July 2014

celestial.portalsMillions all over the planet have enlarged the portals through prayer, ceremony, and celebration on the Summer Solstice, June 21st – 23rd.  The Harmonic Sound of Unity Consciousness is being played at higher volume and up-tempo to those who have tuned in.

Put on your favorite Super-Hero Costume.  This month We are going There.

On the June 27th NEW MOON, we begin the 7th Lunar cycle this year with LORD PLUTO center stage. This Icy Giant brings radical “change or die” transformations and opportunity to give New Consciousness a new presence in our individual and collective worlds.

He rules over generations and our connections to our ancestors, recent and ancient and other dimensions.  It’s not personal.

pluto-uranusThe EARTH makes her closest annual pass by PLUTO on July 2nd.  Mr. Intensity will be seriously in our faces and demanding attention to the ongoing wake up call. [ He is not the Everly Brothers singing “Wake Up, Little Suzy.”  He plays screaming, hard, heavy metal  Tunes.  He is a Rude Waker-Upper.]

This puts the EARTH fully into the Monumental  Square Off between PLUTO and URANUS this cycle.

URANIAN Revolutionary forces are enhanced by cosmic.artistVENUS and ART becomes a Weaponized Media for Enlightenment. The planets are conspiring and harmonizing to take us into a new way of dancing on the planet.

Make Art, not War.

Kundalini gets another boost.  Shakti is fully flowing.

have teamed up in Scorpio.  Secret Military Operations and Underground Revolutionary Forces are ready for battle.  Military Campaigns are ongoing and to be expected.

saturn-marsHowever…  CERES (GAIA) and High Priestess VESTA are close at hand to manage this SATURN – MARS pair. The Asteroid Goddesses call a higher consciousness forth, even into these warring realms.  Peace on Earth is GAIA’s hallelujah chorus and Great Mother is conducting this evolutionary symphony.

summer-solstice.taoParticipation in the planetary shift is mandatory… The New Resonance moves us into a higher celestial harmonium.  Everyone gets to choose their side, position, style and path. However,… Everyone will be pulled onto the dance floor.  The tempo of the Spiritual Revolution is simple, yet Divine… 1,2,3… 1,2,3.   We are dancing in the awareness of connection to all things and each other.

The FULL MOON on July 12th will contain the crescendo of these opposing forces.  You might want to bring some fireworks to your Full Moon Drumming Circle

heart.spaceOn July 20th, the SUN highlights JUPITER in CANCER.  Enjoy this wave to finish out this intense month.  The momentum takes us directly into an expanded Heart Space.  Love fuels and blesses our Heart Centered Action Adventures.  A Heart on Fire is a dangerous thing…  Live dangerously! That is what is expected of Super-Heroes.

Amor y Luz, Annandi




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