February 2016 – Gaia Cleanse

Musical-BackgrAs PLUTO ruled January, we have collectively experienced the Musician Ascensions.  The deaths within the Eagles, Jefferson Airplane, and David Bowie, etc. evokes a deep remembering of the musical licks that have been the background of our lives. Particularly for those Elders that were part of the sixties revolutionaries, we can look back and clearly see all the “Cha-Cha-Changes” we have traveled through. Thank you to the musicians for dancing us along the harmony path. They are lighting up our Heavens and our presence.


The power planet of February is NEPTUNE. Expect delays, difficulties, loss, dissolution and Divine Intervention to move us around the bend. Put on your surrender suit and Meditate, Meditate, and Meditate some more. The Kundalini access is astounding during this transit. The “Pull” of spiritual frequency is heightened and transmitted on a broader signal. Amp it up in the silence.


Gaia harmonics step up in February, with Mama Earth continuing a deep cleanse.
As CERES lines up with NEPTUNE and the SUN highlights NESSUS and NEPTUNE,
GAIA will impose herself upon our schedules and expectations. Extraordinary weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions will continue. Like the extensive snow storm and floods that shut down the East Coast for 3 or 4 days, she has the power to overcome humanity’s wishes. We get the opportunity to take a dramatic pause and to realign ourselves to her agenda. Keep looking through those GAIA eyes.

[Please retread the January blog. The NESSUS, NEPTUNE, CHIRON crew are stealing the astrological show, still.]

NESSUS brings more toxins, lies, and betrayals to the surface. The lead poisoning in Flint, Michigan is the tip of the iceberg with contaminated rivers and water sources. Our eyes are awakened to the unseen toxicity that is affecting our children and future. Bless the waters, like Emoto taught us, and respin the molecules with Love and Gratitude. GAIA is clearing the planetary waters, we can assist with our local area.

Collapse of the systems that are not conscious of GAIA harmonics will continue. Yay! Celebrate the fall into Unity. The Kundalini energies and bliss only become available with the mergence to Gravity and Nature. Resonance with the Earth is the key to enlightenment.

Gaia1.webThe blog for this month is shorter,but the advice is simply, “Go within for your guidance. Bring as much love and humor into the shift as we can.”  No matter how bizarre it may seem, We are blossoming.



Amor y Luz, Annandi


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3 Responses to February 2016 – Gaia Cleanse

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  2. Thank you so much Annandi from Zoli and I here in Puerto Vallarta , Blesss you and hope are healing and very well , Bless you and your golden advise and forecast for the month . Its been a cosmic ride and so much to be grateful for Mother Earth is kind and fierce at the same time respect is the key to the Garden. Sending you mucho Amor Alicia and Zoli

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