February 2015 – The Shattering


The Collective Consciousness is Shattering.  The usual astrological references of planetary positions, squares, and trines cannot adequately describe the vast energies affecting the Earth at this time. We have a limited view when we only consider what is happening in our Solar System. There is a Much Bigger Picture.

Back in 1999 we passes over the equatorial plane of the Center of our Milky Way Galaxy (according to NASA). It took 13 years for the full effects of this pass to reach our Solar System and Earth (according to the Maya.). Just like when a pebble hits the windshield of your car, for several years it seemed that nothing much was happening around the small ding.

imageOn December Solstice 2012, after a harmonic reboot from the black hole at the Center of our Mother Milky Way Galaxy., we began a new cycle of TIME. As it happens, in a synchronistic and simultaneous fashion, our entire galaxy had moved into a position in its orbit around the Super Galactic Cluster, where the effects of its HUGE Gravity were also enhanced. This Super G Force, which holds billions of Galaxies in her spin, attracts all the celestial bodies in our shared system into a Unified Field, bending space and time around itself. This Gravitational Pull is the Source and Creator of Uniity Consciousness, affecting all of humanity and each individual participant on the planet… And beyond. [NOTE: This no minor shift. It has taken billions of years to revolve to this place in space.]

For the past 2 years, the cracks in the windshield have grown, deepened, and expanded. 2015 portends even greater fracturing and shattering of our notions of what seemed so reasonable and intact. Celebrate the Collapsing Collective Mind. As the broken illusions fall away, a clear vision of unimaginable possibilities will be revealed.

For February and March we can expect more upheavals, chaos, and insanities. The tensions between PLUTO and URANUS ramp up as they move into an exact square off in late March. We are all in the same Plutonium Soup Bowl. Death and Rebirth are his essential celestial seasonings. This evolutionary leap requires a daring spirit and an adventurous faith. Keep your boots on, it’s a wild ride.  (Mercury retrograde is the least of our problems.)

Our Planet Earth is accommodating these tremendous shifts and changes in the electromagnetics deep within her core. Violence and volcanic eruptions are expected. What humanity is experiencing on the surface is just a nano-expression of these substantial cataclysmic forces at Her Center. We are moving through precarious, but Divinely ordered times.

Meditation is the portal. The world is a Wacky Horror Picture Show. In these days of shattering shields, go WITHIN for further instructions. [for instance,… Where to go and What to do.]. Connect with your Inner Guru, Shaman, Angels, Star Beings, Cosmic Comics, Saints, … or however you call your Highest Soul Self. They are awaiting our call and cooperation with the Divine Plan unfolding. Love and Joy are their signature ringtones.

Take special care of your Vessel, … Whatever that means to you.

Create a Sanctuary / Vortex for Source to flow through.

Pay attention to your body signals and take care of yourself.

Listen intently to your heart.

Stand your Sacred Ground.

Be gracious. We are blessed.

Walk like you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”, … Tibetan wisdom.

Hold the Vision. Look to the heavens for extra ordinary sites and signs.
Comet Lovejoy streaked through our skies at the same time PLUTO started his New Year Terror Dance.

We are clearing our Vessels for Vortex. My directive is just to get out of the way.
GAIA has got this. Kundalini is Rising.

About TIME and Pi:

Any instance in which you have an object rotating or orbiting around a center point, you create a circle, that has quarter and half-way mark, etc. TIME is created when you measure the circumference or count any interval of the complete cycle.

C= Pi x R square. Since that Pi number 3.14159… is always involved in the equation you can never have a whole integer in your circumference measure… It will always be a fraction. The 364- 365 ish day thing is the example of that fallacy in our calendar year.

When we look at these bigger galactic and super galactic circles, we can’t even begin to imagine TIME in that sense or count them correctly. That is the fallacy inherent in trying to measure the circumference. That perspective maintains the illusion of TIME.

If you Look to the Radius, you have a distance which remains constant and provides an ever present connection between the center and any point on the circle, at any point in Time.

So, the point is: “What time is it? “. Time to change our clocks and calendars and set them back to Divine Time.

I am not sure how this planetary awakening will occur. An Event, which will suddenly wake everyone up? (Like “the Kick” in the DiCapprio movie “Inception”, which signals realizing we have all been in a dream.) Or individuals awakening one by one, like popcorn, until the lid lifts? Who could know? The greatest comfort lies in “not knowing ” and allowing Great Mystery to reveal Her own Majestic Ways and Means, in Her own Divine Time.

Love and Joy Light,



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  1. Laurie J. Comeau says:

    Ouhhhh I like that, thank you for sharing…
    Love you ❤️

    Sweetly sent from my mobile device…


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