January 2014 – the Cardinal Cross & Saving Graces

cardinal crossJanuary 1, 2014 begins the New Year with a New Moon, (in fact, a Super Moon) and  an astrological formation called the Cardinal Cross.  The planets are gathered in four different, opposing sides of the zodiac in the cardinal signs.  Here the planets initiate or begin action.  This formation stimulates radical shifts and momentum for tumultuous change on all levels.   Expect cross ways and extreme polarization under the high tensions of this celestial geometry.

The Super New Moon alignment brings higher tides on the planet and super-sized  emotions into the conflicts.    2014 promises a Super New Year with huge surprises and changes.  It’s not just personal, it’s global and even interplanetary.

Asteroid Belt

The Asteroid Goddesses are our Saving Graces through this transit.  Orbiting just beyond Mars, their job is to shatter belief systems  and open the Kundalini flows.  With the pineal activated we can sculpt and move the Universe simply with our intention.  The portals are opened into the field of unlimited possibility.  We are working from another dimension.

CERES, representing Mother Nature or Gaia, is traveling through Virgo, healing herself and restoring balance to the planet.  She knows well the evolutionary leap involved in moving from Galactic Night into Galactic Daytime.


Gaia’s resonance rings, like a prayer, for our realizing the divinity of all beings on the planet. Her rocks, lands, and crystals hold us in a harmonic for remembering we came from starlight.  All of her plants and flowers are praying for humanity to awaken.  The birds and animals are calling to us.  The oceans and sea life are chanting for us to tune in.  All we need to do is just listen to our Great Mother.

Vesta, the High Priestess, is traveling close behind her.  She rides with Great Mystery and uses the power of Prayer and Ceremony to create change and open hearts.  Her intuition is her navigational system.  She trusts Great Mystery, totally.

Pallas Athena, Diamond Head, is traveling through Cancer.   The pure genius of clarity will come from our Mothers and Grandmothers.  Our brilliance will come through our hearts, not our heads. 

Juno, Goddess of the Waters and Weather, travels with Chiron and Neptune, bringing calm to our hearts in these stormy, challenging times.  She adds the background score to “the movie” and can change the context and meaning of any situation with her hum.  She is a powerful ally and protector.  Her children are the Thunder Beings.

2014 promises radical boat rocking.  The year of Cosmic Frying Pan Therapy.  Time to master those anger management skills. Practice walking away.  Then practice, practice, practice… you might want to rehearse and have a repetoir of amusing exit gaits.  Carry emergency spiritual tools in your purse…  Mala beads, essential oils, crystals, magic rocks, chocolate, etc., whatever works for you… God Helmets.   Call in the Goddesses and dance on the planet in a new way.

Happy New Year.  Amor y Luz, Annandi


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