MAY 2014 Kundalini Activation

serpent_of_light_postcard-rb73452d86a6a4d75b785888f5cd03e9f_vgbaq_8byvr_512On April 29th, we began the 5th Lunar Cycle of 2014 with a Solar Eclipse; A Cosmic Reboot on our identity (SUN sign).  At that time the EARTH and NEW MOON were trining with or harmonizing with NEPTUNE, CHIRON, & NESSUS.  This backup group is putting on a performance that is undeniably a part of this cycle.

CHIRON insists upon a total redefinition of who we consider ourselves to be. Ego destruction is the name of his game. *He carries explosives in his tool belt.  NESSUS, the Snake, works in the subtle, unseen realms bringing betrayals to the surface and loosening the lies held in our psyche, freeing the sacred column.  So… NEPTUNE’s pull to spiritual source in the face of such breakdowns, challenges, and disillusions becomes downright enchanting. Trust this trio of evolutionary forces and your own process. Let Go.  For the most part, what we are letting go of is our stories…  Our tired old stories of what is wrong with ourselves and others. Whatever it may look like, this is an evolutionary spin cycle. Let Go, and Let it Be… Gone. Our identity is being unraveled to reveal a crystal skull nature within.  Total Surrender to these evolutionary forces is inevitable. Struggle is optional. We remain under the tensions of the Cardinal Cross, with the square off between PLUTO vs. URANUS, parallel to the square off of JUPITER vs. MARS, CERES (GAIA) & HIGH PRIESTESS VESTA.  In an attempt to describe the dynamics of this planetary dance, one astrologer likened it to a “planetary juice cleanse”.  We are all letting go of old issues, as an individual and collective consciousness, to make way for an extra-ordinary becoming.  The last lunar cycle was about clearing the emotional body. [It was a Wowser. Many of us experienced spectacular wipe outs with this wave.] May is about tuning in to Source and getting into inspired action. The planets are pressing in on all directions, forcing us to find our creative center and to sit deep in the pocket of our intention.  We are clearly faced with this truth: the movie we are showing in our mind’s theater organizes what shows up in our reality. We are in the director’s chair… and the cameras are rolling… with velocity.  Under these aspects, thought patterns are being manifest into the physical matrix in a rapidly accelerated instant.   Like NOW.

My analogy for the Cardinal Cross is the kite, with URANUS holding the top position of our planetary parallelogram.  More than anything else URANUS charges and awakens the Kundalini Energy that resides, like a coiled snake, in the sacrum.  Upon activation, this sacred energy rises up the spinal column to the Pineal Gland or Third Eye, spinning every chakra along the way with light.    When the Pineal Gland encounters this blast of energy, we can experience ecstatic, shamanic states.  We are ”enlightened.” We can merge into other dimensions.  We can communicate with stellar and angelic realms, ancestral guides, and our higher crystalline self.  We can “see” the neural network of connection between us and everything else.  We access cosmic knowing.  We can experience every nuance of our surroundings.  We can travel across space and time.  We are awakening to some fancy new tools for the Galactic Day Era.  Meditation is the portal.

Uranian energy is exhilarating, joyful, and liberating.  It comes in sudden flashes, like a lightening bolt, igniting spiritual energies through the column, melding into a pulsation, which then emanates from the navel as a wave in all directions. The Kundalini Waves are rising in frequency and duration.  Our physical vessels are being reorganized by these higher frequencies, like being tuned to a higher key.  We need more rest and chocolate.

On May 11th, the EARTH joins SATURN’s position in the zodiac, just 3 days before the FULL MOON on May 14th.  Confrontation with government authorities, the military, the church, or any institutions of domination will be illuminated and energized by our Lunar Lady.  Any system that is not harmonious with GAIA’s resonance and her plan for Heaven on Earth is being called into question.  The Supreme Court of Spiritual Truths rules the Galactic Day.

Kundalini Energy is the fix for whatever is broken in our lives; our health, home, job, relationship, computer, car, et al.  Connect with source, restore the toridal flow, and the physical, mental, emotional, and mechanical realms will realign.  This is truth at the nano-quantum physics level, the macro-astrophysics level, and includes everything in between. Shakti, Shakti, Shakti Om.  Shakti, Shakti, Shakti On.

These planetary aspects are intense.  My astrological advice is to spend time with your Inner Comedian. ATHENA, the Asteroid Goddess of Air, traveling in Leo, can remind us to laugh in the face of profundity and smile with the cosmic jokers gleefully watching over our evolution. The waves of Shakti dissolve the Ego into Unity Consciousness. Our Inner Guru awakens into a field of Grace, where Divinity is the weaver of the magnificent mosaic pattern emerging. We are only glittering threads.  Love is the framework that connects us all.  Love is all THAT there is. On May 15th, the SUN highlights the Stars of Taurus, as the EARTH moves through Scorpio.  We are planting the new found energies into the ground beneath our feet.  Sing, Dance, Drum, Move and Celebrate.  We are “realizing” we have always been in GAIA’s Garden.  She has always had all the resources, intelligence, consciousness, and power to heal herself and humanity.  Our Divine Mother surrounds and sustains us through this radical awakening process. GAIA holds us within the Greater Design.  It is already done.  Make it Real.

Amor y Luz, Annandi


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  1. claire says:

    so hang on and laugh! Thank you Annie!

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