May 2015 – Dark Truths and Powerful Possibilities

We begin the Merry Month of May with the planets dancing a choreographed review which began in January… overlapping square offs. Another attention-getting, rude awakening slap from PLUTO starring as Lord of the Dance.  The FULL MOON on Saturday, May 2nd, fully illuminates the last days of Dark Matters. For the last 2 eclipse filled months, we have been facing the Demons and Dragons lurking against the blackest of backgrimageounds. We have encountered some Dark Truths, from the atomic-nano levels to the Intergalactic and inter dimensional realms… to include personal crises and planetary cataclysms.

PLUTO and Plutonium Both The planet PLUTO and the man-made element Plutonium were named after PLUTO, the God of the Underworld, with his Invisible Helmet. Obviously, a new look at Fukishima is in order. In January 2015, scientists at TEPCO in charge of the clean up of the nuclear plant announced that the Fuel Rods in Reactor #3 have disappeared. Using highly technical new methods, they have confirmed that indeed, the containment vessel is empty. What can be inferred is that the fuel rods have fully melted down through the bottom of the core reactor. Really???? Now what????? The truth is no one knows. A full meltdown of a nuclear plant has never happened before. It has only been a theory on nuclear physicist’s blackboards until now. What we do know about this radioactive material is that it is a very, very heavy… very, very hot… mess.

[Note: If you are surprised by this information, the lack of media coverage is astounding. Any investigation can lead you into two extreme directions… Boredom and confusion with the scientific jargon of different radioactive isotopes, their half-life’s, and safe level nonsense… Or pure terror with the cataclysmic conspiracies and doom speakers of alternative news sources. Here is another option.]

image Around the end of April, coinciding with EARTH Day, the Asteroid Goddess CERES lined up with PLUTO and is now dancing a couple degrees ahead of him in Sagittarius. CERES, representing GAIA herself, has taken the lead in this planetary rebirth and transformational Shiva Dance Shift.  Mother EARTH is demonstrating her awesome power and majesty.

. imageIn addition to the Earthquake in Nepal, On April 26th, seven volcanic eruptions occurred in six different countries. Radioactive and toxic materials from inside her outer molten core are being spewed into the atmosphere to incredible heights. An underwater volcano is forming a new island off the coast of Japan. Volcanos in Chile, Indonesia, Mt.Vesuvius, and Costa Rica continue to erupt. At the same time a huge Solar filament has released conveying biomagnetic tornadoes into space.  Bottom line is we are at effect of greater, vaster cosmic forces than we could ever imagine.

The man-made Plutonium mess is not a problem for GAIA. She has a molten core full of it. It is a problem for humanity. The following is not a belief, theory, or science, but just an interesting observation.


The Blobs in the Pacific. Fishermen on the Pacific coasts have made note of a phenomena they call Blobs forming in the Ocean. These are areas of water which are at least 5 degrees warmer than usual. Fish populations are changing. In particular, there has been a disappearance of Salmon, which need cold water to spawn, and appearance of species like tropical sharks in Alaskan waters. The most interesting thing about this map is the area of coastline without the Blob. Beginning with British Columbia, extending down though Washington, Oregon, and Northern California, there is no warm water Blob thing, then it picks up again to include Los Angeles and continues down to Baja California.

This is one possibility that came to mind. Emoto (Messages from Water Guru) had been saying since the 2011 Japan Disaster, that the cannabis plant has a natural vibration which will neutralize the effects of radiation. Coincidence??? The NO Blob area on this map is coincidentally the “Bud Belt”. From B.C. Bud through Northern California fields of Green are plentiful. This is just an aside, just a HMMMM. What if Emoto was totally right on?

The greater Truth and most important Message that Emoto left us with is the power of INTENTION. When we move beyond the realms of vibratory signatures, we access the subtler, yet extremely more powerful realm of Intention. Emoto showed in his electron microscope photos of water crystals we can alter the physical pattern of toxic substances with simple thought and intention. The most powerful being the Vibrations of THANK YOU and LOVE.


image So, back to Plutonium, I suggest we overlay this atomic structure with the LOVE and THANK YOU crystalline power of Intention. Thank you for teaching us about our intimate connection to our environment. Love you! Create a vortex filled with these snow flakes and power up the temple transmissions. Seed the waters and weathers with your prayers. Plant crystals in the Earth, filled with devotion to her process. Sing the Hari Oms into your temple, world and planet.

****Use this model for any disaster, catastrophe, or impossible situation on any level, personal or planetary.

image P.S. The Super Void. Astronomers have recently announced the discovery of the biggest thing ever in our Universe, actually the biggest NOTHING. They have named it the Super Void. Interconnecting threads of Dark Matter (Black holes of nothing but Gravity), criss-cross our Universe, like a 3 dimensional spider web, connecting Everything in our cosmos. The largest found to date stretches 1.7 billion light years across. image It is in the Unseen, invisible realms of Intention that we access our connection to the unimaginable vastness and wonder of Great Mystery. In the face of upheavals, Practice alignment with Divine Perfection. Master the “Love and Thank you” vibration. Dance that around your May Poles.  Carry extra snowflakes in your pockets. Distribute them widely at every opportunity.

This is only a test … and a huge opportunity for spiritual balance.

Amor y Luz, Annandi


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