June 2014 – A Heaven of Harmonics

My usual astrology blog and planetary references are being pulled, stretched and morphed into a whole new way of looking at time and our calendar.  [Bear with me here.]

Yellow sacred geometryThe New Truth is Gravity is the Source and Force of Creation.  The Universe runs on PULL; not PUSH.  The physical realms are devised by the spin of energy around a Black Hole or Gravitational Center.  As Einstein said, “Gravity bends the Space/Time continuum.”  It is Gravitational PULL which creates orbits and thus, cycles of TIME.

And Gravity is simply a Sacred 5th Harmonic. [When one note is played, then a second, a third harmonic is formed where the two meet and blend and form a chord.  This is called the Sacred Fifth in Music.]


So… Our position and Balance here on EARTH, is affected by these Gravitational  Fields:

  • field_2EARTH – We are most aware of this one when something falls… like Newton’s apple.
  • SUN –We are certainly aware of this orbit that pulls our seasons into change.
  • milkywaygalaxy
  • HUNAB KU (Center of the Milky Way Galaxy)– Most people [or enough, anyway] are aware that our Solar System is cradled in a spiral arm of our Galaxy as she performs a 26,000 year twirl cycle. December Solstice 2012 was The END of the last cycle.  We crossed the EQUATOR of Galactic Center, moving from the Southern Hemisphere into the Northern.  Like Equatorial Crossing here on Earth, Our Navigational systems begin to fall away behind us, as a new celestial construct will begin to appear.  The Stars and Constellations and Heavens will begin to change… slowly.  Instead of only marking time cycles of our SUN and planetary neighbors in our SOLAR system, Our calendar for Galactic Day really must include awareness of Even Greater Gravity and Harmonics creating tempos in this time.
  • th
  • SUPER GALACTIC CLUSTER CENTER or SUPER GRAVITY- We have more recently discovered that our Milky Way Galaxy is just one of billions of GALAXIES, not stars, but uncountable GALAXIES held in orbit around a SUPER, HUGE GRAVITY center at 0 degrees LIBRA.  [And Even Super GRAVITY is another Sacred 5th Harmonic, so who is she playing with and what is she twirling around?] 


As the EARTH orbits around the SUN, she is “played” by these gravitational fields like you strum a guitar or play a piano key.  A pull and release action creates a harmonic resonance, like a musical note is sounded.  We are profoundly affected and evolved by these resonant chords.  In fact, all the planets in our Solar System have “changed their tune” in the presence of SUPER GRAVITY.

fil_c97ca529d6_20090818175149Trying to simplify the physics of it, SOUND is ROUND.  While LIGHT moves in a linear direction, creating shadow effects,( like day/night cycle}, SOUND SURROUNDS. Sound moves out from source on an ever enlarging spiral.  It appears on the surface like a “wave” or ripple with intervals in between, but is more accurately described as a spinning spiral vortex within a bubble.  When it hits another note, a sub-harmonic is formed, where there is a perfect blend of the two vibrations. And so on and so on and so, like one strike on a gong can diversify into innumerable sub-harmonics, all sentient beings are simply diverse sub-harmonics of a singular sound.

On April 15th, 2014, the EARTH lined up with the SUPER GRAVITY CENTER at 0 degrees Libra. This was the first clear note of the beginning symphony.  This is the biggest sound in the concert hall; the biggest drum in the circle.  This is the harmonic “sound” that is pulling us into UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS.  On JUNE !st, the EARTH lines up with HUNAB KU, sounding the first note of the melody line.  These two sounds begin the harmonics dance.  On JUNE 23rd, the Summer Solstice, the harmonics from the SUN join the band.  The cycle of the MOON adds the EARTH’s gravity rhythms.  These four notes play and form harmonic patterns which echo, resound and diversify throughout the year.   In other words, our heavens are just harmonics and our calendar has a dance tempo to it.

The 6th Lunar cycle of 2014 began on May 28th.  JUNE MOON should settle us down a bit, after a last month full of “Wham! Bam! And everything suddenly changes.”  And after that dance with Serious, Heavy, SATURN, It’s Time for some comic relief.  The FULL MOON on JUNE 12th, celebrates the EARTH’s alignment with a KBO Icy Giant, PHOLUS.  He is the clown and cosmic joker, bringing instant epiphany and wake-up into the EARTH’s consciousness and field.  Expect some cosmic joke material and lightness to infiltrate those serious matters.

We are traveling in new territory along the Time/Space Continuum. Along this path we are being retuned by a Higher Key of SUPER GRAVITY. We are each being called into participation with the New Era with our own individual, perfect harmony.  Look within for navigation. Carry OM.  And Follow your own sense of the PULL.  The SUPER FORCE(S) are with you.

Amor y Luz, Annandi



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7 Responses to June 2014 – A Heaven of Harmonics

  1. mercedes dalledonne says:

    Congratulations Anni, very nice explanations!, a big hug, mercedes Enviado desde mi iPad

    > El 03/06/2014, a las 12:33, Annandi Astrology Blog escribió: > > >

  2. kathleen says:

    wow annie! what an honor to experience this time with YOU honey!!! beach galaxie LOVE bingo abides!!!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR SWEETEST GOOD GIFT!!! it is dEEpLy appreciated. I LOVEEEEEEYYY LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOOXxooxoxXOxxxooooO koko*;D

  3. Maya says:

    ah yes yes i so got the download on gravity soooo awesome to see it translated expanded and further contextualized so many thanks to you.

  4. alice kabukuru says:

    thank you Annie, I love your perspective.

  5. Rebecca Doll says:

    Bring on the comic relief!!!! Thanks for the clarity

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