April 2015 – Between the Eclipses

imageThe Revolution is ON! As the SUN conjuncts URANUS on April 5th, the sound of shifting gears will be amplified all month.  Mama is kicking it up a notch. image We are in between 2 Solar Eclipses, the second on April 18th, and a Lunar Eclipse on the FULL Super MOON occurring Saturday, April 4th. Here we are experiencing a cosmic shut down and restart into higher TRUTHS, a new operating system is being installed, so to speak. The eclipse effect has been to reveal how deep and profound these old fear fueled programs run. Bottom line is, eclipses can take you to The Dark Place.  The control and domination at the core of the programming is astounding, but is being revealed. The lies, misinformation, spin, and manipulation in the media and matrix is so thick, the only resonating truths lie within. With prayer and meditation, we change the channel and step into the light. Our sparkling divinity is immune to such nonsense and foolishness.

We are at the tipping point. In the midst of such seeming insanities on a global scale, a few simple scientific truths are blowing up old paradigms and are intrinsic to the new operating system. We have some updated applications to play with.

* The God Particle. Particle Physics Scientists from CERN announced in 2012 they have discovered evidence of the Higgs-Boson field with the first Large Hadron Collider experiment. This field has been present since the Big Bang that created our entire universe. This is the medium that has continued throughout all time and space to connect and contain every single thing. Hence, the God Particle. image

[actually, what they have discovered is Gravity. A spinning Cosmic Egg full of nothing but Gravity created the Big Bang. The Egg begat the Big Bang, not the other way around. The cosmos runs on pull, not push. Creation happens in Silent Spaces, then cometh the Big Bangs.]

image * The power of ATTENTION and INTENTION in this field. Quantum physicIsts have discovered that truly we have the power to sculpt our realities with simple intention. We can truly interact with this field to bend the space, time continuum, simply by imaging it so… Pretty powerful technology. Let’s Put down our iPhones, and begin bending some spoons with our enlightened minds.

* Environment and Well Being. Medical Investigators have found that the Environment is what triggers biochemistry at the cellular level, not DNA. It’s Environment, environment, environment all the way down. When we are in a natural harmonic, we thrive. When we honor our environment and Mother Earth, we naturally retune our well being. Higher brain states and joy are accessed. Clear the Chakras and Bliss Happens. Coherent flows and affinity are what make and restore the physical body. Place your focus and attention on the surroundings and watch the miraculous shifts happen. [Modern medical models come undone with this one.]

* the Search for Habitable Planets. The search for habitable planets in only a small area of space has, in fact, found not one, but billions of planets circulating around stars in the Goldilock Zone… in just the right orbit, temperature, and climate for life to exist.  Most Astronomers now agree, The possibility that life evolved on at least several of them is surely possible and clearly evident statistically. That we are alone in our vast universe has become preposterous mathematically. This realization should undo all kinds of mental models.

When you mix these new knowledges together you get a new ground platform for being on the planet. We have some text books to rewrite.  We are interconnected to all things, for all times, and just that awareness can heal us. Amen. There are now billions of human beings on the planet who sit solidly in these realities. At this time there is already enough mass in the collective consciousness to turn the tides, flip the consciousness, as well as bend some spoons. Evolution is unstoppable. We have a phenomenal future unfolding.

The planets continue with their conflicted, squared dynamics as we power on with Awakening. URANUS inspires and electrifies us to “Get up, Stand Up” in our own truth. ( Like the Sun flares lit up the Aurora Borealis last month… Seen as far south as Tennesee). Occupy the Earth. Enough is Enough. Radical change and Shocking Surprises are the Revolutionary mandate of this transit. The Asteroid Goddesses, representing GAIA’s Divinity are our angelic allies and saving graces. image

CERES (GAIA, Earth Goddess) is closing in on PLUTO and will line up with him later this month in Sagittarius. Mother Earth is asserting her power to transform and renew with Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, and such.  She is the lord and commander of this Earth Ship.  She is singing her higher octaves into our institutions, governments, legal systems, educational agendas, religious tenets,  financial and monetary markets. A Shiva Dance of destruction is necessary to reorder their functions around the simple principal, We are all one.  Love your Divine Mother and all her life forms. Let’s enhance and share our resources. Mother EARTH rocks and rules. Celebrate with her on Earth Day, April 22nd.

Pallas Athena (Diamond Head, Goddess of Air) is traveling with SATURN in the last degrees of Scorpio. Her Clarity and Brilliance are rearranging our laws and governmental tactics. You can’t fool Mother Nature when Diamond Head is in play. Corruption and oppressive traditions are getting her spotlight. “Greed is Good” is off the A list. Clean Air is A Better Style. Clear intention is getting on the “Best Dressed” List.

JUNO, the Water and Weather Goddess, is traveling with JUPITER as he moves from Cancer into Leo this month. Her children are the Thunder Beings. She is full of power to move mountains and more with her Floods, storms, and wacky weather.  She brings passion and pure heart power to the planetary shift at hand. Huge transformative forces ignite and expand our appreciation of water and weather.

VESTA, (the High Priestess, Fire Goddess) transits through Capricorn unaccompanied. Pure Intention, Ceremony, and Magic are all the entourage she needs. Groups are connecting and amassing aligned intention on the Bigger Picture Field.

It’s GAIA’s Time Zone. Time to line out our identity, personality,and actions with our Planetary Mission assignment. (Note: Anything that is not wrapped around Joy, Passion, and Contribution to the Planet is not your mission.) We are here to create Heaven on EARTH. We are decorating our precious pearl planet with our spirit, art, music, and freedom dances.  Shake it up and show some Hallelujah Hands. image

Think Globally, Act Up Locally.

Wake up and smell the GAIA Revolution.

Amor y Luz, Annandi


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  1. mercedes says:

    as always, you are brilliant! Thank you Annie

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