December 2015 – Psychedelic Polarization

crosshair-reticle-firearms-white-vector-43112711X marks the spot in a perfect square off by the planets in December. Everyone is in the cross-hairs. Its a shoot out dance, inspired by bullets flying at our feet from all directions.  We are praying for Paris and fearing International and Domestic Terrorists.  Extreme radicalization against the collapsing control systems is erupting all over the globe. Terror, Terrorists, and Terrifying States are the constant media feed. The “Powers-that-Be” are grasping to maintain their institutionalized control. The populace is awakening.

On December 1st the SUN highlights SATURN with the exact conjunction on December 4th. He rules the realms of military action, police, heads of governments, bankers and religious leaders… Those assigned with higher authority and force.  Within a Scorpio placement secrets and hidden agendas are the format. The power players in the background are setting the staging for wars and conflict. An abundance of military and police uniforms will become our holiday norm.

JUPITER and MARS combine forces in Leo, in a perfect right angle to SATURN and the EARTH on one side, and NEPTUNE and CHIRON on the other. MARS is our warrior. He is battle ready with his swiftest sword. Time to sever some chords and move toward a new goal.  JUPITER takes all that energy  for change and amplifies it in a huge way.  If you are out on the floor, you are in the uproar.  Wear your Kung Fu Fighter Outfit and carry crystals.  This is a good month to duck.

psyartPsychedelic Polarization

For those that remember the late 60’s, there was a unimaginable radical shift that occurred. In just a couple of years, everything changed. We marched for Peace and Civil Rights. Women burned their bras and girdles. We were extremely radicalized against the System. “Don’t trust anyone over 30” was our anthem.

So, if you take the energy for radical change we experienced in the 60’s and multiply it by a googol (1 followed by 100 zeros) you would get a sense of the Gaia SHIFT that is upon us. 

We are involved in an intense Polarization Process. Like during division, there is a stage when the chromosomes split and move to opposite poles of the cell.


At ONE POLE, the GAIA Harmonies charge the planet with Rising Kundalini Thunder Bolts. We are experiencing a Quantum Leap in our Ascension Process.  We are being molded into better vessels for dispensing consciousness. This is happening in our sleep and dream state, for the most part.. The Assignment for the Kundalini Carriers in this transition is to connect with GAIA’s core and be a vessel for her revolutionary – evolutionary field. Polarity Changes in her crystalline core are accelerating the flows of Kundalini. Tune In. SOURCE is connection to Mother EARTH. Joy and Harmony are the tunes playing on the Inner Radio Stations. Transmit that frequency.  This energy is coming to crescendo.

The OTHER POLE (Anti- GAIA pole) draws all the warring parties, who will destroy the planet and each other in the name of money and power. This is the realm of Fear and Terror. At this pole FORCE is SOURCE.  This is the state that is crumbling and collapsing under its own weight. Fear and Terror carry quite a bit of density.

These contradictory forces are not only operating “out there.” You may notice that your own warrior is ready to get out the weapons and fight for righteousness… On the other hand, you are meditating and praying for peace. We could all be called bi-polar if we tell the truth about it. Watch yourself flip and flop. Radical Extremes are the color of the Season.

we-me-cropThe most powerful place to stand to capture the maximum flows is in the ME = WE Field.  This is where freedom and joy flows in all directions. Here SOURCE is the FORCE that powers the Galactic Action.  Star Wars has returned.  Make a stand in Unified Consciousness for the Holidays.

Love and Light,


P.S. On a personal note, I am recovering well, but slow. I am living on land filled with Quartz Crystal veins and drinking Gaia purified water. Quite blessed to be in such a special place.  Thank you for all your love and well wishes.





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3 Responses to December 2015 – Psychedelic Polarization

  1. Brooke Monfort says:

    I woke with such a headache today. I must be in resistance. (What? Who? You?) 😉 As always, love your perspective. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Theo Phalieros says:

    Hi Annandi, congratulations for your recovery!!! Are you about 70 years old? I notice scores of people around that age going through health issues, I did go through a life threatening one.
    Best wishes,

    • annandiluz says:

      Thank you for your well wishes. Yes, I am 69 and have many friends who have had critical health problems and death. After 65, as I see it We all have terminal diseases. Pura Vida.

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