March 2015 – Dancing with Disaster

The planets are conflicted and cross this month, creating sustained tension and pressure to herd us toward affinity and connection.

imageSurrender is our best option, as the SUN highlights the action of NEPTUNE, NESSUS and CHIRON.


Neptune pulls us deeply into activation of the pineal gland, higher states of Kundalini, and connection to our dreams. Anything and everything that does not support these higher brain states is being cleared from our path. Like I said, Anything and Everything.


NESSUS and CHIRON are two Icy GianNts which bring extra-ordinary unpredictability into the mix and require heroic actions to deal with the disasters at hand, large and trivial. Letting go of our expectation of “normal” is implicit to this transit. This pair are awakeners.

The threesome will predominate our weather, seas, and atmosphere… And subconscious. NESSUS brings to the surface the toxicityimage in our environment, relationships, jobs, et. al. He also brings clarity to our vision and from here, we can create more resonance in our surroundings.

CHIRON brings unpredictable explosions, breakdowns and challenges. Dragon slaying is his favorite sport.

We have several impending disasters in the world: Toxicity from Fukishima, ISIS, Ebola, military conflicts from Ukraine, are just a few examples. These are man-made insanities; toxic states created by our own doings.

Mother EARTH has her own agenda for cleansing, evolution, and elevating our consciousness. She has the ultimate power belt. Harmony and heart connection are her vehicles to ride out the storms of March. The water signs are loaded with planetary action. Get out your dancing shoes. We will all be Dancing with Disaster as PLUTO and URANUS move into an exact square off in mid March. Embrace the ongoing process of destruction, as it is the way to enlightened living on our planet.

Now for some good news… There are side benefits of these celestial transformers.
NEPTUNE heightens the pull toward Meditation and connection to our Highest Self, Angels, and Guides. Our dream time is more lucid. Our visions and imaginations are inspired and intensified. We can transmit from a higher octave and brain state, rather than being a response to the chaos and upsets. Om at every opportunity.

CHIRON brings synchronistic meetings, unexpected blessings and opportunities, and mind blowing events in the celestial realms. When we step out of “ordinary”, “exceptional” and “extra ordinary” come into being. Look to the Heavens for the Silver Linings.

Cosmic CERES.  What to call her?

Astrologically, CERES, represents GAIA herself and the consciousness that the EARTH is a Divine, Intelligent, Cosmic Being. This what the ending of the Mayan Calender and the Dawning of a New Earth Age is all about.  This Asteroid Goddessis the largest celestial body in the asteroid belt circulating just beyond MARS.  [Note: The Asteroid Belt is referred to in both Mayan and Sumarian Myth as where a planet exploded millions of  years in the past.]

Here is more of her story. She was discovered in 1801 when astronomers looked in an area, determined by calculation of where the next planet should be. At that time she was designated a planet.  Soon after astronomers found several others, which they named for the Roman Goddesses JUNO, ATHENA, and VESTA.  Later, after better telescopes were developed, many more asteroids were found in this same orbit and she was re designated as asteroid.  New discoveries since 2000 had Astronomers rename her again as a Dwarf Planet, like PLUTO.

In 2007 NASA sent a mission to get the closest look at her yet. The probe is appropriately named DAWN. The probe is sending back photos than have astronomers and scientists equally baffled and dazzled. Mysterious  wonders are unraveling all the previous beliefs and misconceptions, including  all the updates and revisions… In a blink of a probe’s eye.

Mysterious Ceres images perplex NASA

The gift of NESSUS is simply free flowing Kundalini Bliss. When we remove the toxic conditions from our surroundings, We create temples of vortex and flow. Chakras open naturally. Joy is the intrinsic state of being.

Celebrate the Dance.

AMOR y LUZ, Annandi


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    So. Very. Exactly. Right!

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