June 2015 – Chaos and A Shift of Axis

June begins with the EARTH right in the middle of MERCURY and SATURN (both are retrograde in Geocentric astrology) and opposed by SUN and MARS. The Mind and Mouth will want to be busy all month.  There is a tendency to over think, over talk and argue about insignificant details. While the editor (SATURN) is away from his desk, there is not even a spell check happening on outgoing communications. We are purging more of our past. We are deleting historical files. So, Nevermind.

MEDITATE. June is a wonderful time to Go Within. There is absolutely nothing but gibberish happening out here, go within, go within, go within.  Meditation is the portal. image

Extraordinary Chaos has been the theme of 2015. The planetary positions continue to move in and out of tight squares and oppositions. We will be experiencing waves of energized acceleration, followed by periods of pure resistance. This “Forward then Back step” dance will recur through the end of the year, like labor pains, propelling us forward into a more harmonic future. We are shaken out of our normal routines to appreciate the preciousness of our planet on a deeper level. We leave behind unsustainable realities to embrace a LOVE IN occupying our planet Earth. Revolutionary forces, seeded in the late 60’s, are coming into full bloom.

Extraordinary Chaos and A Shifting Axis

Amazing new scientific discoveries have shattered our understandings of our Universe, Solar System, and Planet. Astrophysicists, studying our vast cosmos, and Quantum Particle Physicists at CERN in Switzerland, studying atomic nano particles, have had their minds blown with the discovery of the same thing. Everything in our universe is held within a field of gravity that was present at the Big Bang … and has persisted ever since,… connecting all stars, galaxies, and everything else out there in our Universe… for all time. The God Particle has produced an OMG effect around the world.

image image NASA has sent the New Horizon probe all the way to PLUTO snapping more photos of all the planets in our Solar System. With more refined images and data, surprising changes have been revealed in all the planets. MARS may have underground oceans. SATURN has a mysterious Hexagonal Hat. The Dawn probe is sending back data from our closest look yet at CERES, the Asteroid Belt Goddess. Images have revealed two enigmatic bright white spots on her surface. The Kepler Spacecraft has been In the search for habitable planets. Billions of new worlds have been discovered in just the right orbit around stars to have conditions that could support life. NASA scientists now predict finding life on other planets within 10 years. Everything we have previously known about the cosmos has changed astronomically.

Here on Earth we have experienced Extraordinary Chaos and changes in our weather patterns. Freaky storms, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes continue to signal changes deep in the EARTHs core. It is within the outer molten core that the magnetic poles are created, the axis upon which our planet spins. imageThe magnetic North Pole has drifted significantly, with increasing acceleration over the last 5 years. As Bio Magnetic human beings, each of us are experiencing this drift at our core. Even Jung connected the magnetics of the Earth with the unconscious. With personal epiphanies over the few last years, our individual True North has also shifted.

All our directions, maps, internal guidance systems, and Truths are challenged. The axis we wrap ourselves around, our purpose, has been pulled off in new directions. This causes a wobble in the Ego, shifting us from an “I” to a “We” consciousness. We move to awakened connection to everything on our planet and beyond.

Imagine that intelligent beings from other galaxies were sending probes to study planet Earth. What kind of ratings would they report back to the Cosmic Trip Advisor? A beautiful holiday travel destination? Or a Medieval Trailer Trash Planet? Where We are still raging wars, creating bigger bombs, booms and bangs, and dumping pollution in our seas, air, and lands. This is what a world based on greed and Ego looks like. I doubt there are any rave reviews of how we have enhanced our Piece of Heaven.

The Green Revolution is gathering within the masses. With each environmental challenge, we have an opportunity to honor and cherish our Mother Earth with a deeper appreciation of her gifts. A Planet with Clean Air, Water, and Nurturing food are what we are fighting for, for ourselves and generations to come… And a good review in Trip Advisor.

Enlightened living is the key. We can each contribute to the Gaia Revolution by enhancing our immediate surroundings, our particular place. imageCosta Rica is leading the planet in a new direction. No Military since 1948. Value of natural habitat and resources. Costa Rica has run on 100% sustainable energy since January 2015.

Hold the Vision of Peace on Earth.  Love is the answer. Love your Mother, her plants, animals, rocks, the waters, the air, and each other. As we acknowledge connection and attune to the natural harmonics around us, we change the world. Occupy Planet Earth and Co-Create a piece of Heaven on Earth from wherever you stand. Trust GAIA. Imagine Divine Perfection unfolding. OMG. Flower Power is back.

image Amor y Luz, Annandi


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  1. mercedes says:

    thank you Annie, so wonderful, as always!

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