July 2015 – Dark Matters

imageFirst, Some good news: JUPITER and VENUS perform a stellar show in the night skies, appearing to dance together and kiss in the constellation Leo. VENUS is energized, potentized, and captivating with the Greatness of JUPITER. Love, Romance, Art, Music, and Dance have been bedazzled with super powers to transform any situation and lift us into higher realms.

imageThe Artist holds the Harmony in our Heavens and has always been leading the way.
[ Sending prayers to Joni Mitchell.]

The last week of June included 5 days of SUN flares that broke through Earth’s magnetic field to blast us with red alert radiation storms and geomagnetic turbulence. Did you feel those biomagnetic bumps? They brought down computer systems in New Zealand and South Africa and awesome Northern lights seen all the way down in Texas. These bolts from the Sun cause personal magnetic disturbances as well, opening us to a barrage of emotional twists, flips, spins and spirals. It’s not personal, it’s part of the wobble. Chaos and Instability are the portals to transcendence. PLUTO is in the house this month and brought his Shiva Dance Party. It is going to get weird, just keep dancing with it.

On the 1st of July, the EARTH and FULL MOON are conjunct PLUTO, with the exact EARTH – PLUTO line up on July 5th. We are revisiting the area of the heavens where the URANUS -PLUTO battle is back in our face and front yard. Old systems of domination are countered by the Revolutionary Spirits demanding freedom and liberation. Remain at your battle stations… with your dancing shoes on. Stay LIGHT on your feet.
We are not done yet with our journey thru the deep, dark matters. We are digging up ancient angers. (SUN conjunct MARS.) We are clearing out fears of Gods and Monsters that go back into the Primal Eras. Demons and Dragons are erupting like electromagnetic storms from the hidden subconscious. Intense emotions, extreme swings, and polarizing positions will spotlight what needs to be released to clear the path to Harmony. We get a horrifying look at what needs to die in our Collective Consciousness, so we can take down the Flags of Separation. Eons of fear is being undone… with our personal work. Though the media is full of bang and clamor, it is the silent victories that produce the most profound effects. Prayer, Ceremony, and Meditation align us with our Mother Earth’s Divine Plan. Choose LOVE as your center.



[Image by nahima http://nahimart.blogspot.it ]

On July 18th, as the EARTH conjuncts CERES (GAIA), Mother Earth steps forward with her own agenda for transformational shift. The EARTH GODDESS demonstrates who truly has all the power. She is the One creating the environment for humanity’s awakening. She is the singer of the Peace Songs. Mankind’s problems will be hushed by her power and magnificence. She has some mysteries and surprises for us. She IS the Divine Plan. We are just long for the wild ride.

CERES is the Asteroid Goddess who represents the awakening GAIA consciousness and rising Kundalini forces here on planet EARTH. Coincidentally, she is getting special focus and attention in recent days. NASA’s probe to CERES continues to send back enigmatic photos. Bright White spots and now a 3-mile high pyramid shape. Scientific data is melding with Ancient Myth.


“Let Go” is the mantra for another month. We are clearing the pranic tube to become vessels of flow and bliss. Keep dialed into your inner guidance systems. Attend to stillness and silence. Brace your Crystalline Self for Surges in the Shakti. We are being re-tuned down to our DNA and dancing feet. Embellished with Grace, We are dreaming a Planet of Beautiful Peace.


AMOR y Luz, Annandi


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6 Responses to July 2015 – Dark Matters

  1. mercedes says:

    thank you Annie, wonderful as usual! with love , mercedes

  2. claire moulaert says:

    exciting month ahead…love it! Thank you dear Annie

  3. Theo Phalieros says:

    Every time I re-read your poetic forecast I appreciate it more and deeper.
    Amor y Luz you’ve got IT in spades !!!!

  4. Brooke Monfort says:

    I will so miss your wisdom, Annie dear, Bwana sister, troublemaker of the very best kind, demolition expert of the ruts of others. May you be held in the tenderest embrace and escort into spirit. I love you, girl.

  5. Nahima says:

    On this page you are using my copyrighted image
    (Goddess Mandala)

    Please enter the credit:

    Illustration of Nahima

    Thank you,

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