December 2014 –A Metamorphic Change of State

imageThe New Moon on November 23 began with a line up of the Earth, Moon, Sun, and Saturn in Scorpio. Institutions which derive their authority through domination are asserting their last grasps at power and control. Military, Police, Governments, financial, medical, and energy brokers, for example, will be out in full force to enforce the systems they represent. The vast extent of their influence is being revealed and will be their undoing. Secret agendas get the spotlight this month.

imageIn the background, their is a powerful trine in the water signs of URANUS (Pisces), JUPITER (Cancer) and CERES and Venus in Scorpio. GAIA herself is blessing and harmonizing the waters of our oceans, our weather, and our emotional bodies. She is inspiring us to move forward on visionary tacts, with passionate hearts into a metamorphic change of state.

The human consciousness on planet earth is transforming and changing its state, like when water changes into steam, from a liquid to a gas. Each individual molecule must shift its bonds and arrangement to accommodate the new medium.

Unity is a song being played into the Earth’s collective field by Greater Gravitational forces. We received a strum from the Super Galactic Cluster on October 15th. This will be followed by a notes from the center of our Milky Way Galaxy around December 8th. By December Solstice they Sound a powerful chord of joining with others in concerted, accelerated action. Aligned intentions can manifest miraculous change. Mass awakenings are happening all over the planet. Evolution is unstoppable.image

In this 12th Lunation of 2014, GAIA will be demonstrating her own power to cleanse and purify with Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, storms, etc. Phenomenal Mother Nature can get our attention and bring us to our knees in surrender. She is the source and force of the metamorphic field. We are becoming unified with her design.

This is a cycle of release and letting go of all beliefs and systems which are not harmonious with GAIA’s blossoming. Spend time with your dreams and visions. Build an altar. Color mandalas. Be late for appointments. Give things away. Create space in our lives and surroundings for butterfly wings.

2015 is coming in on a fire dance of Kundalini energy. Big waves are rising up to take us back to the Garden. Follow your own sense of the pull into higher alignments and frequency. Follow the yeses. Follow your delight. Ecstasy is integral to our mission here.

Amor y Luz, Annandi


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