November 2013 – Occupy New Earth

goess.athenaThe New Moon on November 3rd  begins the 11th lunar cycle since solstice.  Out of the shatterings of last month, we get to go back to the drawing boards and make a new plan.  We shift our gears and imagine a better future.

Many have been riding this acceleration wave on broken hearts.  Disappointment with lovers, friends, bosses or institutions are clearing the way to our becoming crystalline.  Deep letting go  is an ongoing process.  All we have to do is clear the chakras and “be the vessel” for higher states of light and delight… that‘s all.  The way through is surrender.   Disillusionment will be replaced by excitement and exhilaration.

[Addendum: at the bottom of the disappointment list, almost forgotten, I want to add “Disappointment with Self”.  “Dissolution of Self” is a better term for what’s going on here.  Any time we can “Let it Be”, we make space for Divinity.]

We are discarding history and inventing a new world.   Kundalini is Source. Punta. Period.

The Asteroid Goddesses have positioned themselves perfectly to powerfully support harmonic players.  GAIA resonance rules the day and is raising the high frequency bar.  Our musical instruments are being tuned to a higher key of Ohm.

In this lunar cycle, the Earth, Moon, Mercury and the Sun are all lined up opposite Saturnsaturn_dream.wbThe individual vs. the system is this moon’s  theme.  Divinely-inspired, workable solutions will come from individual genius, not government or corporations.   The extra-ordinary challenges we face invite extra-ordinary  shifts in our consciousness.  We are awakening into an “intentional mess.”  The Goddesses assert themselves in our heavens to open our minds and hearts and lift us into Gaia’s vision for the Earth.  The heart is the source of Brilliance and Genius.   From there we are dreaming a new world with clearer intentions, in full realization of our connection to all things.

godd3October’s Moon took us on a course through some treacherous emotional white waters.  Whooaaa!  Many of us are glad to have that lunation over and done.  The heads up is; that was nothing compared to upcoming astrology.  We are being trained for bigger and even bigger shifts as we move into 2014.  Keep your God or Goddess Helmet On and any other spiritual climbing gear you might have handy.  We are on an adventure ride.

November Moon Mission is to hold the vision against a backdrop of instability and risky business.  Unprecedented weather events, Financial market swings, Fukishima dangers, cyber attacks and Rebellions challenging all Govermental systems. .. just to highlight a few.  On the celestial side we have the appearance of Comet Ison in our skies.  She left comet dust in Earth’s orbital path that we will encounter in January.  There are phenomenal new astronomical discoveries, green energy technologies emerging and Quantum field realignments occurring.  Unimaginable changes continue on all levels down to the spaces between our quarks.  Dimensions are merging.  We have help.

Musical-BackgrMillions and billions of awakened souls are aligned, each given their assignment to “Occupy the New Earth” where ever they are. Meditate and Co-Create with Gaia’s plan for Heaven on Earth.  Build your Altars, Create your Temples, Hold the Vortex.   Create beauty and art. Dance and make music.  Laugh and Hum.  Joy is the key of Gaia’song. Shift your attention.  Embrace your enthusiasm.  Occupy your art.  Evolution is unstoppable, no matter what the process looks like.

Amor y Luz, Annandi

“Paintbrush Warrior” by Mark Hensonalex.grey


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6 Responses to November 2013 – Occupy New Earth

  1. claudia says:

    hi Anni,
    every month i am waiting for this positive wonderful,encouraging astrology blog from from You!
    i love it, when we meet, how is your art going?
    would love to show you mi new beautys,
    love you big hugh from cabuya Claudia

  2. claire says:

    oho! putting extra straps on my helmet, ready for the ride. Thank you dear Annie.

  3. Janette says:

    Blessings to you Annandi.

  4. annelie says:

    As usual a perfectly timely piece of inspiration.I will send this to all girlfriends in the western world who have suffered terrible breakups!

    Please let’s meet soon!! I have a lemon cheese cake for you….we went to Guatemela after I saw you last and only returned a week ago; such a beautiful time!!! LOVE!! Annelie xxx

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