2015: the Year of Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

On December 21, 2014 Winter Solstice and New Moon, we begin Year 0003 of the New Earth calendar. When the Mayan Calendar ended on December 21, 2012, a whole new cycle along our cosmic timeline began. Last year, 2014 was a year for laying the foundations and groundwork for the Unified Field of Consciousness.

Each of us has had personal challenges and tragedies to deal with on some level, clearing the ground of being from which we operate.  Everyone was shattered or disintegrated in some way. No one sat out for that game.  As we awaken we find we are all connected to the conditions of violence and radical upheaval going on around the globe and share the cosmic soup bowl.  Transformation is the only option.

This December Solstice begins Year 3 of the Awakeniimageng Planet Time Zone. The roots and fertile ground have been prepared for Gaia’s Green Goddeses and Heros to appear and to flourish, like a landscape suddenly covered by wildflowers. It’s a year for self-expression and play. We are returned to the eyes of a child, filled with awe and wonder.  Joy to the World and Hallelujah!

Below is an article written for Zoom, a local magazine, with projections for 2015 for all the signs. Enjoy the Holidays and have a Phenomenal New Year.


imageOn January 1st, 2015 the planets arrange in two overlapping square-offs. There is enough power and push in these dynamics to produce explosions, eruptions, or propulsion. 2015 is the year of acceleration… Zoom, Zoom, Zoom. Every sign in the zodiac and every section of the globe, like spokes on a wheel, are part of this Great Revolution of Spirit.

Governments, Military, Religious leaders and Activists are all putting their boots on the ground. Planet Earth is at the Tipping Point. Each sign brings a unique gift to forward the action in the Shift of Consciousness in progress.

We begin 2015 with a full embrace from PLUTO, the Lord of Destruction. The SUN highlights his power to transform with his Death Dance. We are transfixed and awakened. Inspired by the youth, all generations will be involved in this necessary prelude to GAIA’s Blossoming. It is metamorphic. We are all vulnerable. Vulnerability is the key to cooperation, at a local and global level. When we come together, we can realize paradise.

ARIES (21 March – 20 April)

With URANUS in your sign, You ARE the lightening show. This year You have as much charisma and electricity as a Tropical Thunderstorm. The planet of the visionary inspires revolution. You are The One with the startling, wild ideas to shift us into a higher gear, on a higher path. Expect surprising new opportunities this year, a re-invention and new directions for your life. Follow your own truth into a greater brilliance. Others will be inspired by your lead. You are blessed with Buzz.

TAURUS. (21 April – 20 May)
Your Devotion to the Environment and Mother Earth is the gravity you bring to the circle. Your sense of connection to all her creatures provides momentum to the Planetary Awakening. In this time of upheaval, a Taurus evokes the authority of ancient ancestors to dance on the Earth in a harmonious and sacred way. He is empowered by Gaia herself to stand firm and fearless in the present moment. You are the Rock in the Hard Place Palace. Rock on!

GEMINI – (21 May – 20 June)
Your SUN is opposed by Serious SATURN and unseen players, but your commitment to Truth is unsilenced. Music and Voice are the elements that can bring unison out of the chaos and conflict. 2015 provides the Geminii with the language and joke material to uplift the climate of hysteria. Your talent for lightness keeps the evolutionary wheel spinning in the breeze. When we get caught in passionate crossfires, A Gemini can keep the Mind open to new choices and options. Joy is your natural note. Singing a song of peace and personal freedom, you can start the chants of the multitudes.

CANCER. (21 June – 22 July)

The gift of a Cancer is to keep us in our Heart center, even in the midst of catastrophic change. This New Year begins with transformational transits which effect your world and personal life extensively. In particular, a reordering (destruction) of your belief systems and borders is on the agenda. Anything you thought was solid could destabilize. As walls crumble, a truer sense of Self emerges, eager to make a powerful contribution to the community. Open hearts awaken the soul. You are a Fountain of Source. Spread the Love.

imageLEO. (23 July – 22 August)

With JUPITER in your sign, you are blessed with great influence and a rampant passion for change. It is a New Year and you are fired up in a huge way. Big change can not be denied with your Big Wheels turning. Opposition only brings more focus and clarity to the acceleration. You have the Star Power to capture the hearts of the Warriors. Of course, their expanded minds will follow. Our Leos bring the rocket fuel for the boom and zoom. Stand back and Watch them Shine and Work!

VIRGO. (23 August – 22 September)
2015 begins with your fondness for Order collapsing into Chaos. Throw away your rule books and calendar and Jump into the White Water Rapids. Unimaginable challenges and breakdowns sweep you into a higher sense of discovery and contribution. Synchronicity and Divine Timing are the operating systems working for you this year. New scientific breakthroughs will forever alter our understandings of our cosmos. Your ability to exquisitely adapt and enjoy the changing circumstances is the gift you bring into this dynamic stellium.

LIBRA. (23 September – 22 October)

2015 finds Easy going Libras caught in the middle of the URANUS – PLUTO squeeze play. Your talent for diplomacy will be stretched by these Power Players. One is demanding Peaceful Revolution, the other is demanding Death to All Enemies. It’s a Game of Thrones episode and strategy is critical. I suggest alignment with the “Mother of Dragons.” You are holding the center of the Tipping Point. Some good back-up could ease the strain. Send in the clowns. Comedy and melody are your secret weapons to break the tension between these seriously unyielding forces.

SCORPIO. (23 October – 22 November)
SATURN, the planet of dominance and authority has just left your sign, abandoning you to the tumultuous currents of emotion and turmoil in your surroundings. Earthquakes will wobble our world. The real estate and stock markets will wobble. Our values, what we hold dear, (Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness) are being unraveled by the world political systems. Transformation is your art. The death and resurrection scene is where you shine. Your ability to rise from the ashes brings velocity and momentum to the Wheel of Change. Rise from the ashes and zoom!

SAGITTARIUS (23 November – 21 December)
SATURN has moved into your sign and is teaming up with JUPITER and URANUS in the other fire signs to create some boom boom. Earth changes, like Volcanic eruptions and Earthquakes, can demonstrate Gaia’s force in this transit. You will feel all these rumblings in your personal life. However, Sagittarians have the power to convert the fireworks into coordinated action. Have a seat in the Director’chair and lead the cast from your enlightened vision. Lights! Camera! Action! Roll!

CAPRICORN. (22 December – 20 January)
PLUTO is in the house, overlording MERCURY and VENUS. He brings a compelling Dance of Destruction to the world stage and your career, home, or personal life. Expect some radical shifts and turns before organization and architectural design return. The borders of difference are collapsing into Unity and Unison. Our Capricorns are due a shift of their focus from the individual to the community. They bring new eyes that see the bigger picture and have a message to share with the world.

AQUARIUS (21 January – 18 February)

With MARS in your sign, you begin the New Year with new Courage, Power and Focus to revolutionize your life. MARS was just kissed and ignited by Comet Spring. A sharp severance from past entanglements brings the freedom and exhilaration of a clearer vision of the radical changes you are embracing. Put on your God Helmet and lead the forward charge. There is no reverse gear in your rocket. You are ready to fight for a Higher Vision for all Humanity.

PISCES. (19 February – 20 March

Our Pisces friends continue to drift in the unpredictable flows of stormy weather. NEPTUNE & CHIRON insist on clearing obstacles to your highest spiritual path. Surrender to the undertows will find you washed up on brighter shores. Nothing less than a whole new definition of Self will be sculpted from the storm damage. Extra-ordinary opportunities will arise after the blue skies reappear. Sweet Dreams! 2015 is your year to live them.


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