August 2013 – Skies of Sacred Geometry

The planets are aligning to promote awakening as we head towards the New Moon August 6th.  With the planets playing together in Grand Trines, Sextiles , and Squares, this Lunar Cycle promises forward momentum and warp-speed acceleration.

Grand-TrineOn July 29th, 2013, a Grand Sextile occurred bringing the exquisite balance of sacred geometry into our Heavens.  I am including an excerpt below, which beautifully describes the power in this transit – in the words of Tara Faulkner, PhD:

The living reality behind the sacred geometry of the grand sextile is known by many names and descriptions around the world, depending upon one’s cultural vantage point and level of perception. These include: the Vehicle of Ascension; the Vector Equilibrium; the Double Torus; the Star of David; the Yin/Yang duality; the Flower of Life; the Tree of Life; the Yab/Yum; the Hieros Gamos; the sacred marriage of Twin Flames; the Merkaba; the Chariot of the Gods; the Chariot of Fire; and the Awakened Soul, to name a few.

No matter your perspective, it cannot be denied that the planets do not align in such a way very often.  A Star of David appears in the sky on July 29th, so if nothing else, watch out for personal transformations.  Be aware of resolutions, new beginnings, the shedding what you would like to happen – with glorious detail – and enable your own power of manifestation by plugging into the ‘cosmic power grid’ at this time.  This could be the moment you’ve been waiting for.

The August New Moon includes 2 Trines and powerful Squares.  The trines harmonically combine their energy.  The Squares create resistance and conflict.

MARS & JUPITER pair up (Passion and conflict) and trine with a NEPTUNE & CHIRON pairing (Spiritual Pull and Challenges, Indiana Jones Style)  which trines VENUS & SATURN (Art Rules).  This is some major planetary tag team efforts.

Into the extra-ordinary realms of the KBO (Icy Giants) we have SUN highlighting the HIGH PRIESTESS VESTA and CERES (GAIA) in Cancer, trining PHOLUS in Scorpio, trining ERIS & URANUS in Pisces. It is time to open our hearts and dream in the NEW EARTH.  GAIA is bringing on the spiritual revolution… riding magic, folly, and unimaginable glee.  Dream along.

The hard Square between URANUS & PLUTO is even more exaggerated with a square to MARS & JUPITER.  MARS brings clarity and focus to our heart’s desires carried by JUPITER .  Get Revolutionary about it.

A word about Resistance:  Resistance to change and refusal to participate with the old paradigms are both using the same force… resistance.  Like putting a rock under a tire stuck in the mud, the opposition is what creates effective revolution of the wheel.  A rock and a hard place can be handy in some situations.  Revolution needs an environment of resistance in order to propel us forward.  The resistance we have been up against is the prelude to the propel.

flower-of-life-blue.wbThis August dance of the planets is providing some rocket fuel propulsion.  10-9-8-7-6…the countdown to take off is on.  We will be leaving the old paradigms in the dust.  Clarify your goals, intentions, and wildest dreams and seed them into astounding energies of the NEW MOON August 6th.  We have shifted into a higher gear.  We are driving a NEW PLANET EARTH.  We are dreaming it forth intentionally. Just watch the miracles rain down and celebrate.

Amor y Luz, Annandi


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  1. claire says:

    How exciting! thank you dear Annie.

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