January 2016 – Gaia Eyes


The year 2016 begins and portends intensity with PLUTO in a power play position, highlighted by the SUN. The fear factor is on high volume. The other planets are forming Xes and squares, foretelling more wars, conflicts, military actions, death and rebirth dancing Shivas. We are left searching for a perspective of Divine Perfection in a world of Terror and Astounding Absurdity. The only answer I have found is to put on your GAIA Eyes.

So, in this New Year article I want to emphasize the placement of the Asteroid Goddesses. We need our Saving Graces to center and balance in this paradigm of crazy chaos. They bring an imperative shift in consciousness… a channel change… An Embrace (a Heart Hug) of awareness and awakeness to GAIA’s power and awesome supremacy. The Goddesses of the Asteroid Belt are in command of the planetary show. They are the containers and sculptors of our evolutionary Dawn.


CERES, who represents the Divinity of Mother EARTH, is traveling in AQUARIUS with NESSUS, NEPTUNE, and CHIRON. She is in a direct line up with NESSUS, the Snake. He rules deceptions, betrayals, unseen toxins and poisons. His job is to bring the venom, lies, delusions and mistruths to the surface and clarify our misconceptions. Shameful revelations (often painful) are his gifts… which ultimately purifies the soul, unwinds the Pranic tube, and therefore enhances the Kundalini flows. The trip to Hell and Back is rough, but crowned with spiritual glory.


With CERES at his side, The Earth Goddess herself is asserting her ability to cleanse and balance her own nature. SHE is the catalyst and transformer. Floods, Storms, Snows, Tornados, Earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions will continue to do her work. GAIA has survived beautifully for 4.5 Billion years. She has rocked on through volcanic ages, world wide floods, ice ages, asteroid collisions, pole flips, and much more. She always holds her balance; she is gracefully cataclysmic. Humanity is at her mercy and sustaining force. Whatever wars, weapons, damage and destruction we may produce, she is so much more powerful than that. Natural disasters are her repertoire.

CHIRON and NEPTUNE promise even more wacky weather patterns and unpredictable natural forces. Extraordinary conditions will break down our schedules and borders, personal and national. The lines of personality are being dissolved into mergence. Ego destruction is the point here. (CHIRON). A realignment to GAIA’s harmonic, a surrender to her intelligence, is the path. Meditation and a magnetic pull to Source continue to be amplified. NEPTUNE is retwirling our DNA so we can better attune to GAIA’s hum. Forgive, Let go, and Surrender are his favorite verbs. He is cleansing and purifying our environment, removing everything from our path that is not vibrating at our highest frequency.


This CERES, NESSUS, NEPTUNE, CHIRON group is working for the END of DAZE. Gathering in the sign of AQUARIUS, we are thinking in terms for the future generations. The current models of use and abuse of EARTH’s resources is simply not a sustainable way of living on the planet. We are shifting into a role of stewardship and connectedness to the blessed environment MOTHER EARTH provides for humanity. With our children and grandchildren in mind, Our first question every morning can be, “How can we enhance our planet place?” Keep looking through those GAIA eyes. Talk to the trees, rocks, and Sky. Connect with the Earths core. Look for the Goddess right under your feet. Remember and be grateful for our Celestial Ride. She has always been there, holding us.

VESTA, the High Priestess, represents GAIA in the element of Fire. Prayer, Ceremony, and Visionary intention are her power tools. She is currently traveling with MERCURY, in the sign of ARIES, Also a Fire sign. ARIES calls forth Divine Ideas from our singular guidance. MERCURY insist on giving our visions a voice. Speak your prayers and intentions. Attune and align your conversations with your truth. Be gracefully cataclysmic. VESTA lights the Sacred Fires to bless and sanctify a new world.




Pallas ATHENA, Diamond Head, is traveling 6 degrees ahead of PLUTO. Representing GAIA in the element of Air, She brings a clarity of intellect and discernment. She knows when to bring the Warriors and when to offer Peace. Her brilliance leads the transformational aspects of PLUTO, the “Change or Die” rude awakener. Her clear eyes open our minds to a higher perspective. New scientific discoveries are destroying old ideology, but revealing psychedelic portals to new dimensions of knowledge. She opens the doors.

Resonance.morphic field.wb

JUNO, the Water Goddess, is traveling through VIRGO with VENUS and MARS. Healing of our oceans and rivers is empowered by this group. Rains and Snows are cleansing our planetary waters. VENUS and MARS cooperate to sing a new harmony for compassion and service. Music, Art and Beauty can motivate us toward a larger sense of family and tribe. Express your luminary self. Emotion and passion can be captured, like a good wind, to inspire and elevate the paradigm shift.

In conclusion, the Revolution is ON. While the mundane planets press us into another year of Terror, Disasters, Collapse and Unseemly Revelations, The Asteroid Goddesses promise a powerful uplift into Unified Consciousness. Meditate and Go Within for your Guidance. TUNE IN, TURN ON, AND UPLIFT. We each have a unique contribution, a special role in the Perfection unfolding.  Hold the Vision for Blossoming.

Love and Light, Amor y Luz,




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