November 2015 – Dia de los Muertos

sugar-skulls-artBeginning the end of July, I have been on a personal journey through death  and resurrection. Following a health crisis (pulmonary embolism and heart failure), doctors in Costa Rica put me on life support and did not expect  me to live. On the third day as my condition worsened, the plug was pulled on the life sustaining machines.  Then, miraculously, unexpectedly, I regained consciousness and returned to this dimension.

*Dia de los Muertos* seems like an appropriate time to return to my Astrology blog. I took the PLUTO – URANUS square personally, deeply personal. I am reporting from The Ashes. In the last two months, I have been catapulted into a brand new life and discovery process… For real though, starting over from nothing.  (That can happen when you jump through dimensional portals.)

People have asked, “What did you see, learn, or experience in the near death state?”  The simple answer is Nothing. There was no sense of absence,  no sense of time, no pain, no anxiety, no sense of a physical realm at all.  As I “came to”, I did not feel wiser or blessed. I felt humbled by life.  Totally humbled.  Profoundly stopped.  An exquisite pause occurred, so as to really appreciate what gifts we have in living.  Pura Vida… And  Hallelujah.

Love and heart connections were the miracle that kept me returning. A renewed experience of love for my sisters and daughters, my brothers and sons encased me, like a caccoon.  People danced for me, prayed for me,  drummed for me, reikied me, and thought of me.  The power of heart connection with my Galactic Tribe was and is phenomenal.  The effect on my health and healing is absolutely amazing.  It is as real and palpable to me as rain.

This has been the space and ground I needed to regain my strength;  relearning everything… Moving, walking, eating, bathing, breathing.  It’s  been a humbling, yet divine journey. Miracles coloring every day. A celebration of family and friends. A deep gratitude and delight for those special heart connections I have made over my many years. Even in the midst of my winding moods, Life is an awesome adventure, or nothing at all.

Now, returning to astrology. This PLUTO – URANUS square off is occurring for the entire planet. Somewhere, in your life you will be experiencing death. It may be death of a friend, relationship, business, career, home,  etc., but dying is at hand. PLUTO insists we let it go and surrender to absence… of how it was, or could be. Resurrection follows.  Simultaneously, URANUS offers a powerful push in a totally different direction. A revolution of spirit is storming into the consciousness.  This is a time to “Let Go and  Leap.”

The other planets are squaring off and combining energies to insist we refocus our lives.  VENUS, MARS, and JUPITER join together in VIRGO, opposite CHIRON.
VENUS is our Artist, Lover, and Right side of the brain.
MARS represents our Warrior, our Courage, and the left side of the brain.
JUPITER rules our Heart’s desire and Expansion.
The combination of these energies is power plus.
So, In the presence of breakdowns (CHIRON), we will have a lot of energy to
draw on.  Focus, Focus, Focus. We can combine our passion, art, and strength.
towards Service and Healing.  Service and Contribution are the Buzz and Draw.  The  effect of this geometry persists all month.

Also, SATURN squares NEPTUNE, which will last through all of 2016. Weather
extremes (NEPTUNE) will continue to disrupt the Patriarchy (SATURN).
Governments and Legal institutions will be disrupted and rearranged by
hurricane winds of consciousness. Lines drawn by authority will be washed awy by torrential currents and unforeseeable patterns. NEPTUNE cleanses the way for higher spiritual truths.

Diamond flows of Kundalini through the brain and spinal column are also the gift with NEPTUNE.  However, We will need  to work for it. Spiritual alignment must be intrinsic to change.  The cosmic soup is in a pressure cooker. Radical Transformation is stewing.  We are being asked to melt out of our egos, and totally redefine and tenderize ourselves.

frequency-vibration_com_The planet EARTH has a new hum. The Resonance at the Core has looped into a higher octave.  This frequency is attuning us to let go of the old ways of doing and be a better vessel for spirit. Kundalini energies are flowing and growing all over the globe. The X-wave hit the end of July and continues to vibrate a “sound” or bliss frequency that has never been heard before. It is ringing the planet from the inside out.  DNA is activated, turned on, and tuned in. Each of us is asked to look again; to look within, to discover a new frequency to operate within. Everyone has their own unique, individual contribution to make in this evolutionary push.  It’s a personal query. Am I coherent with my highest self?  (No matter what it looks like.) The details of where to go and what to do will come only from within. Meditate.  Ask.  Listen.

November is a month to release, let go, forgive, and give up any struggles.  Embrace the unknown.  The mystery holds all the answers.  Do whatever is necessary to remove the “no’s” from your life. A morphological change accompanies the fall into emptiness.  The only mission is to love and be loved.

The We = Me principal is where to stand up.  We need each other. Create
Affinity in your surroundings and environment.  We operate at our best in a
background of Grace.  A new human being is being birthed. A new humanity is occurring one leap of  faith at a time.  We are not alone.  We are jumping portals.  *Let Go and Dance through the Hoops.*

Amor y Luz, Love and Light,  Annandi


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One Response to November 2015 – Dia de los Muertos

  1. Esther says:

    Wow! I am so glad that you are still here to share your personal story with us! What an experience you have been/are on! I resonate strongly! My deaths are home/job/way of life…and not in a bad way. Have let go…know that the next chapter is within reach, created and looking for Me. Excited to find each other!

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