September 2014 – Collapsing Paradigms

earth.ascendThe geometry of the heavens, planets and celestial bodies this month contains the dynamics of collapse. The bottom floor drops out.

The Paradigms of Difference are Shattering; Sacrificed at the Altar of Becoming.

Any definition of difference… Race, Religion, Geographic Borders, Culture, Traditions, Sexuality, Gender, et al… We are clearing ancestral patterns that have been intact for generations; thousands and thousands of years.  First, we get a good hard look at the insanity they have caused.

Our True Nature is Relatedness… not only with All of Humanity, but Oneness with the Diversity of the Entire Universe.

Like the floor dropping out from under us, we will be shaken, rearranged, and forced to regain our balance.  As the EARTH passes NESSUS, NEPTUNE and CHIRON in this lunar cycle, we should encounter some extensive re-ordering and costume changes.

earth.eyeThe 9th Lunar cycle of 2014 begins  on August 25th, with the EARTH conjunct the Icy Giant NESSUS, the Snake. He is the ferryman who can take us on a journey to “Hell and Back.”  While the scenery plays out undoings, the trip makes for wide open eyes. Betrayals, deceptions, toxic conditions, covert operations, and toxic secrets are all coming to the surface… And the dump scene of delusion is extensive.  Nothing is believable these days… in this daze.

NEPTUNE brings more extra ordinary weather, which can displace plans and populations. Volcanic eruptions, sun flares, earthquakes, hurricanes and “the like” will be demonstrations of GAIA’s power to trump any man-made disasters.

NEPTUNE also pulls us inward, into higher meditative states.  With Ceremony, Prayer, and Meditation, we can broadcast a higher tune into the chaos of Birth. In Stormy situations, change the brain wave channel.  “Äll we need is LOVE”… Really.

Chinese_dragon_pheonixThe FULL MOON on September 8th is conjunct CHIRON, the Indiana Jones Icy Giant.  Explosions, Earth-shaking challenges, and Dragon slaying are added to the dance card. We can embrace any devastation as an exquisite possibility to redefine both the problems and solutions.  [The breakdowns can include mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical elements, depending on your location and space/place.]

MARS moves in tight with PLUTO, to add even more disruptive energy to the URANUS square. This aspect brings the possibility for more violence, war, and military action. The struggle for liberation and revolution is intensified.

We are birthing a NEW EARTH of realized connection. We are establishing portals of peace and harmonics, in the midst of extreme polarization and opposition.  Transformation of all fear based realities is the mandate of GAIA’s heart.  The trick is to step away from the chess board game and consider not the next move, but the better strategy. A multi-dimensional perspective is always helpful when absolute trust in Great Mystery is required.

unity.consciousnessThe planet is birthing… This time is critical and serious… And Divinely Ordered.  All obstacles to Unity Consciousness are being removed.  We exist and operate within a Unified Field, that is in the process of discovering ITSELF.  Evolution is inevitable.

The next NEW MOON occurs on the Fall Equinox, September 23rd.  A Major Harmonic is sounded at this time.  As we move into alignment with the Super Galactic Cluster, we are powerfully pulled into the Collective Consciousness Playground. We synchronistically congeal into groups of matching harmonics for maximum impact.   We are drawn more by our stellar roots and kinships than our earthly ones, where co-operation is as natural as a melody.

This 10th NEW MOON is the time to align with the Bigger Picture and Step up with contribution.  Celebrate the Balance and Beauty that Libra brings.
AMOR y Luz, Annandi.



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3 Responses to September 2014 – Collapsing Paradigms

  1. Mercedes dalledonne says:

    As ussually, great and very clear reading. Congratulation!! And thank you

  2. Tammy says:

    Love to see these things in my inbox!!! You ROCK! Lets Skype….

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