October 2013 – New Moon Square-Off

On October 5th, the NEW MOON begins with the EARTH & MOON joining URANUS in Pisces, right in the middle corner of a hard Square with PLUTO & JUPITER.  2013.oct.new.wbMARS and ATHENA, the Goddess of War, remain close enough to JUPITER to be drawn into the rumble.  (All these planets are dressed in Mexican Wrestler Costumes this month.)

Conflict and Hard “Red Line” issues are back up on the boards at a global level.  We are astrological locked into another Diamond vs. Squares play between the planets.  Last month the EARTH was conjunct a point of the Grand Trine, where harmony and balance came into play.  The October MOON takes us on a ride into the Hard Wall of “Right” Angles and Squares. Our Collective Belief Boxes are being shattered, like a windshield’s response to a baseball bat.  That is the design of this transit.

The Fukishima Nuclear Disaster, Use of chemical weapons in Syria, the Earthquake in Pakistan, Mall attacks in Kenya are all effects of the ongoing planetary push.  Revolution, Death and Transformation are on the October menu in Super-Sized portions.     In this 10th Lunar Cycle since solstice, the concerns of the individual drop away in the face of a “bigger picture” perspective.   This moon’s mission is to awaken and deepen our connections to our greater community, tribe, and planet.  GAIA’s singing her own Salvation Song.  WE are becoming unified in our commonality by our Oceans and our Weather.

ISON-Oct-1-with-Mars-moon1.wbThere are amazing new astronomical discoveries and extraordinary sights happening in our heavens.  MARS takes the spotlight.  On Oct. 1st Comet Ison makes a very close pass to the planet, before a bright Thanksgiving appearance in EARTH’s skies.   This week the MARS Rover confirmed the presence of water just below the surface, changing the “possibility of life on other planets” game… FOREVER.  Perhaps a redefinition of the warrior planet is in order, on astrological levels as well… “She” could be our ancient Mother.

Beyond2cropNASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft is outside the solar bubble on the edge of our solar system preparing for humanity’s first glimpse of BEYOND.  The Riddles of our Hard Edges are propelling us into “out-of-the-box” answers.  We must abandon all that we have previously known to discover what’s next.  The veils are being pierced on all levels; individual, collective, scientific, emotional, spiritual, et all.  The new earth zone resonance evokes a spontaneous re-ordering of everything down to the spaces around our quarks ( sub-atomic particles).  Unimaginable change is happening from within.

Holding High Frequency Resonance in the midst of Fortified Chaos is the assignment for October.  Realizing that it is ALL “Divine Perfection” is the Bonus Round Challenge.  Consciousness is awakening itself.  The NEW EARTH is inevitable.   GAIA herself is in command of the Evolution Mechanisms.  We know nothing of these realms.  Let GO and Let GAIA.  She is brilliant.  Expect some surprises.

Meditation is the key to hearing Her Higher Harmonics, over the sound of Shattering Illusions.  A Multi-Dimensional approach and faithful perspective are wardrobe essentials for the Fall Season.  Dress for the Dawning of the New Era.  Portal Pants and Tesseract T’s are the coming style.   Mesmerizing Head Gear and Soft Soul Shoes can complete the fashion statement.  Accessorize your Aura with delight.  GAIA has invited each of us to join the celebration of her rebirth.

Amor y Luz, Annandi


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8 Responses to October 2013 – New Moon Square-Off

  1. kathleen says:

    i lovelovelove your astrologies! and love you annie!!! thank you for your beautiful stellar gifts!!!
    xoxoxo ; ))

  2. Vickie Acklin says:

    Wow! What a beautiful forecast. I know there will be bumps in the road along the way but the road is short and the destination is what we came to Earth to experience. Thank you!

  3. claire says:

    Guess we have to hold on and not get stuck in one of those corners!!! thank you Annie

  4. Diala w. says:

    muy interesante y para meditacion…muchas gracias!!

  5. Bradley Spiegel says:

    A spark of euphoria goes off everytime I see the astrology forecast of the month. I’ve been captivated by your words and am manifesting my next soul travels around the world. New Orleans is a paradise to recharge in. At the farmer market the other day I saw the hibiscus flowers I harvested for you! I hope that tea turned out blissful Soul Mama,

    Luz y amor right back at you!

    Bradley Spiegel

  6. Tammy says:

    Great gratitude Annie!!! Your dance with the cosmos is so fun to read…
    I LOVE this>>>> Our Collective Belief Boxes are being shattered, like a windshield’s response to a baseball bat.

    Sending you waves of love divine one..
    Inlakech, Tammy

  7. Rhonie says:

    I’m seeing beings, standing around, visiting socially, from other planets and dimensions. It’s getting fun- love you grrl.  

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