March 1, 2014 – New Moon Astrology – The KITE

FancyFlutterbysThe NEW MOON on March 1st brings a planetary alignment that has the geometry, shape, and dynamics of a kite.  With this third lunar cycle, the cross ways of the planets bring the force and stability needed to lift off into fanciful flight.

At the head of the kite formation, the Asteroid Goddess JUNO, stands along side URANUS calling for revolutionary shifts. The Goddess Juno represents GAIA in the element of Water.  She rules the oceans, the rivers, lakes and our emotional bodies.  She joins URANUS to inspire, elevate, and bring the thundering dazzle to our plans for the future.  Our dream of a NEW EARTH for our children and ourselves comes brilliantly into the light of day, carried on a wave of bliss, joy, and unrelenting Kundalini spiritual energy.  This JUNO – URANUS pair promises radical awakenings and changes on all levels, calling forth political rebellions all over the globe, as well as “up-close and personal” revolutions in spirit.

Expect upheavals and surprises.  The planetary aspects call for liberation and freedom.  Any structures based on invalid concepts cannot hold back the high tides of clear truth.

JUPITER and PLUTO form the cross-bar of the cosmic kite.  With our hearts fully engaged, we ascend into a renaissance, a renewal, a rebirth… a new consciousness on the EARTHPLUTO brings the intensity needed for transformation and JUPITER fuels the process with the rocket power of passion.   It is warp speed into the future.  There is no looking back with these two.   We are liberated and free to fly above the mountains (or any other obstacle in the way.)  We are elevated and blessed by our heart’s desire for change.

kite.tailVENUS, MARS, & MERCURY assemble in VIRGO forming the tail of the kite.  Our three  closest planetary neighbors are joined by CERES & VESTA, two Asteroid Goddesses. CERES carries the awareness that the EARTH herself is divine, conscious, and intelligent, far beyond our understanding. GAIA herself is at the bottom of all this revolutionary change.   VESTA (the HIGH PRIESTESS of FIRE) works in her magical ways to inspire this monumental shift through ceremony, meditation, and prayer.   Her powerful assistance is critical in this time of planetary awakening.  She can change the collective mind with just a twinkle of her intention.  

VENUS brings her art and beauty, MARS brings his warrior courage, and MERCURY brings the voice of youth into the revolution at hand. These 5 celestial bodies form an extra-ordinary Tail.

To complete the kite metaphor, Pallas ATHENA, Asteroid Goddess of the Air stands next to the EARTH as the NEW MOON cycle begins.  She firmly holds the string for the kite, as the winds of revolutionary weather gain velocity.  Astounding snows, floods, storms, high tides, etc. have affected every continent on the globe since this year began.  Wacky, Wacky Weather patterns will continue, at least through the Full Moon mid-March.

Has anyone not noticed this outstanding display of power by Mother Nature?  And where does our weather come from?

The Sentiments of the Seas

oceans.map75% of our planet is covered by water, leaving the territorial inhabitants only 25%.  When you consider all the plant and animal life forms that exist under the sea, and under the waters of our lakes and rivers, they surpass us in numbers and occupy more area by far.  The marine inhabitants live within the understanding that they are all connected and always connected through the medium of the water that surrounds them.  It is not a concept but a certain reality.


This Unity Consciousness is simply Truth in the waters.

The sentiments within the seas are vast and affect us more than we can imagine.  The waters themselves contain consciousness. Every single molecule of water can carry the spin of unrealized connection into the atmosphere that surrounds our planet.  Our weather is conceived by these convections of energy.

The blue-green algae, phytoplankton, and other marine microbes could be the ones calling in these wake-up weather conditions.  Every raindrop, snowflake, fog, mist and humidity % participates with and originates from our sentiment-full seas.  The weathers soak us in the message, “We are all one.”

Celestial Contributions

sun_earth_systemSolar Flares and Pole shifts on the Sun undoubtedly cause profound changes within the earth’s core, radically changing the electro magnetic flows through and around the earth.  Thus, action on our SUN star can change our Earth weather.

The Stars, Planets, Comet fly-bys and other Celestial Phenomena certainly creates changes within this cell we call our solar system.  Everywhere we look we find more evidence of an interwoven, well-connected Universe of immense diversity… constantly changing and re-arranging… like the Weather… like Ourselves.

kite.festImagine our vastness.  We are stretching out our awareness to include a bigger picture of all that Divinity we are part of.

March will bring great winds of change.  It’s good weather for kite flying.

Amor y Luz, Annandi


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