February 2014 – the Consciousness is Cracking

crack_iceThe cosmic design of January’s lunar cycle  was to crack up the consciousness. Old belief systems are being blown up. Anything not in harmony with Mother Earth’s Evolution into the Crystalline Age is shattering, fracturing, or crumbling.  Don’t try to fix it.  It’s not personal. Disintegration is part of the Higher Plan.

Before December Solstice 2012,  the Consciousness had been frozen in Ego Ice.  As Galactic Day dawns, the glacial fields of this old paradigm are beginning to thaw, shatter and crack.  After January’s challenge of breakdowns and obstacles, we emerge with a new clarity and happily reorganize our lives around new ideas of what really works.

Venus-Embellished_webfullThe February Moon brings promise and new excitement.  Venus is in the house.  The EARTH and MOON dance with VENUS in the first weeks of February.  She brings her gifts of beauty, romance, art, creativity and pleasure into the radical renaissance at hand.  The Asteroid Goddess, Pallas Athena, dances slightly ahead.  Diamond Head adds her sparkle and brilliance to this Venus transit. Her job is to inspire the Revolutionary Awakenings.  Art, Music, Dance, and Creative expression of all kinds are bedazzled with her blessing.  Joy and pleasure and good joke material are her spiritual weapons.

CERES (GAIA) and the High Priestess VESTA remain in VIRGO, bringing enlightenment to the planet.  Scientific discoveries  continue to amaze and expand our cosmic understanding of connection.  Recently astronomers have been able to photograph web-like connections between the planets and even galaxies.  Unity consciousness is becoming scientific fact, not just New Age conversation.  Everything IS connected to everything else.

We will begin to see evidence of the “WE Consciousness” flowing out of the long frozen “ME, ME, ME consciousness.”  The cracks are a necessary part of the divine plan.  The glacial masses of Ego are melting and moving.

A background of oppositions and squares persist through February’s lunar cycle, but we will gain a spirit of play as the cracks and breakdowns continue.  JUPITER opposes mighty PLUTO, asking for a rebirth in around our financial systems, or more accurately a redefinition of what we value.

Stern SATURN opposes the free expression of MERCURY.  Communication will suffer from a strong monitor and edit from the “powers that be”.  Computers, cell phones, and communication devices will be fragile and breakable.

The URANUS – PLUTO square dance keeps pushing us forward, like spontaneous labor contractions, toward a radical shift and re-alignment.   The higher octaves of GAIA’s harmony are bringing the EARTH into balance.  Humanity is just along for the ride.  Trust Mother Earth’s mastery at maintaining balance through these times of cosmic curves.  Times, they are a changing… really, profoundly.

The FULL MOON will occur on February 14th, Valentine’s Day. Celebrate with Romance, Affection, Good Food and Good Friends.  The FULL MOON joins VENUS and the Diamond Head Goddess in Leo…  A perfect placement for changing the world with love and art.

This video below is a wonderful example the power of the spiritual warrior in this transit.  So… Put a crystal around your neck.  Wrap malas around your wrist.  Stick some incense in your guitar. And blow their minds.

Amor y Luz, Annandi


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3 Responses to February 2014 – the Consciousness is Cracking

  1. claire says:

    thank you Annie, great New Moon!

  2. mercedes daneri says:

    thank you for your insights!!!

    • annandiluz says:

      hola mercedes, thanks. i spoke to tom this morning. he is returning to san jose for a couple of days. he said he would be happy to pay me for your chart. if you would still like a reading, send me your birth information and we will set up a time. amor y luz

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