December 2013 – We Are Not Alone

Kepler-1_largeAs we begin the last lunar cycle of 2013 on December 3rd, the mantra for the month is “Let It Be.”  Bizarre, unforeseeable shifts and radical transformations will continue as we transition into a New Earth paradigm and New Crystalline Era.  The usual astrological references cannot express the bigger cosmic forces at work.  GAIA resonance is ringing with interstellar influences. No matter what happens, we are being asked to participate with full faith in her evolutionary process.  The intention for unity consciousness is “set in stone” and gaining mass and gravity.  Every thing else is being dissolved, just like comet Ison dissolved into a puff of cosmic dust. Let Go and Let it Be.

keplarmissionThe Kepler Space Telescope has been on a mission to look for earth-like planets in the habitable zone.  N.A.S.A. reports they have found over 8.8 Billion so far, about 1 in 5 stars they have studied have one.  Suddenly, the idea that we are the only intelligent life in the cosmos becomes absurd.  We are not alone.  There is a bigger cosmic picture emerging from scientific data.

On January 1st, 2014 we have an uncanny synchronozation between our man-made Western calendar and the natural lunar cycle.  We begin the new year with a new moon and the planets in an intense stand off.  I am including an article for a local magazine below with notes for each sign.  The gist is get ready for some big, big changes.  2014 is Year One in the New Earth Calendar.



January 1st, 2014 begins with a New Moon and Pluto joining up to transform the planet and re-organize our systems around the New Earth paradigm.  The heavens of 2014 portend a climate of extremes and opposing forces.  We are thrown up against some hard realities, designed to break down the walls of difference and indifference.   The major planets are in their opposite corners, in a hard square stand off.  We can get ready to rumble, crumble, or “Come Together” like the spokes on a wheel and the Beatles song.

Awakenings around the planet begin to display the World-Wide Green Revolution like the first spring bulbs bursting through the snow.  The Blue Zone in Costa Rica is a “Green House” for this flowering consciousness.  Vibrations from the Nicoya Vortex ripple out in waves through the Seas of the Pacific & Caribbean and the lands of North & South America.  Gaia invites each of us, wherever we are, to join the Earth’s new harmonic and add our greatest joy.  2014 is the time to embrace each other and an Extreme Green – Pura Vida living style.  Toda Cambia.  Everything changes.


 Astrological Forecast for Each of the Signs: 


Aries                 21 March – 19 April

With Uranus and the Asteroid Goddess Eris lighting up your sign, you are full of Eccentric Inventions and Divine Ideas.  Your vision and dynamic imagination inspire a leap into your joy.   Radical changes on your path bring exciting new possibilities.  Lightening bolts of charisma make you unstoppable and almost unmanageable.  Embrace conflict or criticism from partners.  They can bring you focus, clarity and unbelievable support. Expect fantastic changes in your career and home.

 Taurus             20 April – 20 May

Even the deeply rooted Taurus will be invited to “go with the flow” of the jet stream like the rest of the zodiac.  Changes in financial markets, inheritance, real estate, and contracts with partners will force a complete re-evaluation of values.  Deep Spiritual awakenings can inspire new roads to fulfillment.  You discover you can dance and have some surprisingly smooth moves.  Your commitment and love of the environment will bring the jazz and buzz to community projects.

Gemini                        21 May – 20 June

For the light-hearted Gemini, a change of partners is your ticket to the Gaia Joy train (Or at the very least, a total transformation in your attitude toward your partners.)  A passionate heart will provide the transportation to a deeper connection in all your relationships.  Your Choices will be fueled by what moves you, rather than what you think.  Imagine the glee.  Your words and songs resonate with the harmonics of play and pure happiness.

Cancer            21 June – 22 July

Jupiter, the biggest planet in the Solar System, sits in the constellation of Cancer, squatting like a Sumu Wrestler ready to take on the next challenger.   For the first few months of 2014, as you might expect, a series of bizarre, over-sized opponents will line up for the take-down.  Homey Cancers are called to break out of their emotional hard shell and engage the competition with the full weight of a loving heart.   By June the championship victory will be yours.   A fully-opened heart is always the biggest winner.

 Leo                 23 July – 22 August

You Leos are ready to lead the revolution, but are asked to participate in this planetary showdown from the sidelines.  However, you still have a starring role as the head cheerleader for friends and family in the midst of radical transformation.  A Lion’s roar from the crowd can inspire a winning momentum.  Your artful way of dancing with tumultuous change is your message and contribution in the new era evolving.  Your victory dance is contagious.

Virgo               23 August – 22 September

The Asteroid Goddess Pallas Athena (Diamond Head) brings her clear brilliance to the Virgo constellation.  The intimate weave between the health of our environment and our own health will reorder our health care systems and a Virgo agenda.  The pure Truth of Gaia’s healing power shines bright.  A commitment to higher harmonics, meditation and spiritual service can power up your joy.  Allow for Weather extremes, unforeseeable breakdowns, and astronomical phenomena to create some changes in your schedule.   Pencil them in.

 Libra               23 September – 22 October

The Libra heavens are graced with Mars (recently anointed by Comet Ison) and two Asteroid Goddesses, Ceres (representing GAIA herself and Vesta (the High Priestess).  You can crush any of your opponents with the secret weapons of Humor, Harmony, Ceremony, and Magic.  You are the clown at this rodeo and have the best chance at creating peace in this rowdy bunch.  First, you must get their attention.  Mars gives you the rubber mallet you might need to contain your live-wire partners.  Surprising changes in home and career are likely.

Scorpio           23 October – 21 November

Oh my dear, Saturn has occupied your sign and has you in a head-lock hold.  As the planet of laws moves into the Scorpio realms of financial markets, inheritance, real estate, and legal contracts, you are forced to deal with the paperwork.  Keep your “God-Hat” on.  Patience and Prayer can bring unexpected outcomes and opportunities.  With the support of the angelic realms and a favorable toridal flow, long-standing conflicts are due for resolution.  You have the power to overthrow and overcome any opponent.

Sagittarius      22 November – 21 December

Pholus, the cosmic joker, is rocking your stars and your world with revelations and epiphanies.  Awakened, you make radical changes in your life style and look for ways to contribute to your community and free your mind.  You develop mastery quickly with your re-designed life and re-invented intentions.  Laughing all the way, you lead the leap out of our history into a sustainable Green future of unlimited possibilities.  Your personal delight can carry the crowd into cosmic connection and create harmony in your neighborhood.

Capricorn       22 December – 19 January

2014 begins with the spotlight on Pluto, the dwarf planet dancing in your constellation and over your head.  Death and rebirth are the simple mandate of his rhythms.  Nothing less will do.  With the Sumu wrestler in the opposite sign of the zodiac, the heart will overcome the butterfly’s journey through the caterpillar goo.  It’s not personal.  The entire planet is involved in the same evolutionary process.  Venus adds her beauty and ease to your lead role in this transformational transit.  You are due a relaxing vacation by spring.

Aquarius         20 January – 18 February

Aquarians are being swept into the game by the spiritual pull of Neptune next door in Pisces.  Holding the vision of the New Earth in the middle of this planetary clash is your assignment for the entire year.  You have the support of dynamic partners to power shift the Green Revolution into high gear.  Zoom Ohm!  And don’t look back or even side-ways.  High Frequency can always triumph over insanity and chaos. An inspired vision gathers aligned hearts and then anything is possible.

Pisces              19 February – 20 March

Unpredictable forces in our Oceans, Seas, and Weather keep the life boat rocking and the Sea Serpents knocking at your Spiritual Adventure Tours door. The Goddess Juno has your back.  With her Thunder bolts and Thunder beings, she can empower some phenomenal change.  Crazy Coincidences and Crystalline opportunities can appear out of thin celestial airs.  Shakti Shakti Shakti Ohm!

Amor y Luz, Annandi


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