. There are no answers outside ourselves. We are each pulled within to fInd our inner Guru, Healer, Warrior, Angel and Comedian. Connection to Source updates our DNA and auric fields into higher vibrational states. According to Deepak Chopra, in his latest book, we are firing up our “Super Genes.”

NEPTUNE is also the God of the Oceans, Deep Space, Weather, as well as the Subconscious and Dreamtime… Those aspects that merge us all into an interwoven background web designed by the Great Mystery and the Greater Planetary Intelligence. Aberrant Weather patterns, storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc. are part of the planetary purification process and will continue this month.

CHIRON brings Explosive Breakdowns and extraordinary Chaos. His job is to Shift us out of our “normal” routines into synchronization, Divine timing and righteous coincidence. He demands redefinition and reorganization around a bigger picture from a clearer, higher perspective. Keep those “Gaia eyes” turned on and in focus.

The usual astrological references do not contain the greater cosmic forces we are at effect of. Astronomers are discovering forces far beyond our solar system and even galaxy that are causing expansion of our cosmic views and explosion of our belief boxes. Here are just a few examples:

Recently, massive black holes have been found at the center of EVERY Galaxy, not just as a random occurrence in the cosmos, as was previously thought. They seem to be fundamentally involved in the origin and life of these celestial bodies. Now scientists are rewriting Astrophysics formulas and text.

The Great Attractor.

With new lenses, designed to “see” thru the cloud of the Milky Way Galaxy, astronomers have recently found a gigantic black hole, they call the Great Attractor. Of course black holes cannot be seen, but their effect on objects around them can distinguish their presence. The pull of this phenomenon is even greater than the Super Galactic cluster we previously associated our galaxy with at 0 degrees Libra. We have some New forces to add to our cosmic geometry.

Superluminous Supernova

supernovaA massive explosion, belonging to a very rare class of Supernova was observed in June 2015, which pushes the laws of known physics. The explosion was so large (570 Billion times more powerful tha ou Sun) that it challenges the current theories about these cosmological phenomena.


Superluminous Kundalini.

kundalinichakrasThese awesome mind blowing celestial discoveries coincide with new states that are becoming available to us with Superluminous Kundalini blasts. Higher frequency blasts are coming in early April. March is preparing the personal and planetary vessel for a new resonance.

GAIA is directing this revolutionary change of state into a Unified Field Blossom. We will merge our awareness with all plants, animals, and crystalline forms on our planet. (Talk and listen to your cilantro and rocks.). Our assignment is to steward and enhance the natural beauty in our environment;  To reflect our adoration of the Garden of Eden we have been given.   We will all become Artists to celebrate GAIA’s glorious gifts.

We will inherently understand the movement of the stars and cosmos. When we put on our Lotus hats, we will tap into the Akashic Records and know everything. How cool is that! We are the Divine Connection point between the Earth and the Heavens. Step within and realize that.

We are being prepared for an April pulsar blast.

Dream in the Harmony.
Practice your Fire Monkey Face.

Love and Light. Amor y Luz, Annandi


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