April 2014 – The Point of Zero

spiritual-revolutionThe New Moon on March 30th brings URANIAN revolutionary – evolutionary forces into the SUN’s spotlight.  A month of shocking surprises and elemental shifts will propel us in new directions toward phenomenal change. “And Now, for something completely different.” (quote from Monty Python’s Flying Circus). Expect the Bizarre and Strange.

URANUS is accompanied by JUNO (the Water Goddess). This Asteroid Goddess moves us into our hearts and emotional bodies.  You can call on her when we hit the X-flares of emotions. Her channel is as omnipresent as the oceans, with musical waves of spiritual bliss. Her rhapsody and power are equally convincing for a fundamental change of course.


mars-retroThis lunation begins with the EARTH and the MOON moving through VIRGO where she meets MARS and two asteroid Goddesses CERES and VESTA (the High Priestess).  The EARTH will pass MARS on April 4th, when the planet will begin retrograde movement for 4 months.  Although the planet will appear to move backwards; in the real heavens, the planets are always moving forward.  The phenomenon occurs because the EARTH is moving ahead in its shorter, faster orbit, leaving our neighbor planet behind in the zodiac.

MARS is our warrior.  He always wears his battle dress and sword.  He promises severance with issues of the past and a new focus or goal for the future.  VIRGO rules the Family, Health and Healing, and Science.  These are realms where we will feel him most at work.

Metaphysically, this 4 month transit allows us the opportunity to cut away old conflicts, old wounds, and old unworkable ways and leave them behind in the zodiac. They will just naturally fall off our “To Do” list, when we are thrilled by what is up ahead.  Thanks to the surgical knife skills of MARS, we can move forward with enlightened, freed spirits.

GAIA and the HIGH PRIESTESS oversee the process bringing our full attention to the Galactic Day Beginnings.  We are brought into alignment with Divine Timing and Divine Process with Ceremony and Prayer.

There is a portal or opening that continues through the middle of April, like a new entrance ramp on the freeway.  Before, it took something like a near-death experience, terminal disease, death of a loved one… something big… to bring on a search for God.  That’s the Plutonian way.  But, That was THEN (Galactic Night); this is NOW (Galactic Day.)  The Third Eye openings to Kundalini and Bliss are producing the greatest pull present on the planet in 13,000 years.  Access to the Higher Dimensions is easy; The Veils between the dimensions are lifting and thinning.  The EARTH is humming with Shakti.  Ceremony and Magic rule the Day.


The Point of Zero

zeroAs we move into Galactic Day, we awaken to the unlimited possibilities intrinsic to the Divine processes unfolding.  We know nothing of GAIA’s intelligence or intention. We are blessed by surrender to “not knowing”, “not understanding”, and becoming empty of any certainty. We are returned to the ZERO point.  Here we discover the point of meditation, where there is nothing but flow.  The Shakti flows are as present as the tides.  The Kundalini channel is playing higher octaves of bliss… “for real though.”  Gaia’s harmonic is a symphony of crescendo and pull.

From here, we can actively participate with the planetary consciousness shift.  We don’t “have” a purpose, but become a vessel through which divine purpose can express itself.  We are not artists, but vessels through which art can express itself.  We are not gardeners or cooks, but vessels though which Gaia’s divinity can nurture us.  We are not lovers, but only vessels of the heart.  We are at the Zero Point.  We are Nothing… but Divine.

The planets continue in their cross-ways action to force us to find our center, our connection to source, and dial it in clearly. The fields of chaos and uncertainty highly recommend it.  The dense emotional climate affirms a change to a higher frequency station.

The SUN- URANUS transit brings radical impulses, which strike like lightening and are just as uncontainable.   Liberation, Freedom, and Revolution are storming through the Global Consciousness. With the MARS opposition, there are sure to be fireworks.

paradiseGaia’s plan is to create Heaven on Earth.  Anything else Sucks! …  Anything less is Unacceptable.  Build Altars and Temples to Mother Earth.  Create the Garden wherever you are.  The Revolutionary spirit is called to “Get Up, Stand Up”… in a field of Grace, Peace, Love, and Beauty.
There is a much bigger picture than we can imagine.  Celestial shifts, mega-movements under the oceans, and trans-dimensional mergence are just a few forces creating profound changes in everything from our DNA spirals, down to our dropletons*.  [*Quantum physicists have recently discovered this particle that behaves more like a liquid than a particle.  Even at the nano level, we are more “flow” than “matter”.]

hollow_earth1Crystals discovered in Brazil suggest the presence of huge oceans 500 miles below the surface of the earth.  We have only begun to fathom some of GAIA’s mysteries and phenomenal processes.

The EARTH is resonating with Songs of Unity.   We are being called to a higher chord [or accord].   “Aho! To All My Relations” is becoming an ever-expanding salutation and concept.  We are only beginning to discover all that we are related to.  Expect some surprises.  So, Sing to your Cilantro; Listen to your rocks; and Dial in your Stellar Self.  We are akin to all THAT and more.

With this month’s portal, new frequencies are being activated.  Embrace the shifts.  We are being cosmically re-calibrated and morphologically rearranged by our environment and Mother Nature.  We are becoming phenomenal.  [I refer to the March Equinox 2013 blog and encourage you to look back one year in your own life and just acknowledge the accelerated changes that have occurred. This is what awakening is all about!  ]

Now, back to the present…  A NEW ERA has begun.  GAIA’s gong has sounded and cannot be unheard.  Go Within for guidance and follow your own sense of the pull.  Or, as Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your Bliss.”

Meditate, Activate, and Spread the Hum.

We are on a Mission from the Goddess:

“Heaven on Earth or Bust.”


Amor y Luz, Annandi


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2 Responses to April 2014 – The Point of Zero

  1. claire says:

    thank you Annie, wonderful one!

  2. carey says:

    This is wondefull! thank you!
    it brings me solace; hope;
    very affirming
    the mission is ON!
    it is TIME!
    love and peace and magic prevail!

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