October 2014 – Fall Equinox & the Super Galactic Cluster

On September 23rd, we begin the 10th Lunar cycle of 2014 with the EARTH and NEW MOON celebrating the Fall Equinox and Super Galactic Cluster.image

When our night and day periods are equal, (0 degrees. LIBRA) our Solar System is under the maximum pull from the Center of the Super Galactic Cluster.  A new harmonic is sounded, vibrating UNITY Consciousness eveGalacticClustersn louder into the cosmic soup.

We are drawn out of our “Selfies” (Solar System) into a bigger Group Photo image(Super Galactic Cluster).  This huge Gravity, which holds Billions of Galaxies in her twirl, plays a song of unison and connection.

[Before we speak of this cycle, I want to mention the last FULL Moon. One astrologer called it the “Water Works Full Moon”. Emotional clearing from deep, deep in the psyche was its effect… bringing us to our knees … in tears …  Everyone should have at least felt a wobble. As CHIRON continues his unraveling work. Surrender or Struggle are the only options available. We must “undefine” ourselves on the path to discover our Divinity.

X-class solar flares penetrated the EARTHs magnetic field, causing Earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions, storms, and floods. These energies also disrupt our personal magnetic fields (auras). Our borders are being broken down and dissolved on National and Intimate levels. Our etheric bodies are being shattered into super-sensitivity by Mother Earth’s birthing process. This is part of the Divine Plan which brings us to the present tipping point with fully opened, compassionate hearts.]

We are dreaming in Heaven on Earth, driving on INTENTION.  Seed the September 23rd NEW MOON with Prayers for Balance and Harmony. As we encounter the influences of SGC through the month of October, we will continue to be challenged by the chaos of war and other PLUTO (Transform or Die) transits.

During this Lunar cycle, MARS and MERCURY join PLUTO in the square off with URANUS. When the Warriors (MARS) line up with The Lord of Death & Destruction with the Invisible Helmet (PLUTO), it is serious. Hidden military agendas and revolutionary actions are heightened. Communications (MERCURY) are also affected by these violent, destructive forces. Like the volcanoes erupting, anger and conflict are exploding to the surface… bringing us to the Tipping Point.

PLUTO brings on extremes. There is Death and REBIRTH. Any Darkness is matched by increased LIGHT.  Keep this in mind.

imageOn October 8th, The EARTH and the FULL MOON line up with URANUS, which puts the EARTH directly in the crosshairs of PLUTO and friends. No matter where we are on the planet, we will all be feeling the pressure to make the Evolutionary Shift!  GAIA herself is going through an Ascension process… More like a metamorphosis. She is providing the context for miraculous transformation.

The liberation forces of the late 60’s will have a Renaissance… on steroids. Old Hippies, get out your bell bottoms… Peace Marches, Love-Ins, & GAIA power are back.  Fear or LOVE?  War or PEACE?… which side of the see-saw are you adding your weight?

imageCeremony and Meditation are the spiritual assault weapons.  Believe in the power of your vibe to retune and transform the harmonics of any circumstance.  MEDITATION is the key to dialing in the musical score of SOURCE.  The Thunder Beings and spiritual helpers from other dimensions can ride in to the rescue on higher brain states.  We are opening portals and holding the vortex for Harmonic Mergence with Paradise on Earth.

URANUS catapults us into participation and ignites the Kundalini. Expect sudden electrifying changes around the FULL MOON.  Waves of spiritual energy are entering the planet at a velocity never before experienced by humanity.  We are fired by Bliss to join the planetary rebirth. We are shedding a past of limitation to uncover a Global and Personal freedom to become Extra-ordinary… Phenomenal, even… GAIA’s plan for us.

This 10th lunation is about joining together in groups or tribes of similar frequencies… These can be Harmonic Humans, Plants, Animals or Rocks. A single voice then has the power of a symphonic orchestra. We access higher vibrations and transmit them greater distances. Work in the Silence, but turn up the Volume.  Be the Divine Intervention we have been praying for.

Amor y Luz,  Annandi


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