AUGUST 2014 – Mega Super Jupiter Moon

JupiterThe EARTH, MOON, SUN, and JUPITER were all lined up on the NEW MOON, July 26th, as we begin the 8th lunar cycle of 2014.  JUPITER brings expansion (whatever is going on gets bigger.)  This planetary giant ignites our passion and power. He brings blessings and new possibilities into the field of desire.  Pay attention to the pull of your heart and look to see what intentions you want to seed into this Mega Super Lunar cycle.   JUPITER can deliver… by the FULL SUPER MOON on Sunday, August 10th.

If you haven’t noticed the toxic levels of insanity and violence in the world, you have not been paying attention.  There is so much trouble in the world…  Wars in the Middle East and Ukraine, Covert military operations, Airline Crashes, Plutonium in Japan, Ebola outbreaks in Africa, and more.

[Here in paradise, we don’t pay much attention to the news… other than a quick scroll down the Yahoo headlines to see if Alien life has been discovered or to check the space weather. Even on a quick glance, the headlines affirm the rage erupting in the collective consciousness.

I want to specifically comment on the 60,000 children amassing at the Texas border.  The mothers of Central America are saying something, loudly…  The level of desperation and poverty they are experiencing must be extreme to send their children away alone to another country.  Gov. Perry has sent the Dallas Cowboys… and cheerleaders, along with National Guard Troops????  What????? The mind cannot compute. ]

Let the mothers scream.  They are killing the children with their war games and neglect. Violence is not an option when our Holographic connections are realized.  We are birthing a new consciousness in which GAIA rules the day… a new playground planet for our children and future generations.

In these times of misinformation, deception, and attention grabbing mania, we must practice trusting the pull of our heart more than ever. The truth lies there.  The sounds of PLUTO (the Rude Waker-Upper) will continue to reverberate around the globe, bringing a serious urgency to the Harmonic Revolution.  We are fighting for Peace on our Planet.


Brain States and Consciousness.

holographic.universeScientists and Quantum physicists long ago discovered the world we live in is not run by physical laws.  We live in a holographic universe.  Each of us is connected into a web of global consciousness where intention molds and sculpts the outcome in the physical dimensions. Intention runs this game level.

Our power in this realm is intimately associated with our brain state.  Consciousness (what we are aware of or “awake to”) is determined by the frequency of our brain waves. The slower the brain frequency, the more you know. 


Alpha brain waves (8-12 cycles per second). This brain wave indicates a State of relaxation, good for inspiration and learning facts fast.  In this state we can tap into Internal Guidance, Visions, powerful Ideas, a creative Imagination and “Automatic” Knowing.

Theta Brain Waves (4-8 cycles per second). Deep Meditation can produce a magical mind with access to dream states and other dimensions.  We are synced up with the same frequency as the Earth’s crust at 7.5, perfectly in tune with GAIA.

shamanic.stateDelta Waves (0.5 to 4 cycles per second) occur in
Shamanic States or Mystical Experience and produce a state of Oneness, pure Being, an ability to access other dimensions, freedom from the limits of time and space.



We have some powerful weapons and tools to pump up the volume of peace, love, and harmony into the collective consciousness.   Be aware of the power we have to effect change with vibration (channel).  We can broadcast into any chaos or crisis at hand.


  • Meditation, Meditation! Meditation is the portal to higher states. Sitting in stillness with our eyes closed, we can access the classically harmonious music always playing on this channel!
  • Yoga, Tai Chi, Walking… any form of moving meditation to still the mind and down shift the brain frequency can actually alter our  brain structure and function.  A walk in the woods or the beach can always change the channel.  Mental, Emotional, and Physical well-being bonuses are included.
  • Art, Music, Dance. Any creative project can activate the right side of the brain and broadcast a vibe of more harmony and connection. We are released from the logical hemisphere of right/wrong, black/white, good/bad, and coloring within the lines. We are free to create anything we imagine.  Possibilities are endless. We can choose any color in the box or note on the scale.  When we contribute inspiration rather than opinion, we deeply change the world.  It just feels better in this hemisphere.
  • Prayer and Ceremony. Aligned intention has the most dramatic effect on the holographic consciousness.  When we band together and play the same note, we get an exponential increase in the vibe transmission. Gather with friends and DJ some Delta Waves into the cosmic soup.
  • ceremony.vortex
  • ceremony2










Carry Om with this  Mega Super Lunar Cycle.

Mega Super Amor y Luz,



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