September 2013 – IT’S ABOUT TIME

2013 is the 0 (Zero) Year of a new 13,000 year Galactic Day Cycle. 

galactic_stairway.wbThis is Big!  This year the “Space” is being created in Human Consciousness, for the New Earth.  We are at the 0 Access Point and moving into Unity Consciousness.  There is no reverse or retrograde. More than EVER, the mandate from the cosmos is, “Hold the Vision and Trust the Process.”  GAIA is in command of this Evolution- Revolution.  Believe in her wisdom and the wisdom of the whole Solar System and Galaxy.  Occupy New Earth… Wherever you are.

 [I suggest we follow the Mayan’s cue and throw out the old calendars.  We can begin a new time-keeping system that is synchronized with the natural cycles in our Heavens and honors the cosmic rhythm here on EARTH.  Maybe this calendar year, 2013, could be called 0, N.E, (Zero, New Earth), instead of B.C, A.D.  And lets have 13 Months in a year to match the Lunar Cycles.  We know those have inherit natural rhythms for planting, harvesting, and women’s menstral cycles. It’s About Time we got into synch.]

galactic-align.wbOn Sept. 5th, we begin the 9th Lunar Cycle since December Solstice.  With the Portal Push from aligning planets last month, the foundations of the New Earth are blossoming forth.  The Enlightened Planet is in a New Time Zone.  It’s a whole new Crystalline Age.


During Galactic Night, our whole solar system and even our neighbors on this arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, took a 13,000 year ride through the densities, creating an “unconsciousness”. It is just like night to cause our “falling asleep.”

In this field, bringing the Kundalini Energy up from the root chakra, through all the chakras to the crown, took devoted meditation and breathing practices.  It was also helpful to live in a cave or on top of a mountain and withdraw from the “real world.”  Spiritual Enlightenment was a path  that took commitment and persistence with a Guru, Shaman, or Master Teacher.  We were working against gravity and density. Up until December 2012, Kundalini was “rising” on the planet.

Brain-waves.medIn a Meditative State, the Brain Waves (7.5 Hz) synchronize and entrain to the resonance of the Earth’s crust (7.5 Hz) producing a standing columnar wave up and down the spinal column. This spiraling motion is what is called Kundalini or Shakti by the mystics.   Once the Harmonic is established, higher states of consciousness and bliss are powered “ON.”  Semadi, Nirvana, or Enlightenment is realized.  This wave turns on “automatically” when we are in a Sympathetic Harmony with the EARTH.  [Another good reason to change calenders.]

Since December, we have turned the bend into the “lightness” of Galactic Dawn.  ”  NOW, the flows have reversed.  Kundalini Energy is “falling” from the heavens.  From the top of your head, it flows down through your chakras like a cascading waterfall of light, pulled by gravity into Mother Earth…  Readily available for everyone.  It’s all like rolling down hill from here.  We are just containers for “Heaven on Earth.”


In the 9th Lunar cycle, the new awakened consciousness  will make an appearance on the physical plane.

Here is what the astrology looks like on the NEW MOON. have a clear Diamond Pattern among the planets The BLUE lines indicate brilliant co-operation and harmony. However, the EARTH and MOON are joined by CHIRON.  Expect challenges and breakdowns to occur which insist we get out of the box.  Heroic action will be called for in a month of Indiana Jones Adventures.  Brilliant co-operation will come in handy.  The “point” of the Diamond includes MARS, JUPITER, and ATHENA, the Goddess of War and Peace.  We can use this energy for conflict or courage to cut away our war-like ways.  Focus, Focus, Focus.  Prayer and Meditation is the weapon of mass evolution.

The RED Square indicates a background of conflict and opposition, which adds resistance, but at the same time insists on resolution.  The serious problems with the Fukishima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan and the use of chemical weapons in Syria are just a couple of the critical issues demanding resolution on a global scale.  The choices we make individually and collectively require clarity and courage.  Ultimately, we are asked to make the right choice for our children and future generations.

The FULL MOON on Sept. 19th, brings our emotions High Tide to empower radical changes at the top levels of government and those in authority.  Hold tight to the Vision and trust GAIA’s process.  She holds the records and resonance for the NEW EARTH emerging.  She is ringing with enlightened revolution.

Amor y Luz,  Annandi


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3 Responses to September 2013 – IT’S ABOUT TIME

  1. claire says:

    love it! thank you Annie

  2. Tammy says:

    Inlakech Annie….
    Thank you, it always a pleasure!
    Happy Warrior Wavespell,,,started today. 13 days of richness in the way we interpret and handle our fears and intelliSence .. Activation begun..
    Dancing in the Dream

  3. thank you Annie for your help and insights in the road of live

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