November 2014 – the Venus Effect

venus-261x300I am starting this month’s column with the “good news.”

On the NEW MOON, October 23, the SUN highlights a VENUS and ATHENA pairing to bring some brilliance and allure into our lives. Even with the conflicts in the background, Art, Music, Dance and Romance enter center stage to applause and celebration.

The Asteroid Goddess, ATHENA, Goddess of WAR,  adds her warrior spirit to the Goddess of LOVE. AKA, DIAMOND HEAD, Her intellect is brightened by an activated pineal and higher brain states. Himageer visionary eyes can bring the perception of Divine Perfection into the Chaos.  LOVE is her Weapon of Mass Awakening for the Planet.

MARS and JUPITER remain in a standoff.  We will continue to see Police vs. Passionate Hearts, such as, the students in Hong Kong and Mexico, the protesters in Missouri… And many more.  The opposition between soldiers and revolutionary spirits in all parts of the world brings us to the exquisite tipping point.  War or Peace?  Love or Hate?  Dominance or Equality?  Disaster or Heaven on Earth?  The essential question is up.  Where is the Harmony? What is the Dream? The choice is individual. The effect is Global.

imageThe newly bedazzled VENUS brings all her charms to the debate.  She travels with the SUN until the FULL MOON on November 6th for a Hot Date with SATURN.  Religious Authorities, Government and Military Leaders, Laws and Orders will all be side swiped  and softened by her seductive show. The power of the Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Comedians and creative forces to charm and change the world are heightened and enlightened. Beauty sculpts consciousness, not legislation or military action. 

It Is GAIA’s Beauty that constantly creates a vessel for dynamic change and rebirth. Like Winter and Spring are both part of the same dance, Lord Shiva is both the Destroyer and the Creator. The NEW MOON, Octber 23rd, included a Solar Eclipse… A trip to the Underworld. The hysteria and collective shock and awe campaign (ISIS! EBOLA! ETC! ) from the pass by URANUS last month was a wild wave. Yikes! Now, with eyes wide open, we fully face the rampant fears and terrors of darkness.

In this 11th lunar cycle of 2014, we break away from the restraints of the past and find ourselves speeding off in new directions.  We are moved to the point of witness.  Eyes Open! No fear! Embracing the Shadow, pump up the LOVE and hold the VISION.

November 6th, On the FULL MOON, we will be back On the field of the PLUTO and URANUS smack down. Chaotic Frenzy  is captured into calm, committed action… Accelerated by a touch of VENUS sparkle. SATURN is captivated.  We have collective work to do. Groups of aligned spirits will take charge of pointing the way towards a harmonic future.

On November 23rd, we begin the 12th Lunation of 2014. With the EARTH, SUN and MOON aligned with the Asteroid Goddess, CERES. GAIA herself will be asserting her power to up-end and transcend ANY man-made crisis. She will be clearing the slates for ascension and acceleration into 2015. Expect some surprises and dramatic shift this month. Great Mystery is directing this show.  Our Divine Mother Earth has the Starring role.

Amor y Luz,  Annandi




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